In the TARDIS, the Doctor was struggling to make his ship work. His plan was to visit Hampton Court Palace to see the marriage and coronation of Catherine of Parr to King Louis VIII. He had already seen it of course, but revisiting history was quite enjoyable. Especially those of earth, where the parties and the nibbles are always top of the line.

The problem was, one could not land in the proper Time and Space if one's TARDIS is uncooperative.

"Oh come on!" The Doctor yelled at his ship. Grabbing the hammer, he gave the dashboard a good smack. The TARDIS lurched, and the Doctor was thrown forwards. Oddly, the switches that he landed on ended up being just the right combination the TARDIS needed. It left the vortex and began to park. "There we go, that's my girl," he said standing up and straitening his suit. He had decided on the blue today, mostly because it went best with the red converse shoes.

Once the TARDIS had fully materialized, he stepped outside. And stepped back in. "What part of Hampton Court Palace, do you NOT understand?" His ship gave a rumble. "Right. You need a rest. FINE!"

The Doctor went back out, shielding his eyes from the sun. It was the height of summer, so he threw his trench off, making sure his psychic paper was still with him. It seemed to be the twenty-first century and he was in some part of England that he had not visited before. It wasn't London, as the air was too thin. Curious, he looked around and found that he had parked at the end of a strip mall. He grinned at the little shops that comprised most of it. A shop would be a good place to find out where he was. Well, no, anywhere would do. But shops where shops and thus better than just anywhere.

Hands in his suit pockets, the Doctor walked up into the local corner drug store. Something had drawn him to it, though he could not explain what (asides from the fact that it was a shop of course). The door gave a small ding as he entered. It was quite busy this place, with all the staff helping customers to find vitamins or explaining the concepts of different lotto tickets. Wanting someone to talk to-mostly to prevent talking to himself-he headed to the back where a postal outlet was.

Pacing back in forth behind a wooden counter was a girl with short brown hair and a bored look on her face. She was currently the only one working in the postal outlet, and like every day during the summer, her shift was so dreadfully dull and slow. There were barely any customers, and the place could only be cleaned, sorted, and stocked so many times before she ran out of things to do.

The Doctor approached the counter, noticing that the girl's mind seemed to be somewhere else. With a grin on his face, he slammed his palms down

Suddenly noticing a customer was actually at the post office instead of simply browsing the cards as people often did at this end of the store, the girl flipped around with a sudden twirl, letting out a small squeak.

"Oh hello, I didn't see you there! Can I help you?" she asked, putting on a smile while hoping that this guy didn't want to complain about the service or anything else she had no control over.

"Well" said the Doctor, running his hands through his hair "You can help me. I really have no clue why I am here. Or, more to the point, where I am. I'm just here because I like shops. Ooo, the Queen," he exclaimed, pointing to a strip of stamps. The girl blinked. "Maybe I'll buy some…oh wait, no money. By the way, what year is it?"

The girl looked a little confused at this barrage of questions. "You're in Cambrian Drug mart, and it's 2010 last time I checked. Unless I've fallen asleep and missed half a year or something" she added sarcasm to the end crossing her arms. On the other hand, her smile formed into one a little more genuine than the average one she gave to customers. "You like the Queen? Half the people around here seem to love her, the other half seem to hate her." She gave a small laugh.

The Doctor, however, frowned at that. "What is wrong with the Queen I wonder" he muttered, more to himself than to the girl. "Everyone in England loves the Queen or is at least impartial". He turned his gaze to the ceiling. "Has there been some plot while I have been gone? But it has not been that there, what did you say your name was?" he asked, suddenly turning his attention back onto the girl.

The postal worker took a second to move her thoughts away from wondering if this man was mad, and motioned towards her name tag. "I didn't, but it's Leanne," she replied, and shook her head. "You know, just because people love the queen in England doesn't mean they'll love her here." Leanne then took in the man's English accent. "Wait, are you visiting from there? You know, I've always wanted to see England."

"Huh? Oh no, I'm from elsewhere" replied the Doctor, waving the question off with his hand. He had been dwelling the whole time on how daft he was for not having seen the name tag. He was silent for a tic, then...

"This isn't England?" he asked blinking.

The girl blinked and tilted her head. "No," she said slowly, "Last time I checked this was Canada. You know, the True North Strong and Free, beavers and moose with maple syrup and all that good stuff."

"Reeeeeealy? That's interesting. And rather odd." I am definitely going to have to have a word with my TARDIS he thought to himself. The problem was, she was sleeping and was not going to be cooperative for awhile. He was not completely disappointed however; a new place was a new place after all, and the Doctor was never one not to explore the unknown. Or make new friends, for that matter. He continued chatting up Leanne.

"Well I've never been to Canada before, so I suppose this is a new experience. I usually never know where I am going to end up anyways. You would have to agree it's a lot more exciting that way. Do you travel much? Fancy Bananas?"

Leanne had an amused crossed with confused look on her face. This guy with the English accent, who actually wasn't from England, was just plain weird. But at least he was interesting, and that's more than she can say for the rest of her day. "Let's see…" she started, trying to remember all of what the Doctor had just said. "…I suppose it could be fun not to know where one is going. I don't really travel too much though. I've been to Disney Land a few times, and Montreal once. And, um, Banana's are great." She really wondered why anyone would ask that. "I love putting them over cereal...or ice cream."

The Doctor was glad that he was making Leanne smile. He disliked it when people had a stick up their arse. And acted like it. "Disney Land is great place! I met Disney himself actually. Amazing chap that man, quite brilliant. Though not as brilliant as I of course," he added as an afterthought. Then the Doctor made a decision. "You can show me around this Canada place!" He said gleefully. "I've always heard it was all covered in snow and ice, yet its bloody hot outside. What do you say, shall we allons-y?"

"Allons…y?" Leanne repeated, saying the word out slowly and trying to interpret its meaning. She then blinked. Was this guy seriously asking her to drop everything and just...go with him? She glanced over at the clock; she was still technically on the job for another hour. Then was the middle of summer and nothing really happened back here anyways. "Alright, let me just tell them I'm hopping out early then." After all, she thought to herself what's the worst that could happen?