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Chapter 1 – It began on Icarus…

Eli had just arrived on Icarus Base and was being shown the bustling mess hall by Lieutenant Scott when he noticed a girl about his age sitting at a table by herself eating some steak with salad. She was nice on the eyes he thought straight away, her fiery red hair tied back into a ponytail which fell to her mid back, exposing a finely bone structured face with a pale neck.

While Scott went to get something to eat, Eli walked over to her and she looked up; her eyes were a pale sky blue which felt warm and teamed with an innate intelligence and humour as she smiled with her small bow shaped mouth

"Hey you must be the boy genius, different in the real world isn't it?" the girl asked warmly to which he smiled back and sat opposite her

"Yeah, I just yesterday I was playing a game, now I'm in outer space" Eli said to her and she chuckled

"You're telling me. I was just on my way back home at midnight when some woman from the SGC walks along the street and tells me she has an opportunity for me, I ignore her and keep walking so the next thing I know I' am beamed up" she said and Eli said

"The same, wonder if that's their standard recruitment policy" he joked and she laughed slightly at his humour "I'm Eli Wallace" Eli introduced himself extending his hand which she took with a gentle but firm shake

"Claire Williams" she said in a friendly tone, finishing her steak and putting her knife and fork down "I'm Rush's assistant" she told him with some distain creeping into her voice, Eli could tell immediately that she disliked the scientist whom had recruited him

"Really, must be interesting" Eli said with some naivety, still not knowing what the older scientist was like

"I study the geology of the planet and that's about it. Rush won't let me work on the ninth chevron, prefers to do things himself. But the IOA wants someone else to a have a go, so that person is you" Claire said with a little boredom "But you'll figure it. I know you will" she told him with a friendly smile, making Eli blush slightly with the praise

Then a female marine walked up "Mind if I join you?" she asked

Claire looked up at the marine and said "Sure Vanessa, have a seat" she gestured to the other empty chair on the side of the table and the brunette slid into the seat

"Vanessa meet our new resident genius Eli" Claire introduced Eli to her marine friend "Eli this is Lieutenant Vanessa James" she introduced the pair, Lieutenant Scott then joined them and a look that lasted slightly too long passed between the two military personnel, which Claire recognised immediately but decided to ignore it as it was their business what the two of them did

"Hey Claire" Scott said as he sat, then turning to Eli "Claire's the smartest person on this base, but unfortunately Rush just loves to hog the limelight" He told Eli who looked at her as she shook her head slightly

"Don't believe it Eli, I may have a good IQ but I still have a lot to learn" Claire told him modestly and after that the four began chatting

After leaving her friends in the mess, Claire walked down the corridor to her quarters where she ran into TJ who was coming out of the office of Camille Wray looking uncomfortable

"Hey TJ" Claire called out to the blond medic who perked up a bit when she saw Claire "How it go?" she asked TJ who knew immediately to what Claire was referring

"I got it" TJ said with a smile and Claire beamed, so happy to hear that TJ had gotten her scholarship at Seattle University

"TJ that's wonderful" she said brightly to TJ who she embraced in a tight hug

"I was lucky to get in" TJ told her but Claire noticed that her smile didn't reach her eyes

"Wray giving you a hard time?" Claire asked; TJ certainly wouldn't be the first that the IOA representative had annoyed or upset. When Wray had tried with her, she'd flipped the situation and gave Wray a taste of her own medicine and laid on her how her superiors seemed to pass her over for promotion

If there was one thing Claire hated it was over baring bureaucrats

"How'd you guess?" TJ said with a grimace

"When they leave her office, everyone has a certain look on their face" Claire told her and TJ frowned

"What look?" she asked

Claire smiled "Like they've just digested something bad"

TJ suddenly smiled as she got Claire's joke

"When we get to Earth, you and me are going to have a day to ourselves" TJ told her

"Look forward to it" Claire told her

A few hours later Claire was in her quarters loading her backpack with some personal stuff before she went back to Earth, she was due a vacation and a couple of weeks away from Rush sounded mighty sweet

Her pack had some clothes in, a few personal bits and pieces as well as her notebook and her laptop; she swung the bag by the strap onto her back and sat on the bed, to think in peace and quiet till it was time for the beam up

It was then the world began shaking…

As Claire made it out of her quarters that a chuck of concrete fell from the ceiling and struck her on the head, sending her to the ground, still conscious but dazed and her eyes had trouble focusing

She stayed like that for several minutes but a large blur came up her and pulled her to her feet

Loud but incomprehensible words were being shouted at her before she was struck across the face by the blur who when her vision cleared up a little she recognised as Sergeant Greer

"Come on, we need to get out of here" Greer said, supporting her along the corridor towards the gate room as the corridor collapsed behind them

When they arrived, Greer handed her over to Lieutenant James who immediately asked

"Are you all right?" James asked her concern and Claire nodded slowly

She could vaguely hear Young and Rush arguing about whether or not to go through the wormhole. So Claire looked up at the Stargate, seeing to her amazement that all nine chevrons were lit up and a 'puddle' was simmering in the circle centre of the gate.

Greer quickly disappeared following Colonel Young and Claire turned her gaze to Eli who met her gaze, his eyes were filled with nervousness and fear, she gave him a small smile

Claire was by large conscious but there was still a blur slightly in her vision and she was having a real problem concentrating. She noticed people gathering around the gantry to the gate and Scott going through the wormhole

She was so frustrated that she could seem to focus properly and shook her head to try and focus but had little effect, the smile disappearing from her face as a grimace crossed her features instead. Soon they were all moving through the gate, taking supplies for the expedition. She felt a light crate handle being pressed into her hand which she wasn't using to hold onto James and James helped her up the gantry and with a certain sense of trepidation, they both stepped through the puddle into the unknown…

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