The name that haunted Grant since Concussion going insane ten years ago. Squirt, the younger sister of the two brothers. No one knew what happened to her, her body wasn't found, but she didn't show her face after Concussion attacked her. She was six, and never left her brother's side. The thing that worried Grant the most was the fact that she had been pumped up with Gamma Rays. Now that he was coming back, they wondered about her. What was going on in her life?

A red headed girl rushed down the stairs at her house. She nearly crashed into her brother who was two years older than her. Jack Shepard had taken care of her since their parent's death when she was an infant. She only knew him as a parent. She had been raised by the Zenith team, but she hadn't seen anyone from there for ten years now. Jack smiled, "Whoa there Lyl, you wouldn't want to knock over your big brother on your first day of Sophomore year, now would you?" She smiled and hugged him, "No, but I would give him a bear hug." They hugged and Jack went to his garage downtown. She knew he'd eat there, and so she ate breakfast and went to school.

She walked home from school with one of her friends who was very funny. Then Lyl noticed the time, "Oh my gosh, I can't believe it, I gotta get home. It's almost time to start dinner! Bye Kate!" She ran at a normal pace, knowing that she could run MUCH faster. Over the years she had fine tuned her skills, so she was powerful. She raced into her house, and noticed the silence. Usually by now Jack was home watching a movie or something. Lyl ran out and rushed to her brother's garage. She could tell something was wrong. She rushed into the open garage, and noticed that her brother's warm breakfast was sitting on the counter. She closed up the garage and ran home at full speed. She knew who was behind it, and hid in her house.