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Previously: "It's the Volturi." Her eyes were filled with fear and dread. "They're sending us a letter. They want us to visit. They want Bella, Edward and Carlisle at least."

Alice's voice was quivering slightly. You could tell she was scared. But whenever the Volturi were involved, there was always fear.

On the brighter side of things with seven vampires, several ancient books, a wolf and a 'human' we were able to figure out what was going on with my wife's body.

Chapter 13: Knowledge

The news about the Volturi's impending letter had the entire household uneasy. Carlisle decided to call Aro and he pulled Edward and me into his office with him. Carlisle took several unneeded deep breaths than dialed the long number for the Volturi castle.

"Hello, Gianna? It's Carlisle Cullen… yes hi. Can you patch me through to Aro… Alright, thank you." Carlisle definitely looked nervous while he waited for Aro to get on the phone. "Hello Aro! We're all doing well. Yes, I was calling to say we are moving next week and I thought you might want the new address in case you needed us for something." Carlisle went quiet for a minute while he was listening to Aro speak then he gave Aro our new address in Alaska. After a little chit chat Carlisle said goodbye and hung up the phone. "Aro said he will be mailing out a letter. He wants the three of us to visit in the next month and he wants to meet the new transformed Bella."

Well I wonder how that's going to work out.

"Well, I think we should cross that bridge when we get to it. Right now I bet there are several people itching to learn about Everlings."

Carlisle, you have no idea.

We headed back to the living room and noticed Alice was flipping through the book Carlisle had accidentally dropped on the floor. She saw us walk in and she jumped up quickly then danced her way over to Carlisle and placed the book delicately in his hands. There was no doubt about it, she was ecstatic, but that can also be chalked up to it being just Alice.

Carlisle quickly located the page he wanted in the book Alice had just been perusing. He cleared his throat needlessly. "Bella, you've become what is called an Everling. Here, look…" Carlisle held out the old dark brown book for me to see what he had found. Edward looked over my shoulder to read it also. There in the center of the page was a picture of a normal human with red eyes and on the opposite page was the description.

Everling: ev·er ling (ĕv'ər lĭng)

An immortal being that appears human in every way except it cannot die. An Everling is a very rare and uncommon creature. It usually occurs when a normal human spends an immense amount of time around mythological creatures (ie: werewolves, mermaids, fairies, vampires, ect.) and their essence leaks into the human resulting in an immortal human. The way to spot this rare being is by their tougher pale white skin, heightened senses, slower heart rate, faster healing, and their eyes change color with their moods, other than that they are a normal human. There have never been any reported children from an Everling so it's assumed they are infertile. The only way to kill an Everling is to destroy what they hold most treasured in their heart and in some cases that is extremely hard to figure out. They are a true immortal.

Wow! I'm not sure what to think of all this but at least we finally knew what I had become. Unless what I hold most treasured in my heart is destroyed - I'm immortal. I glanced at Edward as I read over that line repeatedly. I think anyone could figure out my treasure.

"Well, let's get a move on!"

I glared at Alice as she bounced around the living room packing up things and covering the large furniture. "Gee Alice, I just learned what I've become and you don't care, you're not even giving me the chance to absorb this new information!"

Alice sauntered over to me and patted me on the back like a little child, which was rather annoying. "Bella, Bella, Bella – we have all eternity to dwell on what you are but we have only a week to move to another state." She smiled then skipped up the stairs.

Annoying pixie!

"Love careful, your eyes are red." I snapped my red eyes on my husband and he backed away slowly. Edward then looked at Jasper and Emmett and nodded his head - most likely in response to something they were thinking – I'll get it out of him tonight. I swear – when we get to Alaska – Alice's entire wardrobe is going to wind up in a burn pile. Fearing Alice was about to freak out from my planning, I glanced at her packing but she didn't even flinch. It appears my thoughts are safe from her visions also, great!

Casually, I walked pasted Edward and his brothers carrying the book and I headed out the back door. Based on the odd stares I was getting from the three guys, they were baffled by my sudden mood change. But what can you expect when you just figured out your mind and ideas were safe from everyone finally, it was almost euphoric.

I walked down our private driveway to our cottage. Once inside I headed for our bedroom and I threw myself on the bed and lay on my stomach looking over the page that defined what I was. I must have read the one and only paragraph on the page a couple dozen times, making sure I had memorized it completely.

"A normal human that spends an immense amount of time around mythological creatures…well I've definitely done that one, considering I'm married to a vampire." I continued to look at the page for the key aspects of my new found species. "I absolutely have all these qualities; tougher pale white skin, heightened senses, slower heart rate, faster healing, and my eyes change color with my moods."

As I continued to read the page there was one line in particular that made my heart fall into my stomach. "There have never been any reported children from an Everling so it's assumed they are infertile." Just because none have been reported doesn't mean I'm infertile. The book says Everlings are very rare and uncommon so wouldn't it be to reason that there just isn't enough knowledge about them. I might still get pregnant.

Who was I kidding?

I rolled over on to my back and stared at the ceiling. I find it strange that I had never wanted children until I had thought I was pregnant. I guess what they say is true – you never realize what you want until it's been denied to you. I never realized I wanted a child until I thought I was pregnant. To make matters worse it turned out I wasn't with child and will never be. Who would have thought?

"Love?" I craned my head back to see the bedroom door slowly opening to reveal my husband. "Are you alright now?"

A heavy sigh escaped me as I turned my head back to look at the ceiling. "I will be…it will just take some time."

Edward walked over and sat down on the bed beside me and brushed a few wild strands of hair from my face. "Any questions or concerns about being an Everling?"

Another sigh escaped "yes and no." I looked over at Edward with an expression that showed I was torn. "I have a hundred questions but don't know what to ask first and there isn't anyone who can answer them anyway. I wonder if there are any other Everlings in the world. But how would we even find them? It's not like we can put an ad in the local paper or something."

"Maybe Alice can put out a notice on the supernatural network." Edward presented a ridiculous grin.

"Please tell me there isn't such a network?" I arched an eyebrow in curiosity. The mere thought of that type of communication was kind of unsettling.

"Yes and no. It's called 'Alice has her ways'." Edward shrugged his shoulders indifferently. "I don't ask. She's scary when you do, just ask Emmett, he asked her once." He held up one finger for emphasis. Edward leaned down and kissed me deeply but quickly, leaving me wanting more. "We should really finish packing. The main house is done so everyone is waiting on us now."

I glared at him. Edward knew we were nearly done. We just had our clothes and a few things in the bedroom. It would take us maybe five minutes. "They really want to get going don't they?"

Edward sighed and rolled his eyes. "To say they are excited is an understatement, sorry."

Well, who was I to deny everyone the fulfillment of the excitement. I hopped up from the bed then ventured into the closet and finished packing our clothes while Edward took it upon himself to finish packing the bedroom. Emmett and Jasper showed up a few minutes later and helped Edward take our few boxes to the moving truck. While the men were busy loading the truck I took one last slow walk through the first house I shared with my husband.

All the big furniture that we weren't taking was draped with big sheets giving the small cottage an abandoned and forgotten feeling. Forks is one of the Cullen's favorite places so I know we'll be back at some point in future – after everyone we know here has died. Wonder how long until we return to Forks?

I ran my hand over the sheet covered couch, the suede texture hidden under the cotton covering. I looked at the barren walls, all the pictures having been packed and ready to go to Alaska. The warm family feeling slowly disappearing since the home now had the appearance of being vacant. I suddenly felt like when my cat of twelve years died. Leaving this house was just like when I had to bury Skittles – I was losing a best friend. I was going to miss this place.

Alice appeared a few minutes later just as I was locking up the house and bidding it farewell. She hugged my shoulders and led me to the cars.

"Are you ready for the next phase of your life to begin?" Alice asked me softly. There wasn't anything for me here anymore so it was time to move on. I nodded slightly in agreement to Alice and a huge smile exploded on her face. "Yes! College here we come!"

I smiled as she bounded off toward her Porsche where Jasper was waiting then they got in the car. Emmett and Rosalie were already loaded up into Emmett's jeep. Carlisle and Esme were waiting in the Mercedes. All the other vehicles the Cullen's had were already on a truck headed for our new home.

"Are you ready to go?" Edward asked from the other side of the Volvo. I nodded and slipped into the passenger seat of the car. Edward and everyone else wasted no time at all and were onto the highway in a matter of minutes.

I sat in silence, watching the scenery pass me by while I thought about all that had happened since I had come to Forks. There was a lot; school, boyfriend, heartbreak, reunion, engagement, battle, death, resurrection, marriage and now moving.

At some point after we crossed into Canada I fell asleep. When I awoke it was dark, I knew I had dreamt while asleep but the only thing could remember from the dreams were of my father. I stared out the window at the dark landscape as it passed. Between my father's acceptance and my mother's, it was my father's I wanted more. My mother was more like a friend or a child to me; I didn't care what she thought. But my dad, it was him that I wanted to keep in my life, always. As I thought about my dad and the time we had spent together, I fell back asleep.

"Bella…Bella…" my name being whispered softly slowly pulled me from a dream of me and my dad fishing when I was young. "Love, we're home." My eyes slowly fluttered open and I saw a white house with a mountainous backdrop. I sat up in the seat and looked at the house then to my husband then back to the house. I was identical to the house in Forks.

"Is that house the same…?" I was stunned by the similarities.

"Same as the house in Forks? Yes. All of our homes look the same. When we told you the Forks house was our favorite, we weren't kidding." I wonder if any additions had been made to it now that the Cullen's have a new family member. "I know that look. You're wondering if everything is the same here as in Forks."

He continued to drive slowly passed the familiar house. Soon as we rounded the bank of trees I saw it. Edward barely had a chance to stop the car before I jumped from the moving vehicle. I stood in the three inches of snow, staring dumbly at the small building before me. It was our cottage.

"Welcome home my love," Edward kissed me on the cheek then swiftly swept me up into his arms before he headed for the house. He's always the gentleman who has to carry his bride over the threshold.

The rest of the day was spent greeting the cousins and unpacking. I found it amazing that they had actually built the cottage here also. Wonder if they did that at all their homes now?

We had barely been in our new homes a full day and we had to make plans to visit Italy. Why couldn't Aro give a month or even a year or better yet forever till we had to visit.

The flight to Italy seemed endless. I guess when you're dreading the voyage to begin with it will naturally seem longer. Much to my surprise – as soon as we landed on the ground – there was a Rolls Royce waiting for us. I'm not sure if the giant wood box of books would fit in the trunk of that car. I didn't have to ask because I saw a forklift loading the wood crate into a small truck.

Just like always and every single unwanted time, I dreaded seeing Aro again. I know he's Carlisle's friend but that doesn't mean I have to like the creepy guy. We waited only thirty minutes when the new receptionist, Aria, escorted us to the main chamber. Above all the other places inside this castle, the main chamber was my most feared. This was the room I had nearly watched Edward die at the hands of Aro. Not the best first impression in my opinion.

Carlisle greeted Aro warmly and vice versa…then Aro spied me. Instant chills! Aro walked over to me stealthily and silently. The moment he stood in front of me an enormous and chilling smile creased his lips.

"Isa…Bella…beautiful as ever," I smiled back weakly and Aro's smile slowly disappeared then he tilted his head to the side slightly. He then shot his eyes at Carlisle then at Edward then back to me. "Why do I still hear a heartbeat? I thought you were now a vampire. Carlisle, please explain this falsehood to me."

Carlisle stepped over behind me and placed his hands on my shoulders. "I'm sorry my dear friend. I did die to you about why I needed your books." Aro remained quiet but his eyes narrowed. "Do you remember the troubles we were having with that newborn army thanks to Victoria?"

"Yes." You could tell in that one short word that Aro was annoyed.

"Sadly, Victoria killed Bella that day - no pulse, no heartbeat." Aro's eyes widened as they darted to me. "Just over twenty-four hours after her death, Bella awake as if she was talking a nap. I needed the books to figure out what had become of Bella."

"My wife is now immortal but she isn't a vampire. She's an Everling." Edward took my hand and held it tightly.

Aro's eyes remained wide as Carlisle and Edward explained to him what an Everling was, what they were capable of and what they weren't.

"So you are no longer human all because you spent too much time around vampires. Fascinating!"Aro grabbed my free hand. "I still can't read you either. Amazing."

"She's invisible to Alice as well, completely invisible," Edward's grasp tightened slightly. "Apparently it looks like I'm kissing air when in reality I'm kissing Bella. Other than that she's completely harmless, a normal human except she's now immortal."

A small and almost sinister laugh came from Aro. Carlisle pulled a book from his doctor's bag and showed it to Aro. It was the book that held my new races definition. Aro read it over then sighed heavily.

"Wow, so no special abilities…" Aro continued to look over the page, flipping it back and forth.

"Boring huh?" I had to agree with Aro's lack of enthusiasm. It would be nice if I had Edward's ability. I would love to know what was running around in his mind. Aro nodded apologetically.

Carlisle decided that we would stay for an extra two days so we could relax and rest up before we sit on a plane for eighteen hours straight. I was not the least bit happy about that but Carlisle made a good point about letting Aro and the others see what I had turning into and show them that I wasn't a threat.

While Carlisle visited with Aro, Marcus and Caius Edward and I toured the city. This was the first time we had been here when our lives weren't on the line so we could look at everything leisurely. I didn't want to spend any amount of time in the castle. It was bad enough that I had to sleep in there each night we were here; I didn't want to spend any extra time in the creepy building.

With Aro appeased with my new found immortality, there was nothing more that he needed to discuss with us. Edward told me that Aro and Carlisle visited for the several hours I was resting in a private room. I couldn't sleep fast enough but Carlisle didn't want me to travel while exhausted. As soon as my opened we readied our things and we bid our farewells. Finally we were free to go home.

Alaska, here we come!

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Preview for chapter 14: Free At Last

We were finally home and I couldn't be happier. Those that didn't go to Italy were equally thrilled to see us as well. The one and only thing on my mind right now was getting my wife home so we could wear-in our new bed.

Bella barely got her hellos and hugs finished before I grabbed her around the waist and threw her over my shoulder and disappeared into the forest. If we actually made to the cottage would be a miracle.