Match Maker


Location: Coruscant, New Jedi Temple

"Kiya!" shouted Obi-Wan as he quickly sprinted through the corridor and down the Temple steps towards the transports. "Kiya Kenobi! You get back here this instant young lady or there will be consequences."

At the bottom of the steps stood a young woman who was 13 years old, dress as a Padawan with two shoulder length plaits streaming from behind her ears and had stunned gray-blue eyes. Pouting, Kiya sighed and made a face. She twisted the end of her sleeve and whined, "Oh please, Father? Please, please, please? I want to go with Jinn on his mission to Tatooine."

"No, darling. I don't want you near that place. Why can't you spend your time off at the Colony? Or at one of your friend's houses off world like Naboo. Now that is a civilized society."

Annoyed, Kiya replied, "But I don't want to go to Naboo. I want to go to Tatooine and see where Luke and Jinn grew up. They said there is still a little dwelling there near the mountains."

"Dwelling? What dwelling? There's n—oh, you mean the cave." The Jedi Master then rubbed his face and said, "No, my sweet. It's not exactly a dwelling. It's more like a little house and some caves. It was my old sanctuary. And believe me, you do not want to go there."

"But I do! Jinn goes on the most exciting missions and even Luke is coming too."

"Luke?" asked Obi-Wan in disbelief.

He had no idea that Luke would be accompanying Jinn on his mission. Normally Luke was too busy with his new duties as Grand Master. The young-Jedi at first was reluctant to accept the position, but Obi-Wan had convinced him that he was just what the New Jedi Order needed. They required new leadership and a new set of ideologies, though granted he did have the support of the Old Order members thanks to Lord Blackswan. It was settled between Mace and the two other original Council Members that a fresh prospective was imperative for growth.

However, while he had been thinking he noticed that Kiya was still hopeful and was eagerly hopping up and down with her hands clasped at her chest. Hesitantly, he broke his gaze and said, "Fine, you may go, but—"

"Hooray!" squealed Kiya in enthusiasm. She then gave her father a hug and wrapped her arms around his waist. Amused, the Knight patted her back and pulled her chin up so he could meet her eyes. Playfully, he tapped her nose and said, "Kiya, listen. You must obey your brothers while you are with them. There will be no nonsense. You are a Padawan and they are your Masters."

Kiya beamed and nodded her head. "Yes daddy, I understand."

"Oh? In trouble already?" asked Jinn as he approached off the transport.

"Jinn!" shrieked the teen. Kiya then let go of her father and quickly transferred herself onto her brother. She tackled him around the waist and he bent down to pick her up around her hips and lifted her up as he strode up to Obi-Wan. Smiling, the warrior gave his father a gallant bow and said, "Well, you must forgive me, Father, but my arms appear to be occupied with this Padawan." He then turned to look at Kiya and gave her cheek a kiss. "There, now how have you been, sister dear? Slay any fiends?"

"Oh, I just won a match with Padawan Yu-Lar yesterday. It was amazing! You should have seen it."

"Please don't encourage her, Jinn," warned Obi-Wan sternly. "I don't want you giving her any ideas."

The amber-eyed man laughed and set Kiya back down to her feet. "But, she gets enough ideas all on her own, Father. She's an excellent Padawan. She far more disciplined than I was at 13. Let her have her fun."

"Jinn!" shouted the teen.

"Hm? What?" asked the warrior curiously.

He saw his little sister indicate for him to bend down and so he did and watched as Kiya touched his face tentatively and then looked at her father alarmed. "Father, Jinn has a beard almost the same as yours. Nobody will be able to tell you two apart! Oh, my gosh! What if somebody says, Master Kenobi and then no one will know who is who?"

"Don't be ridiculous, Kiya. That will never happen," said Obi-Wan confidently.

However, just then Luke strode up to them and took a double take. Smiling, he said, "Geez, you two are nearly identical. Has Mom seen you yet, Jinn? She'll have a cow over this."

"See!" exclaimed Kiya triumphantly.

Yet, in union she was scolded by Obi-Wan and Jinn in the same tone, "Kiya."

And in response, Kiya and Luke began to laugh at the both of them unexpectedly. Though, by then Obi-Wan had it with his children and began to leave.

"Alright. That's will be quiet enough. The three of you have a good time visiting my old sanctuary and try not to find any trouble, please."

Mischievously, Jinn threw his arm around his brother's shoulder and said, "Come on, Luke. I'm sure we can find the old gang back at Mos Eisley. Maybe we can rekindle our gambling operation."

Luke grinned and shook his head. "No, gambling is too small. Death sticks turn a better profit Jinn."

Obi-Wan groaned and paused his ascent up the stairs and turned to look at his sons disapprovingly. "Perhaps, it is Kiya who should be looking after the both of you."

However, cheerfully Kiya began to wave. "Bye Daddy! Don't worry. I'll be good."

"Good bye, Kiya," said the weary Knight. Though as he watched them load up into the transport and towards the ships he couldn't help but feeling overwhelmed with anxiety and dread. Yet, mercifully Thrice approached him from the city transport and calmed him with a wave of the Living Force through her hand in his.

"They're only teasing you, Sir Knight. Jinn and Luke have matured greatly over the years. In fact, I think Jinn becoming a Master was the best thing that ever happened to him. Looking after his Padawan has calmed him immensely. He treats Kiya almost the same way. And Luke is constantly busy. He needs the distraction."

"That maybe so, Milady but Kiya—"

"Can handle herself well. She isn't going alone. Stop babying her."

"But—but why aren't you worried?"

Smiling, the raven-warrior said, "I am, Obi-Wan but I trust Kiya and I trust our boys too. She has been well trained."

Miserable, Obi-Wan exhaled deeply and shook his head. "I'm overreacting."

"Yes, and it's sweet." She then reached up and gave him a kiss.

"I'm not acting much like a Jedi Master am I?"

"No, you're acting like a father."

The Knight then exasperatedly took his wife's arm under his own and began to lead them up to the Temple steps and said, "Force, and to think I used to believe that raising a daughter would be easier than raising our sons."