Chapter One

She Needs A Job

Jenny drummed her fingers alongside the wooden desk that overlooked picturesque Pennsylvania. Her eyes seemed distant but full of wonderment and enchantment- as if her thoughts were dreamy yet incredible. A gaze commenced, beginning at Daisy and then inching towards the computer screen that was propped at the far left of the desk. In bold, exploited letters it clearly read, "THERAPY DOGS NEEDED. APPLY TODAY." It was an advertisement- nothing new, after all, Jenny frequently indulged in the delights of online deals. But therapy dog? It wasn't that Daisy, her and John's delightfully charming golden Lab, wasn't capable of the job, however she was just too simply excited and seemed like a huge task. Adding the expense of training and traveling to nursing homes and the like just seemed like a burden. However as soon as Jenny read the description she was stricken with desire and later that night she would plead John.

"Why?" John blurted after an awkward silence as Jenny begged him. "I mean, why?"

"Because, she needs a job! Look at her! She's miserable!" Jenny pointed with a distinct forcefulness toward Daisy who was squirming about on the floor, wriggling, panting and salivating.

John's lips set in a purse. Although he knew he had already lost a series of battles that would continue over the next few days he was adamant on at least attempting a retrieval of Jenny's sanity.

"Come on Jen… You could just throw a ball for her, or train her with that local dog sports club, anything less expensive!"

"Think about it John, she'll just require her Canine Good Citizen test- which will only cost about three hundred dollars- and then an eight week course! Besides… I'm bored with my life, the kids are older now and they don't want anything to do with us!" Jenny's beautiful aqua pupils widened exceptionally and her thin lips pouted. John approached her, his beautiful lenient, short wife and smiled.

"Fine." He said, but without conviction, "Just, fine…"

After Jenny had signed up for the training course required to pass the American Kennel Club's Canine Good Citizen test she eagerly raced outside with Daisy to get a head start on the competition. Without a doubt Daisy was thrilled at the prospect of one-on-one human attention. She could hardly contain herself she had so much adrenaline pumping through her veins!

Jenny held fast a few slivers of steak to empower as treats for the training. She daintily offered Daisy the reinforcement and ordered her to sit. Daisy clambered on top of Jenny, tripping her and stealing the steak without a hint of guilt. John watched, this could be a long few months.