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A Summary: Susan Pevensie struggles to remain after the demesne of her brothers and sister...

London: 1946

The streets of London are colder than you'd imagined. The wind seems to settle amongst the leaves, breathing its chill into your bones, even as you struggle to fight it. Your eyes remain on the ground, something you've learned after all these years of scraping to survive. A woman nearby murmurs a song of hope beneath her breath, and you find yourself smiling a little bitterly. What hope she can have, you cannot possibly imagine.

A man kneels next to you, jerks your head up roughly. You try to smile at him, to entice him. He laughs, and drags you somewhat harshly from the ground. You follow him without a word of protest...

Hours later you crawl back to your premises; to the roadside you have claimed, if only temporarily, as yours. In your hand rattles the three shillings he has given you, and you clutch at them somewhat possessively as your eyes close from exhaustion. Your body hurts, and your throat is tight with the threat of tears. Beneath your eyelids you can almost imagine a different life; a life beyond imagining. Three faces you once knew so well; and yourself with them.

Look at the Gentle One now... Your mind taunts as your last waking thought.