Family Business

E/O Drabble Challenge. Challenge Word: Gear.

Set: A few month after Sam's return from the pit.

Summary: He'd thought he would get used to his new life, his new family, his new... self. But there were moments when something from deep inside tried to get to the surface...

Once again huge thanks for this awesome playground. And for a whole bunch of beautiful playmates. Not the least of them my lovely Musketeer sisters Shannz and BarbaraGER :-x

He sneaked through the forest, all his senses focused on the hunt.

The only thing that kept him going nowadays.

A tiny motion drew his attention.

Honey, dotted with soft earth-colored spots. Huge eyes, pleading.

Like half forgotten ones, stormy-green, outshining the freckles, tearing at his soul.

Somewhere the Wendigo hollered, the fawn leaping away in panic.

A shot. Voices.

He reached them when Chris cut the animal's throat.

"What the fuck you think you're doing?" His boiling rage a bitter-sweet surprise.

"Hey, gear down buddy. It's not like I killed Bambi, is it?

And it wasn't. It was worse.