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I remain quiet as I walk up to the three legged stool seating the sorting hat. Every one staring at me, waiting to see which house would get to be the home of the famous Boy-Who-Lived, the Harry Potter. The strict looking professor lifts the hat off of the stool as I go to sit down; it soon plops on top of my head, covering my eyes. All I see is blackness, I start to worry, is it like this for everyone. I am interrupted out my rambling by a deep, strangely familiar, voice echoing throughout my head,

"Old Friend, you have finally come back to Hogwarts."

"What do you mean by old friend, you're a hat!"

"Oh no, you don't remember me, well you will! Any ways, maybe this will job your memory, every heard of the fifth founder of legend, Henrik Feenixus, less commonly known as Harry James Potter?"

Before I got a chance to say anything, the sorting hat's voice soon shouted throughout the entire Great Hall,


As the hat was lifted off of my head, all I heard was silence. I look ahead and see a fifth house table appear right between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw. The banner above said table was snow white and a royal purple, the mascot seemed to be a black and silver phoenix with startling emerald green eyes. I look around and all students and even the professors seemed to be in shock. I take my seat on the right side of what would be the head of the table, aware of all of the eyes on me. I turn my head towards the headmaster and all of a sudden, my whole body erupts in pain. I feel as if I am being drenched in boiling and icy cold water all at the same time, knives repeatedly stabbing me all over my body. All the while receiving memories that are unfamiliar, that can't be mine. Yet, I somehow know that they are.

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