Later, the phone rang as I picked up.

"Hello," I said.

"Hi, Kristy," said Mary Anne.

"Oh, hi, Mary Anne, what's up?" I asked.

"Nothing much, I want to bring that gift from Vanessa. Wait until you see at the next meeting," said Mary Anne.

"Okay. You opened it already?" I asked.

"Yes," replied Mary Anne. "I opened it right after I got home."

"Wow. That was quick," I said.

"I already called Vanessa to thank her," said Mary Anne.

"That's good," I said.

"I know," agreed Mary Anne. "I already showed it to Dad."

Later, at Claudia's, the meeting was about to start when I noticed someone was missing.

"Where's Mary Anne?" I asked.

"Relax. It's only five-twenty-eight," replied Claudia. "She has time to spare."

That was when Mary Anne came and said, "Hi, girls."

"Hi," we said.

Mary Anne looked at the clock and said, "Oh, good. I made it."

"Was everything alright?" I asked.

"That breathing problem was driving me nuts before I left my house. Thank god it lasted ten minutes! I thought it would never last," said Mary Anne. "I hate having trouble to breathe. Maybe if I didn't get pneumonia, I wouldn't have breathing problems."

"I'm sure it wouldn't stop from what you like to do," I said.

"And, get used to it," added Stacey.

"True," agreed Mary Anne. "I just hope it won't make me late to meetings though."

"Did you bring that gift from Vanessa to show it everyone else?" asked Mallory.

"I did," replied Mary Anne as she takes it out.

"Wow! It's a book on poems," I said.

"You'll never guess who Vanessa dedicated this to. You gotta read and find out," said Mary Anne.

"Okay," I said.

Something's telling me the poems are about Kayla. Sure enough, I was right when everyone knew who that was about.

"That was very nice when Vanessa did the poems about Kayla," I said.

"I know. I was very surprised. I cried in happy tears," said Mary Anne.

"What a surprise," said Stacey as we laughed since Mary Anne cries very easily about anything.

"I'll keep that forever and ever," said Mary Anne. "Even if something happens to Kayla."

"I bet you'll show that to her and Kaylee, too," I said.

"I plan on that after the meeting," said Mary Anne with a grin. "I can't wait to show it to her."

After the meeting, Mary Anne and I walked out together and went to Kaylee's. She was on the porch.

"Hi," said Kaylee.

"Hi, Kaylee," we said.

"Look what Vanessa made me," said Mary Anne as she showed her neighbor the book of poems.

After that, Mary Anne said, "She dedicated these poems to Kayla."

"Seriously?" asked Kaylee as Mary Anne nodded. "Nice."

"I couldn't wait to show you," said Mary Anne.

"That was nice of Vanessa for what she did," said Kaylee. "I'll show this to Kayla. She'll be thrilled about this."

"I agree," said Mary Anne. "I was so happy that I burst into tears with joy. I already showed it to the others including Dad. They all liked it. I already thanked Vanessa."

That was when Kayla came right out.

"Look what Vanessa made Mary Anne," said Kaylee.

Kayla noticed it was about her.

"Wow, this is amazing," said Kayla who was happy about it.

"I bet she'd be terrific at being a poet in the future," said Kaylee.

"Me, too- even though she always speaks in rhymes," said Mary Anne.

We laughed at that. After we visited the Willis girls, we went to Mary Anne since Charlie is getting me any minute to bring me home for dinner.

"Would you mind me bringing that book to show it to my family?" I asked.

"Okay. As long as you bring it back," teased Mary Anne.

"Don't worry I will," I promised.

"That's a good girl," joked Mary Anne as we giggled.

That was when Charlie arrived.

"There is he," I said. "See you later."

Later, I did showed the book of poems to everyone in my family. They all enjoyed it.

"That was very sweet of Vanessa," said Mom.

"I know," I agreed. "Mary Anne really liked it, too. Both Kayla and Kaylee were excited to see that."

"I bet," said Mom.

"Mary Anne will keep it no matter what happens to Kayla," I said.

The next day, I left home bringing the poems with me to make sure I gave it back to Mary Anne like I promised. We planned to be at her house again to watch a movie anyway, so that was a perfect time to give the book back to her.

At Mary Anne's, I gave the book of poems back to her.

"Thanks," said Mary Anne.

"Everyone in my family commented on the poems," I said.

"I bet," said Mary Anne.

We watched A Christmas Carol like we planned to do so. We also made popcorn before we put the movie in. I stayed for dinner. Mr. Spier ordered Chinese and brought it home on the way home from work. We had a fun time and Mary Anne was glad about the gift. She wants to show it to her grandmother one day.

I'm glad we all had a great Christmas adventure.

The End