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"In conclusion, eavesdropping is wrong!" Luka stated sternly, though her bright-red cheeks and uncomfortable expression showed how flustered she still was.

She was standing at the head of the dining room table facing Miku, Kaito, Rin, and Len; two of which were slouching in their seats looking ashamed, and two of which were bent over the table, having a hard time not cracking up. Gakupo was leaning up against the wall behind her, unsupportively chuckling quietly from time to time at her embarrassment.

"S-sumimasen, onee-chan…" Miku said guiltily. "We just saw you go up after him and, well, we were curious…"

"It won't happen again! Please forgive us!" apologized Kaito.

"Say, since you two are together now, are you gonna be all lovey-dovey or what?" asked Rin.

"We- we're not toge-! Okay, maybe a little… but not-! Wh-why are you asking that?" Luka stuttered.

"I'm hungry…" Len added.

"Yes! Dinner! I will go make it!" Luka declared, dashing out of the room.

After a moment, Gakupo chuckled again, stepped forward, and leaned over the table where Luka had been standing. "You guys really shouldn't push her too much… she's been so thoroughly confused today, I think a bit more would send her over the edge entirely."

"And that amuses you?" Len commented.

"You're actually really happy, aren't you, onii-chan?" Miku asked, smiling.

"Yeahuh!" Gakupo chirped, breaking into a wide grin.

Kaito high-fived him, and a round of congratulations and laughter followed. Eventually, Luka peeked her head into the room.

"Oi, I hope you all aren't laughing at my expense," she said, glaring.

"Nope, not at all! I'm just disciplining these here children," replied Gakupo, attempting to make a straight face. "And Kaito," he added after a second.

Another round of laughter broke out after that, and Luka stuck her tongue out at them then retreated back into the kitchen. Trying to ignore the noise from the dining room, she went back to cooking dinner. It wasn't until she was taking the pan off the stove that she realized… she actually had made eggplant.

"Oops…" she muttered.


Len looked at the clock and sighed. 11:30. Valentine's day was almost over, and except for Miku's he hadn't received a single box of chocolates. Dreading whatever Rin would make him do, he regretted making the bet in the first place. Rin may be his best friend and they were so close it was like they were twins, but he was well aware of the capabilities of her devious mind. Their micheviousness was something they had in common, though Len was quite often Rin's victim.

He heard Rin enter the room. Without turning around, he said woefully, "You might as well tell me what to do now. Looks like my cause is pretty hopeless, anyways."

"A-actually… I have to ask you something…" she said, her usual annoyingly confident tone replaced by a timid one. It was so strange coming from her, Len immediately glanced behind him. His eyes met a strange sight indeed; Rin, red-faced, was holding a little box and looking… nervous.

Before he had time to ask her what was up, she reflexively chucked the box at his face, shouting "ACCEPT THESE!"

The box nailed Len in the forehead, and he fell back on his bed. It took him a moment to process what was in the little box now laying, dented, on his chest. He picked it up and looked at the shiny gold cover, with one word written on it: Len. Inside were four small, round chocolates. "What's this?" he asked, his thought process slow due to the recent brain damage.

"Homemade chocolates… a confession of l-love…" Rin stuttered, hiding her face beneath blonde bangs.

Len glanced from the chocolates, to the girl standing across the room, and back, slowly connecting the dots. Suddenly, he gasped. "YOU? G-gave me Valentine's chocolates…?"

"Nice job, baka. Did you just figure that out?" She rolled her eyes, still blushing.

"So that means that you… me… l-l-love…?" he continued, pointing from his chest to her's back and forth with a shaky finger.

She couldn't help but giggle at him. "You're rather slow tonight, Lenny-kun."

"Wait… does this mean I won the bet?" he realized. She nodded, raising an eyebrow. "Then… why'd you make the bet in the first place?" he asked, confused.

She giggled angelically. "It was oh-so-fun to watch you be miserable all day." Len almost fell over again. She really is evil… he thought. But… she loves me… and I…

While Len thought over this new revelation, Rin glanced at the clock. "It's 11:52, Len… you might want to tell me the favor before the bet becomes obsolete."

"Hey!" he objected. "That wasn't one of the rules!"

"Eleven-fifty-three," she said, ignoring him.

"Fine! Um…" he scrambled to think of something to make her do. He looked up at her questioning eyes, her lips arranged in a small pout, the lingering blush on her cheeks. There seemed to be only one thing he could think of at the moment.

"How about a k-kiss?" he stuttered hesitantly. She smiled evilly, clearly expecting this. She walked over to him on the bed and, just before the clock turned twelve, planted a kiss on his cheek.

Len's face turned bright red, and any words lingering in his mind disappeared, leaving him completely speechless. She smiled at him, the blush creeping back onto her cheeks. "That was for the bet," she started, "but this-" she leaned forward so that her nose touched his, "I was going to do anyways." She gently touched her lips to his.

The flood of warmth through Len's body washed away all his inhibitions. His hands reached behind Rin and pulled her closer, until the two of them fell back on the bed. The strange new feeling flowed between them, accelerating their heartbeats until they finally pulled away.

Len stared at the blushing face above him, and brushed her bangs out of her face gently with his fingers. She smiled down at him.

"Ah," she said, suddenly remembering something. "I have a confession to make."

"Another one?" Len said, chuckling.

She rolled her eyes. "No, actually… the reason you never get Valentine's day chocolates…" she stopped, looking embarrassed.

"What? You mean girls were actually going to give me chocolates? Tell me!" he demanded, sitting up anxiously.

Rin laughed. "Actually, half the girls in school wanted to give you chocolates. But I made sure they knew their place."

Len gasped. Rin was scaring away all the girls! That's why I never got confessed to or anything! he realized. However, the knowledge didn't make him angry; quite the contrary. He found her protective jealousy incredibly lovable.

"You're evil!" he exclaimed, laughing. She giggled, and it was so adorable that Len couldn't help but lean forward to kiss her again.

"Yet that makes me love you all the more," he whispered as he pulled away. Rin pushed him backwards, sealing their lips in another long, sweet kiss.

It had been the best Valentine's Day of their lives.

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