Title: Insane Competition

Author: CSM

Summary: A teasing comment, suddenly turned into an insane bet between Finn and Rachel. Who's going be able to resist the other?

AN: So I know bets have been done before, but I don't think I've ever read one between Finn and Rachel. It's a cute fluffy competition between the two as Rachel and Finn's competitive nature comes out. We know it will be insane. Come on we're talking about Rachel Freaking Berry here.

Insane Competition

Rachel stood in the school car park dressed in her black leotard from ballet her shorts that she had pulled on over it riding up slightly as she anxiously moved from foot to foot scanning the almost empty car park for any signs of her boyfriend or any of the footballers. On seeing the deserted car park she sighed as she walked towards the football field immediately hearing the cheers and chatter of the football team. Coach Beiste's voice travelling over the field. Rachel winced slightly know fully well that the new coach did not take to kindly to the footballers' girlfriends loitering on the bleachers during practice and she was perfectly find with not being anywhere near those Neanderthals anyway but her drop home had an emergency and so Finn was going to have to be her ride home. With one last tug at her shorts Rachel pushed open the mesh gate to the football field wincing when she saw one of the boys caught sight of her and thus ended up getting a football straight in the head.

She caught Finn's eye and waved sheepishly as he began to jog up to her.

"Rachel what are you doing here?" he asked breathlessly as he wiped his brow of sweat his cheeks red from the afternoon sun," You're not suppose to be here. Coach..."

"Lisa's mom couldn't drop me home I was wondering if I could get a drop with you?" She asked sheepishly," I know your practice usually finishes the same time as ballet. But if it's a problem I can call one of my Dads."

Finn smiled at her sheepishly as he placed a hand on her shoulder, "Breathe babe. It's fine I'll talk to Coach."

Rachel grinned at him happily standing on her tip toes about to give him a kiss in gratitude but she frowned when he stepped back looking at her horrified.

"Rachel not in front of the team!"

"Hudson!" Coach Beiste voice rang over the field making Rachel jump and Finn to groan, "This isn't a tea party. Tell the little lady to come back later."

Finn turned red as the team began to laugh, Rachel looked at him sheepishly," Sorry but the car park was empty and.."

"Ignore them Rach." Finn said squeezing her arm, "Go sit on the bleachers I'll see you after."

Rachel smiled about to turn around when a whistle was hear and this one was not from Coach Beiste.

"Damn if I knew midgets had those kind of legs I would have hit that years ago." one of the more barbaric football spoke leering at Rachel .

Rachel's eyes widen as she took a step closer to Finn. Finn growled as he took a step forward. "Shut your mouth Azimio!"

But before Rachel could stop Finn from doing something she knew he would regret coach Beiste jogged over to the trio.

"Azimio. I want 50 laps around the field now! You do not speak to women like that!"

After much protest the grizzly looking footballer ran off in a grunt not before sending Finn a menacing glare.

"This is why I have rules about girlfriends Hudson." Coach Beiste said seriously.

"It's my fault Coach." Rachel said quickly, "I didn't have a ride home from ballet class and I knew Finn's practice finishes around the same time. I didn't think I would have been a problem. I'll just go up on the bleachers Finn won't even know that I'm here I promise."

With those final words she turned on. Her heels and quickly walked up to the very top of the bleachers and putting her back to the field as she pulled out a notebook from her school bag.

Finn shook his head smiling at her small figure hunched over her brown hair up in a ponytail. he looked over at the Coach who was looking slightly confused," She always speak that fast?"

Finn chuckle as he nodded," Yea. You get use to it...most of the time."

He was still looking at Rachel's small figure when the Coach cleared her throat rolling her eyes, "Come on Hudson time for cool downs. Five slow laps across the field."

Finn sighed as he jogged across to Puck and Matt who were now stretching getting ready for the usual end of practice laps.

"Dude 50 laps? Azimio is going to be here all night!" Puck said with a grin, he glanced at Rachel who was now writing furiously into her book her legs propped up on the adjacent bench, books balanced on her lap.

"What did he say, you looked like you were ready to murder him," Mike asked curious as they all got in line

Finn scowled," Talking crap about Rachel."

Puck chuckled," Dude totally commented on her shorts didn't he?"

Finn scowled shoving Puck in the shoulder and sending Mike a glare as the other boy was failing to hold back his own smirk "Watch it dude."

"Boys stop your yapping and start walking!" Coach yelled as she blowed her whistle, "Any dawdlers will be joining Azimio with his laps!"

Fifteen minutes later Rachel had packed up all her belongings and was standing outside the boys locker room waiting impatiently for Finn to come out she held her clutched her bag to her chest as a few of the boys came out some of them not even sending her a glance and others seemingly nodded at her in greeting.

Finally what seemed like hours Finn walked out with Puck both boys still in the gym clothes the bags strapped to their shoulders.

"Sup Berry." Puck greeted as Finn offered to take her school bag from her leaving her with just her shoulder bag.

"Hello Noah." Rachel said pleasantly, before turning to grin at Finn her arm snaking away around his waist. She looked up at him with a grin, "Hi."

Finn grinned down at her before he kissed her on the forehead, "Hey."

"Oh the two of you are sickening." Puck said making a gagging noise as he walked slightly ahead of them.

"None one is forcing you stick around Noah." Rachel said pointedly.

Finn looked at her sheepishly, "Actually Rach my mom send me a text she can't pick me up so Puck's gonna give us a ride."

Rachel wrinkled her nose slightly as the three of them made their way towards Puck beat up old truck," Please tell me that thing still does not smell like old sandwiches and wet gym socks."

Puck laughed as he threw his stuff ion the truck, "You think I would actually clean it Berry?"

Finn stopped in his track his grip on Rachel's bag tightening, "You've been in Pucks truck?"

Rachel looked at him confused as Puck rolled his eyes and slid into the truck leaning over the seat to pull lock at the passenger side.

"Finn you know Noah and I dated." Rachel said looking at him confused

"Yea but wasn't it like a day?"

There was a knock on the glass as Puck looked at them annoyed, "Dude it was 7 days get over it. Now come on I gotta pick up Hannah from swimming class."

Finn scowled but simply threw his bags as well as Rachel's into the back of the truck. He watched slightly amused as Rachel held onto the dashboard and tried to hoiste herself into the truck. He gripped her waist startling her as he lifted her into the truck.

"Thank you." Rachel said with a grateful smile as she scooted over to give him room, she looked across at Puck, "It still smells awful in here and you need to put a handle on that door."

Puck scoffed," I told you Berry you need to grow, I'm sure my kid sister is taller than you."

"Shut up Noah." Rachel said annoyed as she folded her arms across her chest and leaned her body slightly towards Finn.

"So why were you in his truck?" Finn suddenly asked, he tried to sound nonchalant about it but Rachel immediately saw through that, she sat up looking at him utterly confused when Puck suddenly laughted loudly, his hand hitting against the steering wheel.

"Dude nothing ever happened in here. With Berry at least...Trust me."

Rachel's eyes widen considerably at Puck's words she looked across at him in disgust as she practically scurried onto Finn's lap.

"Noah you had sex in here! That's disgusting! That's so vile..."

"Put a sock in it Berry. I cleaned the damn truck each time." Puck said annoyed

Rachel huffed as she slipped off of Finn's lap and eyed Puck with semi disgust, she shook her as she eyed the radio and stretched her hand out, but before she could even touch the dial Puck slapped her hand away.

"Don't touch. My car. My tunes."

Rachel looked at him offended before turning to her boyfriend who was simply grinning at the exchange, he placed his arm over her shoulders pulling her closer to him," Pucks rules I've been trying years to change it."

"But when I was in here..."

"I was trying to get into your pants Berry. Of course I would let you listen to your shitty show tunes." Puck spoke almost sounding bored with the conversation.

"Dude!" Finn snapped, as he stretched over Rachel and punched Puck in the shoulder.

"What the fuck man?" Puck said annoyed taking his eyes off the road for to glare at Finn," Did you not hear me tell her she can't change my music?"

"Noah keep your eyes on the road!"

Puck scowled as he focused back on the car in front of him, "Dude this is the last time your bat-shit crazy girl comes in here"

"I'm sitting right here Puckerman!" Rachel snapped annoyed as she crossed her arms purposely moving closer to Finn, "And trust me this is the last time I would want to endure sitting in this foul infested pig sty!"

"Good." Puck muttered.

Rachel huffed and looked across at Finn only to see him looking out the window trying to hide a smile but failing miserably she scowled and simply closed her eyes the rest of the way.

"That boy can be so vile!" Rachel huffed as she waited for Finn to open his front door.

Finn just laughed as he opened the door for her allowing her to step inside," You do realize he does half of those things cause you react that way?"

"But that's so childish." Rachel said annoyed as she slipped off her flats and placed her shoulder bag neatly on the small armchair.

She rolled her eyes when Finn kicked off his sneakers and threw both their bags onto the couch as he plopped down next to it rubbing his stomach as he yawned.

"I'm so freaking hungry I could heat a cow!"

Rachel nose wrinkled about to reprimand him when he looked across at her sheepishly," Sorry Rach I'm just really real really hungry."

Rachel laughed as she titled her head to the side," Really?"

Finn nodded enthusiastically sensing her a lopsided grin at which she giggled and held out her hand to him," Come one I'll make you something."

"Cookies?" Finn asked eagerly as he took her hand and he stood up, she automatically leaned into him her nose buried in his football t-shirt.

"You smell musty." Rachel commented with a smile as they walked into the kitchen.

"Yea sorry didn't bother to shower after practice didn't want to keep you waiting." Finn said sheepishly, sending her a grin as he walked over to the refrigerator.

"No I like it." Rachel said her cheeks pinking up slightly.

Finn peered into the fridge and frowned at what he saw," So we have tuna casserole, bread and more tuna casserole. Oh I can make you a mean grilled cheese sandwich."

Rachel giggled at his enthusiasts expression as she stood up from the stool, "Finn I don't eat cheese"

Finn looked at her confused," What I thought you didn't eat animals?"

Rachel nodded as she stood next to him, her head tilted as she looked up at him, "Cheese has milk in it."

Finn face fell, "Then what are you gonna eat?"

Rachel chuckled as she grasped his arm finding it adorable that he was so concerned, "It's not the end of the world Finn I'll figure something out."

Finn shrugged as he grabbed the glass bowl filled with tuna casserole, "Okay, you can take whatever vegan stuff we have. Not like I know what it is but..."

"Thank you." Rachel said watching him in amusement as he dug through one of the drawers.

She was about to look into the fridge again when she gasped as she saw Finn dig his fork into the casserole...the cold casserole and shoved a large piece into his mouth.


"What?" Finn asked looking at her startled; his mouth full of food.

"You need to warm that!" Rachel said appalled as she closed the door to the fridge, momentarily forgetting her own hunger.

"Why?" Finn asked eyeing her confused as he continued to shovel food into his mouth

"Cause eating cold food is not good for you!"

"Isn't it the same thing I'm eating just not warm or whatever?" Finn asked her in between chews

Rachel looked at him in disbelief she was about to grab the bowl when he suddenly stood up and held it over her head, completely out of her reach. She looked at him annoyed as she placed her hands on her hips," Finn!"

"Come on Rachel I'm hungry! I don't care if it's warm or not." Finn said almost whining as he continued to eat.

"You're behaving like a four year old." Rachel said with a huff as she folded her arms, "it would take one minute to warm it. I just don't want you getting sick or something."

"God Rach you're starting to sound like my mom." Finn said, his eyes widening one seeing her facial expression, his fork suspended in mid air

"Did you just compare me to your mother?" Rachel almost shrieked

"No." Finn said stupidly,

Rachel huffed as she turned around and went back to her original task of finding something for her to eat. Deciding to ignore her boyfriend for the time being, she was completely focused on the contents of the fridge she didn't even hear when Finn approached her, until she felt ice cold hands rest on her waist, the flimsy material of her leotard not forming any protection from the cold. And she yelped in surprise at the contact

"Whoops sorry Rach." Finn said sheepishly as he pulled away his hands and started rubbing them along the side of his shorts, "I forgot they were cold."

"Well if you had warmed up the food like I told you it wouldn't have been an issue." Rachel said pointedly as she tried not to return his smile as he stood directly in front of her his now somewhat warmer fingers running lazily down her sides as he pulled her even closer.

Rachel hummed softly as he wrapped his arms around her waist and she placed her hands on his arms, resting her back against his stomach and she could feel his chin resting on the top of her head. Neither of them said anything until Finn's stomach rumbles...well more like growled loudly ruining the mood.

"Crap you heard that?" Finn asked unnecessarily as Rachel began to giggle.

"I think the entire neighbourhood heard that." Rachel teased as she stepped away and nudged him towards his food, "Go eat your frozen casserole, before your stomach wakes the dead or something."

Finn grinned sheepishly at her before he headed back towards his food. Rachel shook her head in amusement as she turned around and pulled open the fridge door, peering inside of it. She scanned the contents of the fridge, about to open the crisper for the lettuce when something caught her attention. She gasped in surprise as pulled out the package and turned to look at her boyfriend.

"You have vegan burgers!" She said excitedly shaking the offended package in front of him, she knew she looked like a maniac cause Finn had his freaked out expression, but she couldn't help it, "But your Mom doesn't eat burgers and you hate this stuff!"

"Baby, breathe." Finn said seriously his eyes still wide, "You're starting to freak me out."

Rachel looked at him sheepishly the smile still plastered across her face, "But why?"

Finn shrugged his shoulders sheepishly as his ears turned red, "I told my Mom to pick it up for you. Guess I forgot it was there. Sorry."

"Thank You!" Rachel said with a squeal jumping into Finn's arms and placing a firm kiss on the lips, "No one's ever done something so thoughtful for me."

Finn chuckled as he returned the hug, "No problem babe."

Rachel grinned as she wrapped her arms around his neck and tiptoed to kiss him yet again, but this time as they were getting into the kiss she pulled back with a frown, when she saw Finn's concerned face she tried to smile but the taste she now had in her mouth was not too pleasant.

She placed her hands on his forearms and looked at him seriously, "You need to brush your teeth."

Finn's jaw dropped in shock and Rachel couldn't help but giggle as she placed a reassuring hand on his arm, "It's not you...it's just the tuna taste...it's awful."

Rachel giggled at Finn's offended expression but even more so when he stood up nonetheless and headed for the bathroom, but not before he turned around and smirked at her, "Well you need to brush yours after your vegan burger. That thing taste like shit."

Rachel's mouth widened in offense at both his harsh language and the grin that was now across his features, she placed her hands on her hips and looked at him pointedly, "Really? And if I didn't?"

Finn nodded as he grinned brightly, "Yup...I won't...I won't kiss you then."

Now it was Rachel's turn to burst out into laughter, Finn's offended expression only making her laugh more, "You are such a liar Finn Hudson."

She walked up to him still giggling and patted his face sweetly, "You're cute. A liar when it pertains to that specific comment. But still cute."

Rachel shook her head laughing to herself as she grabbed the package of vegan patties, and making her way towards the stove, she was about to take one of the pans from the strainer, when Finn's smug voice made her freeze.

"I think you're the one that wouldn't resist me." Finn said smugly.

"You sound very sure of yourself Mr. Hudson. " Rachel said amused, "But I think between the two of us we know which one of us would hold out, and it's not you."

Finn's reaction her statement was not what she was expecting, "I bet you wouldn't last a day without kissing me."

Rachel gasped, she has never heard Finn speak so self assured about anything before, and if she wasn't so annoyed by his accusation, she knows she would be very turned on right now. But she knows a challenge when she hears one and Rachel Berry did not back down from challenge even if that challenge came in the form of her six foot ridiculously adorable boyfriend.

"Finn you're treading dangerous water right now." Rachel said her eyes gleaming, the very idea of beating him to his own game, overpowering her, "And once you cross that line. There is no turning back."

"What?" Finn asked blankly, "We weren't talking about water."

Rachel giggle at his statement, his adorably lost expression tugging at her heart, "You wanted to bet a day...let's make it a week. I'm betting you won't be able to go a week without kissing me."

Finn bit his lip in thought, "This works both ways right? Cause I think you won't last a day."

Rachel gasped and slapped him on the chest at his satisfied smirk, "You're on Hudson."

Finn chuckled as he grasped her hand about to shake on it no doubt, but he then paused and looked down at her, "Wait, what do I get when I win?"

"You are obviously mistaking me for yourself." Rachel said the excitement of the challenge starting to bubble up, "The winner gets to decide what the loser has to do."

Finn's eye lit up at her words, and she rolled her eyes realizing she needed to be more specific, "Nothing sexual Finn."

"Baby, I'd never force you into anything you didn't want to do." Finn said sincerely, all the competiveness in his tone gone as he rubbed his thumb against her wrist.

Rachel smiled as she moved to hug him tightly, placing her chin on his chest as she looked up at him, "I know you wouldn't babe. Sorry sometimes my competitive nature gets the best of me."

"It's okay I love you anyway." Finn said sheepishly, his fingers running through her hair.

"I love you too."

Rachel's heart swelled as she returned his sentiments, she'd never get tired of hearing him saying those three words to her, she went up on her tip toes linking her arms around his neck she placed a kiss on his lips, but then Finn chuckled as they pulled back "Told you I'd win."

Rachel gasped dramatically as she stepped away from him, pointing an accusing finger at him, "You cheat! That didn't count! We need to shake on it first."

Finn laughed as he held up his hands in defence, "Now, don't be a sore loser, Rach."

"That didn't count!" Rachel protested going so much as to stamp her foot, "We were still negotiating the rules and what the winner would get. It's a standard bet rules, you need to establish the ground rules before the challenge is brought..."

"Babe, chill I was just messing with you." Finn said laughing, he held out his hand to her, "Come on let's shake on it."

Rachel huffed as she grasped her much smaller hand in his larger one, and they shook, "Maybe I should write up a contract."

Finn groaned as his hand still holding her hand, "Oh come on Rachel it's just a game. You'll suck all the fun out of it. Besides it's not like you'll last long anyway."

Rachel scowled at Finn's self-satisfied expression pulling her hand out of his own, she narrowed her eyes at him, "We'll see who's going to be singing a different tune, babe."

With those final words she turned around heading back to her forgotten vegan patties, she could still feel Finn watching her and that's when she remembered that she was still wearing her ballet clothes, and with an evil grin she swiped the spatula off the counter and purposely bent over to pick it up. She bit her lip when she heard Finn groan behind her, oh this competition was in the bag.

So this was supposed to be a One shot and now its a multi-chapter fic. It's not going to be long probably four chapters for the most. I plan on getting it done before RHGS premieres on the 26th. Competitive Finchel should be fun no?

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