Chapter 16

Lucifer just let out a chuckle as he responded back with, "I see, so that is what you think will happen? Although I must say I am quite surprised at your appearance." He then grinned as he added, "From what I had found out you were suppose to turn into a bird not a half cat with wings."

Howl did not let his guard as he answered, "Well, if I remember right Baron did tell me that this might happen if I had let him turn myself into a half cat."

"Ah, now it makes sense. You became friends with that irritating Creation.' The now red eyed half cat spat, with venom in his voice. He then scoffed as he added, "But then again it doesn't matter either way I'll still find your heart. And then you'll be dead and out of my to speak."

"We'll see about that!" Howl shot back, as Lucifer watched him charge towards him.

The black furred half cat just sighed as he snapped his fingers confident that Howl could not hit him with his claws. To Lucifer's surprise though he did not feel a single thing which caused him to sharply open up his eyes only to see that there was no one in front of him anymore. However, before he knew it a pair of fangs bit into his right shoulder causing blood to come somewhat pouring out. And as he gritted his teeth trying to ignore the pain he let out, " dare you."

He moved his other arm to fight back. He smirked when he saw that he had made contact with Howl's chest. Sadly, the red eyed half cat had only managed to cause a few scratch marks instead of drawing blood. Doing this though was enough to make the winged half cat let go of him and back a few feet away from him. The red eyed half cat then proceeded to snap his fingers once again. And within a few seconds he watched as Howl was surrounded by large white crystals that seemed to appear from out of no where. And while the blue furred half cat braced himself for the attack Lucifer thought, "Now it's time for me to end this. And Yuki will have no choice but to be with me."

The black furred half cat then snapped his fingers once again causing the crystals to go flying towards the winged half cat. When Lucifer saw that the wizard had shielded himself with his wings he shouted, "I'm afraid that trying to block the attack won't help you any." He then gave off a toothy grin as he ended with, "Because once those crystals touch any part of your body the magic that is inside them should be able to locate your heart and kill that demon along with you!"

The half cat's right ear twitched however, when he heard the sound of another pair of fingers snap together. And before he knew it all of the crystals were now aimed at him instead at Howl. He let out a gasp of surprise and quickly turned to see who had stopped his spell. When he saw who it was though he could not and did not want believe that it was Toto, who had stopped his spell as he shouted, 'I can't believe it! I thought that I had knocked you out to where you could not get in my way again!"

The green eyed half cat said nothing in return as he snapped his fingers for a second time. And before Lucifer knew it all of the crystals had flown through his body. And while Lucifer fell onto the ground he looked over at Yuki and felt a tear fall down his face as he let out, "Yuki..."


Yuki looked away from the now deceased half cat and closed her eyes. They quickly opened though when she heard the sound of wings flapping together. And when she looked in front of her she saw that Howl had changed back from his winged state as he walked up to her and asked, "Yuki, are you alright?"

"I...yes, I'm alright." The white haired young woman answered, as she lightly hugged him.

And after a few seconds she let go of the golden furred half cat and walked towards Toto. But while she did this Howl said, "Toto, thank you for stopping Lucifer's attack. If you had not interfered then I know for certain that I would have been killed."

After the blue eyed young woman had put both of her arms around him the black furred half cat replied, "Don't mention Howl, although to be honest I wasn't for sure if I was gong to be able to do anything." Yuki then looked up and saw that he was now looking down at her as he went on with, "But thanks to Yuki being next me I found the confidence to at least try and stop that scumbag."

When the young woman looked over at the half cat wizard she could tell that he seemed to be a little sadden by the mere fact that she had chosen Toto over him. And before she knew it he asked, "So Yuki, are you going to go back to the bakery?"

"Yes, I was planning to do that." Yuki replied, as she gave him a weak smile. She then let go of the half cat and walked towards Howl as she added, "But before I leave will you promise me that you'll stay here so that Lune can have someone else to turn to instead of Haru?"

The blue eyed half cat shut his eyes as he let out a sigh and responded with, "Yes, I will stay here Yuki. But can you do one favor for me?"


Howl shot his eyes open only to see Toto, Markl, and Yuki looking down at him. And as he started to sit up he asked, "W-What is this weight that I'm feeling?"

The white haired young woman smiled as she replied, "A heart is a heavy burden."

"Yeah you can say that again." Someone added, from the side of the room.

And when the golden furred half cat looked over to his right he saw Cakifer staring at him as he asked, "Cakifer, so you and I aren't bound together anymore?"

"Nope, and it's all thanks to Yuki." The fire demon stated, as a grin spread across his flaming face.

The half cat wizard smiled as he responded with, "Thank you Yuki, I somehow knew that you would be able to do this one favor for me."

"There's really no need to thank me, Howl." Yuki replied, as she up onto her feet while he did the same.

Once that was done Howl noticed that Markl had opened the portal that led to the hat shop as he said, "Okay here you guys go. And I'll miss you Yuki."

"Don't worry Markl, I promise that I'll come to visit as often as I can. " The young woman reassured him, as she then looked back over at Howl. She then hugged him as she continued with, "So until then this is goodbye, Howl."

The blue eyed half cat returned her hug as he replied, "Goodbye Yuki."

He then broke the hug while giving her a warm smile. He then watched as she walked out of the doorway arm and arm with Toto. And even though he did not want to admit it deep down the wizard knew that he had hoped that Yuki would have wanted to stay with him instead.

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