Mistakes Made in the Dark

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Chapter 1

Professor Severus Snape was walking along the dark corridors. It was his turn to patrol after curfew, looking for rule breakers that were trying to take a few moments to snog in quiet hidden niches.

He was already livid. He'd stumbled upon a prank that someone had set up, and the only way to get free of it, was use his wand to slice off most of his long, dark hair. Hair that had been trapped and he hadn't been able to get free from the odd web-like substance he'd backed into by mistake.

Now the length barely brushed the top of his collar and he was pissed. He could fix it, but he'd need to get to his dungeons and into his potion stores to be able to do it. He would find out who put the stupid prank in motion and they'd regret it by the time he was done with them.

Eyes well adjusted to the darkness, darkness with bits of moonlight filtering in, and with how long he'd been silently perusing the hallways, he was able to see every alcove and cubbyhole perfectly. Everyone he found suffered his wrath that was even worse due to his anger. So far he'd run into three couples necking, two shagging, and one...he wasn't sure what they'd been doing. It wasn't exactly sex...but hadn't been innocent or merely friendly either.

Who tried to put that specific appendage in a person's ear? Or tried to give a hand job, as it were, with the crease of their elbow? It was weird and since he'd stood there both shocked and...confused, he'd merely stripped points and barked at them to go back to their dorms. Not even asking what they'd been doing, mostly because he feared the headache their answer would inspire.

He'd come across several prefects patrolling as well. They'd sidestepped him and hurried along, as if they were the ones caught out past curfew. This amused him thoroughly, mainly because they were actually supposed to be out roaming the dark halls, yet still feared him breathing his wrath down on them?

But as he patrolled, he ran across one very guilty looking Ronald Weasley, who as he neared a broom cupboard, looked all around as his hand slowly reached for the knob.

Snape quietly slithered up behind him, his silky baritone voice low and startling in the silence. "What, may I ask, are you doing, Mr. Weasley?"

Ron jumped almost a foot in the air, turning to look at his most feared professor and swallowing nervously, "Nothing, sir."

Snape's brow rose in disbelief, "Nothing? Then, perhaps you should move yourself along." The professor's eyes glaring down at the redhead, even in the dark. "In fact, patrols are nearly over, I suggest you return to your dormitory," his voice harsh now, since he was still angry about his hair being suddenly short.

The redhead nodded his fear in his eyes. "Y-yes, sir," he stuttered, his gaze shifting to the closed door, moments before he ran off. Afraid of what Snape would do otherwise.

Snape's eyes narrowed. The redhead had been up to something, but what was it? Whatever it was, it pertained to this closet. Since he was related to the most annoying twins in wizarding history, he had a feeling that it was a silly prank that was his purpose for the night. Had Weasley been the one to set up the mess that caused my hair to be whacked off like I'd been forced to do?

Severus didn't know, but he did know that it was something the redheaded owner's of Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes was behind, no doubt. But what was inside the closet that made the young Weasley so nervous? A stash of fireworks? A box of dung bombs ready to be set off in the corridors and classes? A horde of Skiving Snackboxes full of fainting fancies, fever fudge, nosebleed nougats, and puking pastilles? All ready to make the entire population of students ill for days. Whatever it was, Snape had full intentions of confiscating it.

He opened the door and stepped inside, not the least bit worried about the pitch black darkness inside. The door automatically closed behind him, and as he reached to pull out his wand and call out 'Lumos', he found himself magically pushed into a chair and silently bound to it.

When he went to roar in anger at whoever had done this to him, he found his shouts came out silently. Meaning someone had put a silencing spell on him. Bugger. His mind and lips grumbled out, though neither was heard.

"Took you long enough," A soft and familiar voice said. One that had him thinking of the annoying hand constantly shooting into the air during his classes, the owner always ready to regurgitate annoyingly long answers to every question he asked.

"We agreed you'd be here twenty minutes ago, Ron. I think that means you should be punished a bit, yeah?" Hermione, Hogwarts' Head Girl, asked to the silent figure, who's eyes were wide in astonishment at the implications of her words.

Severus tried to struggle, but he was bound too well to get even the tiniest bit free. Damn witch is too smart for her own good. I'm going to strangle her when I get free, he thought.

He heard her tsking softly in the darkness, darkness that was complete and held no moonlight inside the enclosed space. "Now, now, we agreed. No more waiting. I had a feeling you'd try to change your mind and that is why I was ready with the chair and spell to tie you up. You're better off just submitting to me since you're not going to get free anyway," She purred at him.

He suddenly found her straddling his lap, her lace covered breasts rubbing against his chest, a chest he suddenly realized that was naked, along with the rest of him. What the hell? How the hell did she do that without me even being aware of it? He wondered, as he realized with all her bare skin touching his, that she was only wearing her knickers and bra.

He tried to growl out, to let her know that she didn't have the person she thought she did, but it did no good. He couldn't utter a sound with her spell. Surely she'll realize I'm not that dunderhead, he thought. I'm nothing like him, not even in the dark can she really confuse me with that moron. We're not even the same build, for Merlin's sake.

"Now, what should we start with?" She asked, trailing her mouth up his neck, nipping it softly here and there. "You're sitting...so a spanking is out of the question."

Her statement making Severus' eyes widen a bit more. This is coming from Miss Granger? She's not...kinky. Is she?

She kissed his soft skin, just under his ear, before sinking her teeth into the tender flesh. Not enough to cause serious pain, but enough that it had him groaning harshly as a shiver danced up his spine. He had a biting fetish, loved biting and being bitten in return. Apparently, she did as well. Something he'd have never guessed about her.

Her mouth sucked hard on the flesh, his body reacting instantly and without his approval, as she scraped her teeth along the captured skin before she released it. "Hmm...you taste very good, I wonder how the rest of you tastes." She said softly, before nipping his ear as well.

She laughed softly, the sound husky and seductive, a sound he'd never heard come from her before. "I think...yes...that would be a nice punishment for you being late. We've always been taught to always be on time to things we're supposed to do, so what do you think? Having my mouth and tongue skating up and down your body while you can't do a single thing to touch me in return, would you feel sufficiently punished by that?"

I think I'm in trouble. He thought, swallowing down a lump in his throat that formed at the image her words made appear in his mind.

He'd never looked at the woman that had complete control of the situation he found himself in. Never thought of her in a sexual way before, even as he'd noticed how pretty she'd become, but as she shifted her body against his, he found himself reacting to it. Just as much as her actions and words were arousing him, her body was too.

Her lips brushed his, not giving him anything but a hint of what would come later, but they were gone before he could jerk his head away from hers. His silent growl went unheard by both of them as she ground softly against him, before leaning in to trail her mouth against his neck again.

Normally, he didn't let anyone touch his neck. After the attack by Nagini that almost killed him, he didn't let anyone near that part of him, due to the bad memories and scars that were there.

But as her tongue licked up the sensitive skin, now more sensitive due to what he'd survived, he found his eyes closing at the sensualness of the action. Her teeth scraping along as she went and making his breathing increase slightly.

"I think you liked that," she murmured, her voice still soft and seductive. "Shall I do it again?" Only this time, she didn't wait for his response, even a silent one, before she was scraping her teeth against his neck again, ending on another bite that had him shivering lightly.

Shifting in his lap, she trailed kisses and tiny nips across hit throat, brushing the scars he had from his attack, but somehow didn't really notice the slight creases on his skin from them. Moving down, her breasts rubbed his chest as her bottom scooted to the edge of his knees so she had room to maneuver, she licked his chest, finding his nipple along the way.

Her tongue swirled around it before she left a soft bite there as well. Moving on to do the same to the other one as his breathing became more rapid with his arousal. Even though this was his student, even though he'd never thought of her in this way, she was doing one hell of a job bringing his desire to a head, even as he tried to fight his reactions to her.

She slid from his lap, onto her knees, pressing his legs apart to make room for her between them. He could have closed them around her, squeezed her ribs painfully to make her use her wand to light the room and see exactly who was actually bound to the chair.

But as her lips brushed his abdomen, he was too busy thinking about where her mouth was headed. She was headed to a place that hadn't had a woman's attention like that in a long time; at least not with as much enthusiasm as she seemed to be showing at that moment.

He gasped at the first touch as she wrapped her hand around his length, his fully aroused member twitching in response to the touch. He knew what was coming and knew it would do him no good to fight it. Not that he really wanted to any more either.

When her hands started to move to him, he groaned out in pleasure silently with the spell still on him. Now that he wasn't fighting himself, he fully enjoyed every stroke of her hand on him. He found himself anticipating her next move when her hands stopped only a few minutes into it.

He inhaled sharply when he felt her wet tongue on his shaft suddenly. He felt her lick up his entire length, from the base of him, all the way up to the tip. Her tongue was just as velvety soft and moist as it had been before on his neck and when her lips closed around him, he gasped as his hands clenched into fists at being bound. Her skill at pleasuring him this way was nothing short of amazing, and surprising.

He felt her moan and his eyes nearly crossed at how good the vibrations felt on his shaft, adding more delight at what she was already doing. She'd been able to hear the changes in his breathing, could hear every rasp of air that escaped him, and every breath that he sucked in sharply. That was all she could hear with her spell, since she hadn't wanted Ron to be able to protest them finally sleeping together.

He wasn't her first lover, by any means. But he was about to become her next one. They'd gotten together half way through the first term of the year. Ron had dumped his long time girlfriend Lavender Brown, and told her how much he'd been wrong in dating the annoying, young girl to begin with. He claimed that Hermione was who he wanted after all.

They'd been dating long enough and she was ready to take it to that next level. She'd found him protesting it though, saying they should wait, and she'd been stunned to hear it from him. She hadn't given him much room to argue tonight. Before she'd made her way here, she demanded he join her in the closet so they could finally have sex for the first time. Although the closet wasn't the best of choices for a first shag, it was just the only place she could think of that wouldn't get them caught.

Now, as she moved her mouth on him, she knew just how much he was enjoying himself. She'd discovered just how much she enjoyed going down on men over the summer. The response from her administrations always sent thrills racing through her as she bobbed her head, making her wetter and filling her with more desire than she'd anticipated feeling over it. The sounds echoing from them at their pleasure just made her want to crawl into their lap and ride the hell out of them.

She couldn't hear his groans and moans of pleasure, but she knew he was doing just that. She could hear the way his breath escaped him, and she could feel his body growing more and more tense, she knew he was close to his release.

Severus wasn't sure how much more he could take before he exploded inside her sweet mouth, and he knew that she was aware of how close he was too. Hermione debated for a moment, before letting him slide from between her lips. Her own body throbbing with need, from all the delicious sound his harsh breath was making in the otherwise silent room.

Her letting him go had him groaning with his need to find the release she'd denied him. Her lips curved at the obvious rush of air that indicated his disappointment, before she moved to straddle him again.

Panting slightly, his body grew more tense with his desire, but her lips found his again and he couldn't deny her the kiss she wanted. His tongue warring with hers, even as his hands itched to be free to touch her.

Hermione was slightly surprised by the passionate and skilled kiss; Ron had never kissed her like this before. However, she'd never done what she'd just did before either. She knew he wanted more than she'd given, but she wasn't ready for this to be over with yet.

She kissed him back, just as fiercely as he kissed her, her arms around his neck, her fingers in his short and uneven hair. He needs a haircut, she thought mildly before losing herself in him.

He tore his mouth from hers, moving down her neck and biting her just as she'd done him, making her moan out as she ground herself against him, her hands reaching back and unclasping her bra and pulling it from her skin.

She shifted, letting his mouth trial down her chest and latch onto her nipple. He sucked on it, teasing it with his tongue before he bit down softly. Her fingers dug into his chest as her back arched in delight, even as he moved on the other one, giving it the same treatment and making her moan out again.

But he let it go, his senses starting to return as he again realized that this was his student he was feasting on. His delicious student who, while of consenting age with her being so much older than a normal seventh year due to the war and her time turner, he still had to keep that professional boundary with.

Only, Hermione didn't seem to think anything of him releasing her breast as quickly as he did. She only moved off of his lap to get rid of her knickers. When they were gone, she straddled his lap again to kiss him, but he turned his head away from her.

Hermione smiled, thinking he was done with foreplay. "You don't want to kiss me? Fine, what do you want instead?" She lifted herself slightly, the action making Severus fully aware of what was coming, especially with her hovering over his erection and letting the tip graze her opening, he dreaded it, even as his body begged for it.

"Did you want this?" She asked, as she slowly lowered herself and sank down on him.

The feeling of her tight and wet heat surrounding him, had him hissing in pure rapture as she moaned out her own pleasure. "So full...so good," she moaned out as she settled fully on top of him. "I didn't realize just how big you really were," she said as she gave herself a moment to let her body adjust to his length and girth.

Severus had his eyes closed again as her walls clutched at him repeatedly as she stretched to fully accommodate him. God, she feels so good, he thought. So hot, so tight, so bloody brilliant.

When she leaned in to kiss him again, he didn't fight her. He kissed her with every drop of desire she'd brought to the surface in him, his tongue dueling with hers. Still kissing him, she started to raise herself up, earning a fresh groan from him that she didn't hear, before she lowered herself just as slowly.

Her hips rocked to the easy rhythm as she broke the kiss and moaned. Her body heating at the snail-like pace, but it didn't keep her satisfied for long. With her speed growing, she used his shoulders, which she never would have guessed were as wide or muscular before, for guidance as she rode him.

Severus was panting out with how wonderful she felt wrapped around him. This little chit, this woman, who he never imagined ever in this position with him, was riding him so bloody fantastically, that he didn't know if he'd ever be the same afterward.

"God…," she moaned out, rocking even harder and faster now. "...why didn't we do this before?" She asked him, her body starting to tighten with how good he felt under her.

Because…we couldn't. We still can't, but...good lord, I don't want you to stop, he thought as felt her starting to pulse around him, the feeling making him grunt in bliss. Fuck witch, I want to be free so I can pin you to that wall behind us and shag the living hell out of you.

Her nails scraped along his back and shoulders as she cried out her release. Her hips slowed and she kissed him, still moving but not as frantically. Breaking the kiss, she called to her wand.

"I want to feel you touching me." She panted out. "I want your hands on me."

Yes. Yes, witch. Set me free, let me show you what I can give you. His mind called out as his hand flexed again in his bindings.

She didn't say a word, but with a flick of her wand, he wasn't bound any longer. Instantly, his hands were on her, racing over her back as he kissed her again. He held her to him as he stood and moved to wall he'd just been thinking about, and braced her against it.

He reared back and slammed his shaft deep inside her. She broke the kiss to gasp at the hard thrust, and he reared back and slammed into her again. She cried out in ecstasy at what he did again.

He drove himself into her over and over again, his thrusts fast and powerful, her moans getting louder and louder with each one. She was panting, her arms wrapped around him as tightly as her legs were.

Severus pounded into her with all the lust he felt inside him. Not letting up the tiniest bit, not that she asked him to either. All she did was beg for more, and that is exactly what he gave her.

Feeling her walls start to tighten again, he latched onto her neck, sucking hard on the patch of skin under her ear, and when his teeth sunk in, the combination of his deep plunges and his bite had her screaming out as she went flying over the edge. She knew she'd have a mark where he bit her and didn't care in the least.

Her walls clamped down on him with her climax, the vibrating muscles sucking him deeper inside her, and had him hammering into with every ounce of strength he had. He felt her go flying again only moments later, as she screamed out a second time, and had he not been silenced, she would have heard his roar of completion as he jerked a final time and spilled himself deep inside her.

Both were gasping for air, both holding the other tightly against them as they sagged into the wall behind them. His head resting on her shoulder, he took a moment to simply enjoy the bliss floating inside him at the spectacular orgasm he'd just had with her.

She lifted his head, and kissed him gently. Something he allowed since with everything else that had happened up until this point, what did a kiss matter now? Besides, he wanted to kiss her, to show his gratitude for the wonderful pleasure she'd given him.

Breaking the kiss, he slowly lowered her to the ground. He slipped her wand from her hand, and used it to bring his clothes back and magically dress him. His wand had been in the hidden pocket of his robes, so he hadn't had it before.

Slipping her wand back into her hand, he pulled his own and removed the silencing spell from himself. He debated a moment, before leaning down and kissing her a final time before heading towards the door. His mood very much improved now, considering the exceptional sex he'd just had. He found he no longer he cared about the prank he'd stumbled upon earlier, though he still intended to fix the damage to his hair when he got back to the dungeons.

Opening it, he turned to look back at her. At the first sounds of his voice, she jerked her gaze to him and let out a startled gasp as she looked at him in the open doorway. The pale light from the outside hitting him and showing who was truly standing there, who had pinned her to the wall and had her screaming in sinful pleasure only moments ago.

"I'd suggest that next time, you check to see whom exactly you have trapped inside here with you, Miss Granger." He said, fully aware that she did indeed know who she'd just had sex with.

Eyes wide, she opened and closed her mouth like a fish several times. The moonlight from outside spilled inside from the open doorway, and illuminated her as she stood there, allowing him to see her, and the look on her face which had him smirking lightly.

"Ten points from Gryffindor for violating a professor." His smirk growing slightly as her jaw dropped completely. "The only reason it's not more...is because I rather enjoyed your violation," his eyes raking over her bare body. Too bad, he thought to himself. It's a shame I won't be able to shag that lovely, tight body again. Bugger me, she is a good shag too. "Good evening, Miss Granger. I'll see you in my class tomorrow."

With that, he left, letting the door close behind him and leaving her staring wide eyed as her brained screamed at her. Oh god...what have I done? I just...shagged the dungeon bat. Fuck!

A/N: If anyone is a family guy fan like I am, you know where the thing with putting the odd appendages in the ear came from. For those that don't know what I'm talking about, there was an episode where the kids at the school took a vow of chastity and started trying to have sex in the ear so they could keep their...virginity. I laughed my tail off when I saw it and that is where that idea came from.

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