Bella tried to get out of his grip and run to the door. He just chuckled holding her jacket in his grip pulling her back into his chest. "Please, please I'll do anything," Bella begged tears falling down her cheeks.

She felt his breath on her ear, "That's what I'm hoping for."

Bella sobbed and he bit her ear, nibbling on it and she turned her head away. "You don't want to do this." She gasped loudly when she felt his cold hand on her bared skin of her stomach, running it over the flat surface.

"Oh, baby I do. I want to hear you scream my name." She tried to move but he held her there, held her against him. "You know my name?" She shook her head and he smirked as he turned her around, "I want you to remember my name." He stared into her eyes, his green hazel eyes staring back into hers. He grinned a sinister grin his grip tightening on her arms, bruises starting to form, "Remember my name. I want you to remember it very well. Dean…Dean Winchester."

Bella sat up in her bed running her hand through her hair. She heard a cry coming from down the hall and she jumped out of bed. She ran down the hall and into another bedroom. She walked over to the bed and picked her four year old up.

"Shhh…shh…it's ok baby," she walked around the room rubbing his back, "mommy's here." She looked out the window at the night sky and then around the street just like she always did whenever she woke up after a nightmare of him. "Shhh…mommy's here."

His crying died down and she felt his weight become heavier as he fell asleep in her arms. She put him back into his bed and smiled sadly at him as she pulled his blanket over him. She kissed his forehead and got up. She looked at him once more before walking out.

She walked into her room and sat on the bed, tears fell down her face. She wiped them away and looked out the window. She just wished the nightmares would just end; she could just stop thinking of what he did to her.


Dean splashed water on his face and grabbed a towel wiping it dry. He sighed and looked into the mirror above the sink. Her face haunted him, he only remembered certain things the demon did to her but those things, those…images are branded in his mind. He looked down at the scar on his chin and frowned. That's the one thing she left behind after he…after the demon had raped and hurt her. She scratched his chin trying to get away.

No one but his father knew about his demon possession. Not even Sam knew.

"Hey," said Sam walking in.

Dean shook the thoughts of her out of his head, "Hey, got anything?"

"Uh, just a small town with urban legends."

"What kind?"

"Well, the town over is called Hamelin."

"Whoa, wait you mean like in Hameln, Germany?"

"Yup, welcome to Hamelin," said Sam pronouncing the I and the N in a tone, "Colorado, where kids are starting to disappear."

"No…don't…no…don't tell me we're dealing with the Pied Piper here?"

Sam just gave him a look and Dean shook his head. "Great, what's next the tooth fairy? So how do we kill the Pied Piper?"

"I, uh…didn't get that far yet."

Dean sighed and nodded. "Let's get cracking then."


Aiden, Bella's son, was playing in the living room with his toys while Bella was in the kitchen. She heard Aiden laughing and she smiled to herself.

Aiden heard music playing, coming from the window and he looked up towards it. "Mommy…" He walked towards the window and looked out. There was a man standing there with green eyes, short spiky blonde hair, leather jacket and biker boots. He smiled at Aiden and waved his hand. Aiden smiled back waving his hand and watched him disappear.

"Mommy," said Aiden and Bella walked into the living room.

"You ok baby?"

"There…man." He pointed out the window and Bella looked out.

"There's no one there baby. Come on, come eat lunch." Aiden nodded as he walked by his mother and she looked out the window with a frown.

Bella gave Aiden his lunch and went to sit down when the phone rang, "Hello?" Her face went pale and she turned away from Aiden, "What do you mean he's gone?" She listened to her friend on the other line in tears about her son disappearing. "Ok, ok, I'll be there in a few minutes."

"Aiden baby," she turned around and he looked up at her, those green eyes, they were just like his but she didn't hate him for that, she didn't hate Aiden at all, she loved him with all her heart.

"Everything ok mommy?"

"You're going to go eat with Mrs. Linhurst ok? I need to go over to Linda's real quick."

"Is Tommy there? Can I play with him?"

Bella bit her lip and shook her head, "Tommy is with his daddy today."

Aiden frowned and nodded, "Is that why I can't go over to Linda's?"

Bella nodded. "Come on let's get your jacket on." She grabbed it and put it on him. She grabbed her purse and jacket and walked out the house. It was a cool autumn day and the leaves were falling from the trees. She walked Aiden over to Mrs. Linhurst and explained in little detail about what was going on.

"That's strange," said Mrs. Linhurst as her and Bella walked onto the front porch, "That's the fourth child this week in Hamelin to be taken."

Bella nodded with a nervous frown.

"Oh don't worry sweetheart, Aiden will be just fine here." Bella tried to give a convincing smile.

"Thank you Mrs. Linhurst I'll be back soon." She looked through the door at Aiden who was sitting on the couch, "Bye baby!"

"Bye mama!"

Bella walked off the porch and hurried towards her car.


Linda and Bella were sitting on the couch in Linda's living room. Linda was sobbing and crying in Bella's shoulder.

"He kept saying he was seeing his father," said Linda shaking her head, "but we all know that's impossible."

Bella nodded. Everyone knew Linda's husband was in a horrible car accident when Tommy was two.

"Who do you think might have taken him?"

Linda shook her head. "I don't know."

Bella held her friend in her arms, comforting her the best she could. Tommy was all Linda had left and now he was gone. Who was taking these kids?

"I'm going to make some coffee," said Bella. Bella got up and walked into the kitchen.

Linda sat back on the couch and looked at the picture of her little boy on the coffee table. She closed her eyes and began to sob again. Bella could hear her from the kitchen and shook her head, her own tears about to fall out of her eyes.

There was a knock on the front door and Linda got up. "Who is it?"

"FBI, please open up Ms. Matthews."

Linda wiped her tears and tried to look presentable and opened up. There stood Dean and Sam.

"Can I see some ID?"

The two took out their badges and showed her.

"Come in."

"Thank you," said Sam and the two walked in.

"Come sit down," said Linda. And the three walked into the living room.

"I'm sure you're here about…Tommy."

Sam nodded and looked at Dean then back at Linda, "I'm sure this is a hard time for you but we just need to ask a few questions." Linda nodded as they sat down.

Bella was in the kitchen making the coffee. She had two mugs in her hand as she walked by the doorway and saw Linda sitting with two men. She had to take a double take and when she saw Dean she dropped the mugs and hid behind the wall. She had her hand to her mouth and began to breathe heavily.

"Is everything ok?" asked Sam and Dean looked over to the kitchen.

"I guess, I'm sorry I should have told you my friend Bella was here." She turned around looking over the couch, "Bella?" There was no answer. Dean and Sam looked at each other.

"Do you mind if we take a look?" asked Dean as they got up.

"Bella?" asked Linda as she followed the two into the kitchen. They looked down on the floor to see the coffee and broken mugs on the floor. The side door to the outside was open and her jacket was gone.

Linda frowned and walked into her kitchen and looked out her door to see Bella's car gone.

"Ms. Matthews your friend Bella has she been acting weird?" asked Sam.

"No, no…she," Linda pursed her lips and looked away from them.

"Ms. Matthews?"

"Bella has a past and I don't think it's my business to tell you what had happened to her."

"If it's to find your son," started Dean.

"Bella would never take any children. She has one herself. He's the sweetest cutest little boy."

"Do you have an address, last name and a picture of what Bella looks like?"

Linda nodded and walked back into the living room. She took down a picture of her, Bella and the boys at the park. "That's Bella," said Linda and Dean looked down at her and felt his heart drop. Sam noticed Dean's face turn white.

"Th-that's Bella?" asked Dean staring at her.

"Yes, is something wrong?"

Dean looked up at her, "No, nothing." He held the picture frame in his hand.

"Do you have that address?" asked Sam getting the tense situation away from Dean.

Linda nodded and grabbed the address for Sam.

Dean stared at Bella flashes of that week went through his mind. Her screams, pleas and begging screaming in his ears. Her flesh being ripped from the knife in his hand. Her regretting moans of pleasure he gave her and her whimpers.

"Let's go," said Sam snapping Dean out of his trance and scaring him. Dean gave the picture back to Linda and nodded.

When they left Dean didn't say anything, he was quiet and Sam noticed. Usually Dean says something after interviewing with the people but he was dead quiet until they got into the car.

"She didn't do it. She's not stealing the kids."

"How do you know?"

"Just trust me on this."

"Is there something I'm missing? Since when do you rule out people that mysteriously vanish in people's kitchen?"

"Just trust me on this Sammy. Alright?"

"I don't know if I can. What happened in there? I lost you and it's never like that especially with you!"

"Let's just get back to the motel and…" Dean sighed, "I'll explain everything."

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