Skipper woke up early next morning. The others were still sleeping, even Private. Skipper looked worried at the little penguin and thought about the dream again and again. I really need to talk to Kowalski, the leader thought and sneaked to the bunks were Kowalski and Rico were still sleeping.

"Hey, Kowalski. Wake up." Skipper whispered. "Mmhh?", the scientist mumbled. "Come on, I gotta ask you something very important." Skipper said. "Ok, I´m on the spot!", Kowalski said and was awake immediatly. "Let´s go to the lab." Skipper ordered and went ahead. Kowalski followed him.

"Skipper, what´s going on?" the scientist asked slowly getting nervous about Skipper´s mysterious behavior. "Well, Kowalski. It´s about Private. He had such a bad nightmare last night. Nothing special, you might think. But this one was different, it was so cruel and full of despair. I don´t know how Private could dream such horrible things." Skipper explained and told Kowalski the whole story.

After the leader finished, Kowalski needed to sit down for a moment. "Wow, this is really bad. How could he dream about the death of the three of us." Kowalski said in shock. "That´s why I ask you. Can you tell me why this happened?" Skipper asked.

"Well it´s not scientific proved why dreams happen. The most people think that dreams are revelating our deepest desires, but I don´t think this is Privates desire." "You think Private wanted us to die?" Skipper asked shocked. "No, no. This might be. Some dreams are about desires, worst fears or memories. In this case I think, Privates worst fear is to loose us, or more to loose you, Skipper." Kowalski explained.

Skipper finally understood. Private was more close to him than he thought. "Skipper, I think Private needs you as a big brother and not just as leader. He´s a child without real parents so I think that he want you to take care of him." Kowalski said and looked at Skipper who stared on the ground.

He never knew that Private felt that way. Skipper was a little to hard to Private sometimes. But he was always careing about the little penguin. "Okay, Kowalski. I´ll talk to him. I want to be more like a brother from now on. I know I was mean to him sometimes because I wanted him to be like me. Maybe I shouldn´t have done that." the leader said.

Kowalski nodded and both went back into their living room. Private and Rico were still sleeping. Kowalski waddled back to his bunk and fell asleep again. Skipper went back to the couch and laid down next to Private, who woke up immediatly. "Skipper, how late. Have I oversleep?" Private asked with blood shot eyes. "No, no relax. You had a nightmare last night, you gotta rest, Private" Skipper said gently. "Yeah, I know. Skipper I´m still scared I won´t be able to sleep for weeks." Private said sadly.

"You will. I´m here for you. You know, I´m sometimes a little bit to mean to you. But I want you to know that I was always overprotective. I didn´t want to hurt you at all. I love you, like a little brother that I´ve never had." Skipper mumbled quietly. He didn´t like to talk about emotions at all.

"Really?" Private asked happy. Skipper nodded with a smile. " Skipper, I never told you, but I always wanted you to be my brother." Private said and yawned. "Now let´s get back to sleep." Skipper said who yawned too. The little penguin cuddled up to Skipper and fell asleep. The leader was glad now about having a little brother who he can take care of.

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