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"Markus!" Matt called up and waited, knowing that he had probably been sleeping. As he suspected, the brunette was rubbing his eyes as he peered over the gate.

"Enjoying your nap?" Markus made to protest but was interrupted by a yawn, making Matt laugh.

"What'dya want mate? Oi, who's the blond? He another friend you're bringing in?"

"No, he's not coming in, he's with me." As an after thought he decided to add, "the one I was looking for."

"No foolin? That's great! So what are you two doing here?"

"We came to see Catrina. Send her out?" His hand squeezed Mello's, his excitement obvious. He couldn't wait for the woman who'd saved the blond next to him to see him cured.

"Sure thing, she's just got back from market"

"Great, we'll wait." He wondered how Markus knew where she was so easily but brushed it off as he sat on the hood of an abandoned car. Mello only leaned against the side, arms crossed and stance tense.

"Common Mello, don't be nervous. I told you, you saved her life. She isn't going to think less of you because you were an infected." The blond only nodded and continued to glance around wearily.

"Matt!" He looked over and saw the redheaded woman walking toward him with a sling over her shoulder. He immediately noticed that she was significantly thinner and at first he wondered if she was getting enough to eat. When he realized the true cause he blurted it out without thinking.

"You've had your baby!" He also noticed that the sling was really her child cradled against her chest in a cloth wrap. She smiled and walked closer, hugging him while being careful of the baby between them.

"Yes, I'm glad you came. I want him to get to know his namesake." She winked and pulled back the blanket a little so he could peer at the little bundle. "This is little Matt." Fast asleep, he looked healthy and Matt couldn't help but notice that he had red hair the color of his mother's. He was touched that Catrina had named her baby after him and told her so.

Curious, Mello also leaned in close to take a look. Catrian looked up, sorry that she'd ignored him in all the fuss. She leaned to let him take a closer look, not overly worried about an infected being so close since it was Mello. When she looked up though, she gasped and stared. Mello only looked back at her with eyes clear and complexion normal.

Mello stood up strait and held out his hand. "It's nice to finally meet you." He wasn't sure what else to say. She gaped for a minute, making him uncomfortable before she declined the handshake in favor of a hug.

"But how…? What?" She ran her fingers through his hair, looking him up and down. "Matt, how did this happen?" She finally turned to the grinning redhead. Before he could answer she had already turned her attention back to Mello. "Yes, yes, it's so good to meet you as well!" She grasped his hand and beamed up at him. "You must tell me everything, I want to know what's happened. And Mello, I'm so happy I can finally thank you for helping me."

He nodded and let a small smile spread across his face. "I don't remember much of being infected but I do recall a lot of snippets of you. Thank you for taking care of me also."

Matt spoke up now, becoming more serious. "Cartina there's something else. Mello is ok now because there's a cure; a medicine that can combat the virus. We want you to tell the others. No one will trust our word, two loners will just be seen as crazy, but if you verify our story then people might believe enough to try it for themselves. We also don't want anyone to know that Mello was infected in case they go after him. I know it's a large favor to ask but… it's the biggest news since the infection and it needs to be spread."

Matt pulled a few bottles from the drug store and handed them to her, noting how she treated them as though they were fragile. The small pills in her hands could save loved ones, making them the most precious thing on earth. She stared in awe and nodded.

"I understand. It'll be hard though, and no one's going to want to find an infected to test these out on."

"Just tell them I'll do in ok? If they're willing to try it, I'll catch one."

She nodded and tucked them away in her pocket. "Now, I want to hear everything. How did you find these? How do they work? But most of all, Mello are you alright?"

He smiled fully for the first time and laughed. "You're just as Matt described. Yes, I'm fine. Still get cravings for raw meat now and again but that's the only side effect we've seen so far." He let himself be pulled to Matt's side and cuddled as he spoke though he watched for Catrina's reaction. He knew that Matt hadn't told her about them, especially since they weren't together before the virus. If she noticed how intimate they seemed, she didn't comment on it, instead listening raptly to everything Mello had to say. They settled on the ground, baby Matt resting peacefully in her arms as Catrina listened to Mello talk about the cure and give some background on himself and Matt.

"…and as for what I remember, it's only really big things that make an impression enough for me to recall them. I remember more detail around the time I was with you, but I assume it's because that was more recent. I remember getting this scar…" He touched the rough flesh of his cheek and winced. "There was a fire in the building I was in. Seems like an explosion. The best I can come up with is that someone or a group of people was trying to get rid of infected by burning them."

He shrugged like it was no big deal but both Matt and Catrina could tell that the thought of almost dying while still infected scared him. I was traveling on instinct, like a bird's sense of direction when in migrates, to get to Matt. When I saw you, all I could reason out was that your red hair was Matt's and that you two were connected. I wish I could tell you that if your hair wasn't red that I would have helped you anyway, but I really don't know. I had only the most basic logic to work with and it made it so hard to figure out even small things. It was frustrating mostly but finding you was like unlocking something. All I had to do was lead you with me."

"No matter what the reason, I'll always be thankful to you for protecting me and my child. I was alone in the darkness against the worst enemy I could imagine and then you came and kept me safe. I saw your rosary and though you a fallen angel sent by God." She clasped his hands and waited for him to meet her eyes. "I still do."

He was silently crying and wiped away the tears before speaking. "Thank you." His voice was raw with emotion as he leaned against Matt and accepted a comforting hug. It was beginning to get dark as they stood and said their goodbyes.

Catrina was thankful that she wouldn't have to spend the night in the quarantine room since they had stayed where Markus could see them.

"What'd they want?" the brawny brunette asked as soon as he saw her inside.

"To bring a miracle."