Bella sat on the back stairs outside with her head in her hands. Tears continued to spill out. They all haven't heard from Dean since the night before. She ran both her hands through her hair as she cried. She didn't want to go into the house and have Aiden see her like this. He'd then know though she had a feeling since yesterday that he already did.

Aiden was sitting on Bobby's lap as he told him a story about his father, "And did he get away?" asked Aiden.

"What do you think?" asked Bobby.

Aiden smiled, "Course cause my dad is awesome like that."

Bobby rubbed Aiden's back, "He tends to think so."

Aiden laughed and both Bobby and Aiden perked up hearing the engine of the Impala. "Dad?" asked Aiden as he got off Bobby's lap and looked out the window. He saw both Sam and Dean in the car slowly get out. "It's dad!" Aiden looked at Bobby.

"Why don't you wait until they come in," said Bobby and Aiden nodded watching the two hunters get out of the car and head towards the door.

Both Aiden and Bobby watched the door open and saw both men come inside. Dean looked around for both Aiden and Bella hoping they were still there and didn't run away.

"Aiden," said Dean in a voice that sounded broken.


Dean reached for him and pulled him into a hug holding him tight. Tears threatened to fall from his eyes. He thought he would never be able to hold his son again. He had to thank Cas for saving them at the last minute.

Aiden felt the tension in the room and he felt the strange hold on him, "Dad…are you ok?"

"Yeah, I'm good now," he swallowed hard, "Where's your mom?"

Bella walked into the kitchen and heard voices in the living room. She wiped her eyes as she walked in and saw Dean and Sam standing there. Her eyes went to Dean and they locked with his.

"Dean," she said quietly.

Dean put Aiden down still staring at Bella. He gave her a small smile, "Honey I'm home."

Bella frowned a little as a few more tears came out of her eyes and she ran into his arms, "You stupid son of a bitch!" she yelled as she started to hit his chest, "You're such a freaking idiot!" She cried into his chest and held onto him tight after she was done beating on his chest. She looked up at him seeing his eyes blood shot as well and she placed her hands on each side of his face and said, "I love you too." Dean kissed her softly before pulling her into a hug. Aiden walked over to them and hugged them both. Bella didn't even lift her head but she knew Sam was near and grabbed him by the shirt pulling him into the embrace as well.

"You two are so grounded!" she said in Dean's chest.

Sam chuckled and Dean gave off a small smirk resting his head on hers with his eyes closed. No matter what he was going to protect his family, his whole family.


Dean sat on his son's bed staring down at Aiden. He ran a hand through his hair and leaned his elbows on his knees staring at his son. He closed his eyes and did one thing he hasn't done in the longest time. He swallowed hard and cleared his throat, "Please protect him from the evil in this world, and protect him from Lucifer. I know you can hear me damn it and I know you are out there watching. Either you are in a cloud or you're on the beach drinking a corona but I know you are listening and I need your help to protect my family especially my son. Keep him safe and out of Lucifer's grasp. Please."

He opened his eyes and wiped his face. He gave his son a small kiss on the forehead before getting up and looking out the window and seeing the salt line on the windowsill untouched. He walked out shutting the door behind him. He ran a hand through his hair as he walked towards him and Bella's room. He knocked softly letting her know he was coming in before opening the door. He looked in finding her sitting on the edge of the bed rubbing her lotion into her legs and she was sitting in just a robe.

She looked up at him with a small smile, "Is he ok?"

"Yeah sound asleep," said Dean before closing the door and walking over to his side of the bed.

She looked over her shoulder at him as he took off his shirt getting ready for bed. She frowned as she placed her lotion bottle on the table and she turned to face him. "Are you ok?"

Dean looked at her as he walked over to the hamper throwing his shirt in, "Yeah, I'll be fine always am."


"Look Bella I said I'm fine I'm fine. Let's cut the warm fuzzy chit chat and go to bed."

Bella looked at him in shock with the way he just talked to her. He never talked to her like that before. She felt tears come to her eyes and she held them back. Just as he got into bed she stood up grabbing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

"Where are you going?"

"Look ok I understand you are this big macho I don't talk about my feelings," she said as she pulled her t-shirt over her head and then looked at him, "but I really don't deserve to be talked to like that."

"I've been through hell the last couple days if you have forgotten I'm sorry I'm not into sharing my damn feelings!" he yelled getting out of the bed.

"Oh yeah that's right. You do it once every so many years I understand. I completely understand!" She grabbed her jeans and pulled them on.

"Where the hell are you going?"

"Downstairs…and for you information I was ready to take it to the next level tonight if you get my hint but now I'm not really in the mood." She walked out and slammed the door.

"Shit," Dean said looking around and sighing. He walked out the room and went downstairs, "Bella…where are you?" He found her sitting on the couch with her arms crossed. He sighed heavily as he walked over to her, "Bella…come on baby-"

She placed her hand up in the air, "Don't call me baby right now."

"Jesus Christ Bella what do you want me to do? Do you want me to tell you everything? Shit!"

"No Dean I don't expect you to tell me everything! I expect you to be a little open don't bottle it up all inside you! You are going to break if you do! I mean seriously break!"

"I am fine!"

"You are not fine! You said so yourself you went through hell these past couple days! I want to be here for you! I want to be able to help you! Help you through whatever is happening to you, help you through the pain! I love you Dean don't you get what that is! I love you and I want to share everything with you and in return I expect you to share with me! Even the pain…please Dean it's all I'm asking. Don't shut me out because if you do…I may shut you out and," she shook her head, "I won't look back."

Dean sat in front of her on the coffee table, "Please don't threaten to leave me, please." He placed his hands on the side of her legs, "I can't live knowing you two are out there without me having a life without me."

"Then let me in Dean…that's all I'm asking."

"I'm afraid," he said quietly.

Bella watched as Dean looked away from her eyes unable to keep contact with her.

"Afraid of what?"

Dean at first didn't say anything he just kept looking at his hands that were on her thighs. He finally looked up at her with tears in his eyes, "Afraid you may find this broken, damaged man that can never be fixed."

Bella leaned towards him wrapping her arms around him. "You are a strong man who has been through so much and just needs someone to listen. You aren't damaged, you're not broken, and you are the best thing that has ever happened to me and Aiden. And if wasn't for you Aiden would never be here." She kissed the side of his face and caressed his cheek, "I love you Dean."

"I promise to try if you don't push," he said in a low voice.

Bella nodded, "Of course."

"Are we good now?"

Bella pulled back, "We're good," she gave him a smile.

"Good," he gave her a smile and she arched an eyebrow leaning away from him.


"So…next level huh?"

"Oh no…I'm not in the mood anymore." She looked away from him her arms back to being crossed across her chest. She glanced at Dean who still had that 'you know you can't resist me' sexy smile on his face. "No."

Dean got up from the table and before she knew it he had her over his shoulder, "Dean!"

"I can get you back in the mood."

"I highly doubt that Winchester."

Dean gave her butt a nice little slap before walking up the stairs and heading towards their bedroom. Dean walked in and threw Bella on the bed. She laughed watched him shaking her head letting him know he wasn't getting anything tonight. He winked at her and then stopped before kneeling on the bed, "Wait." He walked over to the dresser and pulled out a sock. He grinned at her before walking to the door and placing it on the doorknob and then closing the door and locking it.

"Dean I told you I am not in the mood anymore."

"I know what gets you in the mood." He kneeled on the bed and leaned over her.

She looked up at him with a grin, "Dean we haven't had sex before how do you know what gets me in the mood?"

"Well we've done other things before so I know what gets your going." He smirked at her before moving down to her neck and kissing it softly before moving up to her ear and licking it. He bit her earlobe and she closed her eyes as he licked the spot underneath and nipped at it. She moaned quietly making Dean smirk, "Told ya."

"Don't push it…" she moaned again as he bit this time and she licked her lips.

Dean's hands were on the bottom of her shirt and he lifted it up and over her head. He looked down at her and saw her biting her bottom lip. His eyes traveled down to her chest where he saw the white scars that he himself had put on her when he was possessed. A flash of her crying beneath him begging him to stop as blood poured from her chest entered his mind. It quickly went away when he looked up into her eyes not seeing a bit of fear like last time but maybe a bit of insecurity. He leaned down and kissed her softly, "You're beautiful…every part of you."

Bella smiled running her hands over his broad shoulders as he kissed her lips again. His hands moved slowly down her sides to her jeans and unbuttoned them and zipped the zipper down with ease. He kissed down her neck and whispered, "You sure?"

"Y-yeah," she breathed out and Dean pulled her jeans down and threw them at the end of the bed.

Dean crawled between her legs and kissed back up her body, making sure to give a little extra attention towards the scars he had caused. Bella tilted her head back slightly as Dean made his way back up her body kissing and nipping at her flesh. He licked along her breast lightly and dipped inside each cup of her bra to tease the nipple. A small mewl of pleasure escaped her throat making Dean smile. He leaned on his one arm and reached under her unclasping her bra in seconds. Dean threw it behind him and looked into Bella's eyes.

Bella grabbed the back of his neck and kissed him passionately. Dean moved over her body covering it with his again and groaned feeling her upper body rub against his.

"Bella," he breathed out, "I love you." He bit her bottom lip slightly and she moaned.

She opened her eyes and looked into his, "I love you."

Dean kissed down her body giving each breast some attention before moving down the rest of her body. He nipped at her belly button and then twirled his tongue inside. She breathed out heavily watching his tongue movement and he looked up winking at her. He left small butterfly kisses down towards her panties. Her breath hitched as he kissed over her panties and groaned at her scent.

Dean bit his bottom lip as he got up from the bed and pulled her along with him. She laughed as he pulled her to the edge of the bed. Bella bit her thumb as Dean leaned over her one more time giving her a small kiss on the chin and his hands teasingly grazed her breast before touching the band on her panties. Bella watched as he slowly pulled her panties down and over her legs then threw them behind him. She continued to bit her thumb as Dean got down on his knees between her legs and worked his magic.

Bella closed her eyes and sighed deeply as his tongue twisted and moved in and out of her. She grabbed onto the comforter on the bed moaning as quietly as she can not to wake anyone up. She bit her bottom lip as his tongue found her clit and he placed two fingers inside her.

"Oh…oh…oh God," she moaned throwing her head back onto the bed. She knew it wasn't going to be long until she had an orgasm, Dean knew how to work his mouth.

Bella arched her back feeling herself getting closer. Dean felt her pulsating and tightening around his fingers and he loved the feel of her around his fingers. She felt so tight, so wet…he wanted her…no he needed her.

Dean gave one more lick to her sensitive nub and she fell apart on the bed. She tightened around his fingers and juiced them up. Dean groaned at her taste and pulled his fingers out licking them. He stood up from the foot of the bed watching her breath heavily and run her hands through her hair trying to calm herself down. Dean tore at his jeans and boxers.

Bella opened her eyes and watched him with hunger in her eyes. She moved up the bed and crawled under the covers smiling at him. She beckoned him to her with her finger and he grinned as he lifted up the comforted and crawled underneath the blankets. Belle bit her bottom lip as Dean's lips and hands found her legs. She moaned quietly as Dean kissed her womanhood then moved up her body. She opened her eyes just as Dean came out of the covers. He kissed her on the lips a few times, "You sure?"

She nodded running hers hands over his arms, "I'm positive."

Dean's hands slid up her thighs pulling them up and around his waist as they continued to kiss. Bella's breath hitched in her throat as she felt his hard steely shaft rub up against her wet folds. She moaned and Dean rubbed her thighs in a nice sensual massage coaxing her to calm down.

"Have you…" he started but Bella finished.

"Not since the…rape."

Dean nodded understanding this was her first time since the rape, possibly her first time ever. Slow Winchester…take it slow.

"Are you really sure?"

"Dean, just get it over with already," she said with a slight smile as they continued to kiss.

"Your wish is my command."

"You are so cheesy."

"You love me."

Bella went to reply when she felt him enter her slowly and she moaned nodding her head, "Yes…"

Dean smirked wondering if it was the feeling she was getting that made her say yes or the love me part but either way he was fine with it. She loved him and he loved her and he was going to show her how much he loved her tonight.

Dean's hands stayed on her thighs as he continued to thrust in and out of her. Bella soon relaxed feeling the pleasure overcoming her body and the close contact with Dean. She has never been this close with anyone emotional and physical. She would hide her heart from others except for her own son. Dean was able to break that wall down and she hoped she was breaking his own down.

"Dean," she moaned in his ear her nails scratching ever so slightly down his back. A loud moan escaped her throat as he thrusted hard into her and she liked it. She threw her head back as he did it again, "More…Dean…"

Feeling, hearing and seeing the affect it had on her Dean continued to thrust hard and slow into her. His arms wrapped tightly around her slim body holding her as close as possible. Their bodies began to sweat and glisten from their lovemaking that was hard and slow.

Bella bit her lip and closed her eyes feeling an orgasm about to hit her, "Oh…Dean…"

"Cum for me Bella," he groaned feeling her tighten around his hard member that was thrusting a little faster into her to make her cum.

Small moans started to escape her mouth; she clung onto his biceps digging her nails into him. She threw her head back as an earth shattering orgasm hit her and she cried out Dean's name over and over as she thrusted her own hips up meeting his thrust. Dean groaned and bit his lip feeling her tremble beneath him.

With his arms still tightly around her he rolled them over so she was on top. Her hair covered their faces as they kissed passionately and slowly thrusted into each other.

Bella quickly sat up her brown locks being thrown behind her and her hands resting on his chest as she grinded down on him. Dean groaned and his eyes widened watching her on top of him. She dug her nails slightly into his chest and threw her head back moaning. Dean held her hips as he thrusted into her.

"Harder," she begged their eyes locking and Dean granted her wish as he thrusted harder up inside her.

Bella threw her head back again as she grinded down on him hard. He groaned closing his eyes his hands tightening on her hips. Bella ran her right hand through her hair, "Oh…Dean…I'm close…so close." She couldn't believe three orgasms her first time actually having sex. She remembered the rape pretty well and because of how scared she couldn't orgasm even if he tried to make her. All thoughts of the rape aside Dean and Bella continued to move in sync with each other.

Dean, feeling himself about to cum, ran his right hand to her clit and rubbed it with his thumb. "Cum with me baby. Need you to cum with me." He moaned, "Shit…I'm so close…You feel so good."

"Oh…uh…uh…Dean! Dean!" She continued to moan and cry out his name as both their orgasms hit them fast and hard. Dean continued thrusting into her spilling himself inside her as she rocked against him. The two slowed their movements and Bella had her head still thrown back. She licked her dry lips and let her head fall. She bit her bottom lip as Dean brought his hands up to her head and pulled her down into a kiss. He rolled them onto their sides and held her tightly against him. She sighed satisfied into his mouth. The two parted their lips and looked into each other's eyes. Dean's never felt as much as at peace as he was right now.

This was lovemaking he thought. Not like the others that were plain old hook ups and hardcore sex and needy angry and one weekend flings, no with Bella it was love. He felt connected to her, their souls connected. His broken damaged soul was slowly being healed by her and Aiden's love. He wouldn't have it any other way.

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