A/N: It's not because I'm lazy, but I just don't want the team to know her when this happens.

Reunion of Shock

-Lyl opened her eyes. Her sixth sense told her that she was needed soon. She stood up and grabbed her skateboard. Taking a running start, she hopped on and shot off as fast as she could. She felt the wind blowing through her hair for the first time in ten years. With her advanced sight, she saw the battleground ahead. She came to a stop next to Larabie* just as he was saying, "Ready, aim..." She snatched his arm and spoke calmly, "If you say that word, you will never be seen by the naked eye again. Especially since my brothers are down there. Are we clear Larabie?" She realized that she had broken the sound barrier. She close her hand and crushed his arm squishing blood out by accident. Grant stuttered, "It can't be, you're alive after all this time?" She glared at him, "You're lucky that Jack doesn't want any of you dead, or what happened to idiot's arm over here would be your head." She shot down next to her brother, "I was worried when you weren't home when it was dinner time. Never do that to me again Jack, are we clear?" He nodded, and Lyl leaned over to talk to Cindy, "So you must be the one with super strength, I bet you surprised my brother!"

Months Later...

-The Zenith team now comprised of Bullet (Lyl), Zoom, Concussion, Houdini (Dillan), Wonder Girl (Summer), Princess (Cindy), Gigantor (the name Lyl gave Tucker). The others had accepted Lyl with no problems, and she was very funny to be around. She left some years later, and went to England. She said it was because of Grant, and after all these years, the Gamma Rays were wearing off, and she would be the weakest instead of the strongest. She was never seen again.