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A scream, and an ominous splash...

A Study in supense: chapter 13

221B Baker Street without a landlady? Surely not...

A horrified, stunned silence,

For a heart beat's length, no more,

Then four rush in where most would fear to go.

Dire thoughts of death by drowning

Are not easy to ignore;

Whilst waters rage and tumble far below.


But then, two hands are spotted,

And the rail they're clenched around!

Eight eager hands reach down to render aid,

And, gently, Mrs Hudson

Is placed back on solid ground,

With much relief and thankfulness displayed.


Six friends return to London;

First class carriage on the train;

And breakfast served at Simpson's, Mycroft's treat.

Then three full, weary travelers

Set off by cab again,

Back home where they belong, to Baker Street.



A rocky beach on Anglesey

A figure crawls ashore,

An angry, dripping mass of seething hate.

He staggers to his feet

And curses Sherlock Holmes once more;

He vows revenge;

All other schemes can wait...


The End?