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Chapter 9

A few evenings later, Hermione was stretched out on the sofa of her common room. Draco was finishing up his patrol and she was reading, having gotten done early. She'd lucked out in the rotation and ended up with the short route. Which was how Draco had gotten done early when he came to find her the other night.

She was pondering the Snape situation again. She had all but decided to go for it. It probably wouldn't go anywhere, but really, who cared? She'd enjoyed herself when she'd shagged him in the closet, so he obviously knew what he was doing in that regard.

Who knew, maybe they'd extend it from one night into more. Though she doubted it would really get that serious. He didn't seem the type. Other than what she knew of his past from Harry, he'd only had one person he'd ever really cared about and that hadn't even been reciprocated.

Harry's mum may have held Snape's affection for many years, but she'd never loved him back. That hadn't stopped him from loving her and he probably still did. With that in mind, Hermione doubted he'd ever really care for anyone else. Sad as that was.

If he ever did get over his love for the woman, he was bound to be bitter about it and probably not be able to care for anyone else ever again as much as he did Lily. Which again, was just sad. Everyone deserved to love and be loved in return, even Snape.

Hermione shifted slightly on the sofa. She knew that if she did this with Snape that it would only be sex and she was fine with that. She had needs and so did he. It would be mutually satisfying in that regard, and Hermione had already said she was done looking for that emotional connection right now. She doubted he was looking for it either.

She again would be in a relationship that could be labeled 'shag-buddies', as Draco called it, but that was fine with her. She was still young enough that she really didn't need more than that. She could spend a night or even a month shagging Snape and it wouldn't interrupt her life too badly.

She just had to insure that she kept her emotions in check where he was concerned. Not that she really thought that would be a problem, but already she'd seen that he was more than he showed everyone.

She'd never have guessed he had a sense of humor, but she'd seen that he did. It was more sarcastic than anything, but he did have one. He was sweet too, and that alone had been shocking.

He hadn't had to show her what Ron was doing, but he did. He didn't have to patrol with her, but he did on occasion, talking to her in a way she never thought he would with anyone. He even gave small smiles every now and then, surprising as that was. She'd already known he was smart, but she had learned that there was passion in him, something she'd never have guessed. Not just about sex either, which was even more surprising.

She wondered how many other layers and sides to him there were that she just hadn't seen yet. If it went beyond a single night, maybe she'd see them. Part of her hoped that she would. It would be nice to see something other than the surely and sarcastic Potion's Master.

On the other hand, if I do see those other sides of him, can I keep from letting my emotions get in the way of just a few shags? She wondered briefly.

She didn't know, and as usual when her thoughts were chaotic, she summoned her journal and started to write them out. It helped to put a kind of order to them so that she could look at them and sift through them easily.

Quill in hand, she scribbled down all her thoughts. Leaving his name out of it, just in case, like she all her other entries, but she still put her thoughts and concerns down.

She wrote it all down; her words while written in English didn't look like it, had anyone looked over her shoulder. Her journal had several different charms and protection wards on it with how long she'd been keeping it.

The first was not to let the person be able to even open it. The second turned her words to complete gibberish that couldn't be read at all, not matter how hard you tried. Many random letters and numbers in place of the actual words.

The expensive ink she used also been created not to allow a single translation spell on it. The first time you tried, a warning appeared that said that if tried it again, the ink would disappear completely. At least it would until she wrote the proper phrase in the book to bring it all back.

Each bottle had a different phrase so it was too difficult to try to guess it either. She only used that ink for her journal, so she'd yet to run out yet. It also had several refill charms on it so she didn't have to get a new bottle or new phrase to fix the disappearances. At least not any time soon. Which explained why it was so expensive to begin with.

The third set of protection wards had a binary code in it, looking like nothing but ones and zeros that could be translated, assuming a person knew binary, but would take forever to do so. One mistake in your translation and you'd never figure it out either.

The final layer would put it in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs that again could be deciphered if a person knew how to read it, none of the people she knew did, so it was perfect. After that one was broken, it read like normal English.

She was the only person that could instantly read what she wrote. Which was good in her opinion. She had put so many wards in place due to sharing a dorm with so many nosy girls in prior years, plus if she lost it in the halls, she didn't want just anyone capable of reading it.

When she was done writing, she closed the book and stretched out on the couch to think. Her journal was resting beside her as her mind swirled around the same man that she'd just gotten done writing about.

It didn't take long before her eyes started growing heavy and she fell asleep as she was. Her dreams still about the same man she'd been thinking about. Nor did it take long before her dreams went from normal to erotic.

Draco finally finished up his route, tonight being long and tedious. Easter was coming up on them soon and he'd initially planned on staying at Hogwarts to study for his N.E.W.T.S, but that didn't mean he didn't want to go home.

He hadn't seen his family since Christmas and after all they'd lived through over the years, they'd grown much closer since the Dark Lords demise. Where his father used to be cruel and uncaring, he took an interest in his son and showed more affection than he used to. His mother while cold to most was now much warmer than she used to be towards those in her family too.

Never having had affection from either of his parents, Draco found himself wanting to be around them more now. After having almost lost them both in the war, he appreciated having them in his life.

With that in mind, he'd gone to McGonagall to see if his leaving would be alright with him being a Head, and owled his parents. To let them know that he was pondering coming home for the holiday break and wanted their thoughts on it. With most of the seventh years already being of age due to the extra year with the war could practice what they needed to for their tests at home, same as at school.

Now he was waiting for a response from them. He didn't know if they already had plans or if they minded him coming home, though he doubted they really did. But being raised as he was, even with all the dark thoughts and ways his father had pushed on him early on, he was still courteous enough to ask before assuming anything.

He still hadn't broken the news to his parents that he'd befriended Granger this year. He wasn't sure how that would be taken. His father didn't spout all the pure-blood supremacy rubbish anymore, something Draco no longer believed in, but that didn't mean he'd be alright with Draco being friends with the muggle-born witch. Especially since it was mainly through her that all the elder Malfoy's beliefs had been proven wrong.

His mother probably wouldn't care. In some ways, she was grateful to the trio that brought their old master down. She chose to still show her cold nature, but it wasn't nearly as icy as it used to be towards them.

Draco wondered if the three even noticed the difference when they'd bumped into her in Diagon Alley when they'd gotten their supplies for school. Draco sure had, had even been a bit surprised at hearing the somewhat friendlier tone, but he still didn't know if trio did.

Maybe he'd tell his parents if he went home for the holiday. Still pondering this, Draco made his way back to his dormitory. Saying his password, he went inside and halfway into the common room, he froze.

Hermione was lying on the sofa, wearing a pair of pajama bottoms and a thick tank-top, sound asleep, and moaning in her sleep. Her hair was loose and fanned out beneath her head as her back arched a tiny bit as a fresh soft moan escaped.

Eyebrow arched, Draco felt his lips curving as he realized what was causing her to look and sound like she was. She was having a sex dream. Though he hadn't a clue as who it was about. She hadn't seemed like she was interested in anyone after dumping Weasley.

A soft hiss escaped the sleeping woman and Draco wondered if the was the start of someone's name or just a sound of pleasure slipping from her lips. But all he heard from her was a hiss as she shifted in her sleep, so he wasn't sure.

Grinning like an idiot at what finding her like this could mean for him, more torturous jokes at her expense to taunt her with, he moved closer to her. Her moving sent a book in her lap falling to the floor with a soft thump and it drew his attention.

Realizing what it was, his grin grew. It was her journal. He'd seen her writing in it many times and she never left it anywhere for him to find before. He moved closer, bent down and picked it up. His fingers curled around the leather bound book as he purposely, and loudly, cleared his throat.

Hermione woke, startled at the sound and the loss of the dream where her dark haired lover rode her hard and fast, her orgasm almost on her with his fast and deep thrusts. The moment her eyes opened, she sat up, and the sinful pleasure she'd been feeling faded fast inside her, though she still felt the ache of wanting what her mind had created as she slept.

Eyes shifting to Draco to find him still grinning at her, realization that not only had she been having a wet dream, but that he'd walked in on it and was fully aware of what she'd been doing, had her cheeks heating in a dark blush.

"What are you grinning about, Draco?" She asked, pushing her wild hair out of her face.

Draco chuckled. "I find it amusing that our straight laced Head Girl was just moaning in her sleep. Tell me, who were dreaming about Hermione?"

Hermione grimaced, before trying to lie her way out of it, though she figured it wouldn't do her any good. "I wasn't dreaming about anyone. It was nothing, Draco." Sitting up a bit more and shifting to sit normally on the sofa with her feet planted on the floor.

Draco smirked at her, her journal carefully hidden behind his back. "I told you that you were not allowed to have naughty dreams about me, didn't I?"

She rolled her eyes. "I wasn't. Trust me, if I had any dreams about you, they'd be considered nightmares."

Draco chuckled again. "So you say. Now, who were you dreaming about? I wasn't aware you had been panting after anyone other than Weasley this year."

Hermione huffed and crossed her arms. "I'm not panting after anyone." Except Snape, her brain decided to remind her. "Besides, even if I were, it's none of your business. I certainly don't ask you, who you're shagging or wanting to shag these days, now do I?"

Draco smirked at her more. "If you're not panting after anyone, who were you having your wet dream about?"

Hermione grimaced again. "I'm wasn't. I told you the dream...it was nothing."

Draco moved around the sofa, her head turning to follow him. "Maybe I'll just see for myself who you're mooning over these days." Lifting his hand for her to see him holding her journal.

Eyes wide at seeing the book, her lip curled. "Give that back."

Amusement dancing in his eyes, Draco shook his head. "I don't think so, Granger."

Hermione got up from the sofa, and moved around to the back of it. "Draco, I said give it back."

Eyes still dancing with laughter at her, Draco smirked once again. "Make me."

Hermione growled at him, then suddenly charged. Tackling a surprised Draco, they both went down with a loud thump and a grunt.

Severus was cursing. The headmistress had contacted him shortly after he'd finished up his rounds to let him know that she needed him to inform Draco that he had permission to leave for Easter.

Normally, the Head Boy and Girl stayed behind to help insure the remaining students stayed in line, but Draco had gone to McGonagall to ask if he could indeed go home this year. Something about still building a better relationship with his parents after all that had happened.

Severus was just annoyed that he was being forced to deal with this, when all he wanted was to sit in his private chambers while drinking some fire-whiskey. He'd run across Hermione while she patrolled and had watched her pass his hidden spot while her partner chattered on about some girl he was wanting to ask out.

Severus had watched her for a bit and now was frustrated all over again. She was driving him insane. The sway of her hips, the slight bounce of her breasts as she walked, her legs that had him thinking indecent thoughts when she wasn't wearing her robes, which was a lot when she didn't have to, all of it was keeping him aroused constantly and annoying him.

She didn't seem to realize how open her thoughts were either and they didn't help his arousal. He saw many of her thoughts while she was sitting in his class or at meals. Most of which were on him. Either on trying to decide what she wanted to do about them sleeping together, or they were on different parts of him. Some of which, had him curious since he'd never paid those certain body parts any attention.

He'd never given his hands any real thought beyond what he did with them, but she'd given them a lot of thought. Her thinking that he had beautiful hands and that he had to know how to use them was amusing. The thought that followed it about how if he didn't know how to use them that it would be such a waste to have them, had made his lips curve. He certainly knew how to use them alright.

But he'd never really thought of his voice as seductive, which was how she apparently viewed it. However, if she liked his voice that much, he'd do well to remember that and use it to his advantage.

Lips starting to curve again thinking that he might just have to make a point of speaking low in her ear while she stood in his class working on a potion, just to see her reaction to such a thing, he said the password to the Head Dorm portrait.

As soon as the portrait hole opened, he heard sounds that had him freezing, instantly thinking the worst about what he about to find inside. Grunts and groans, both male and female could be heard coming from the Head dorm common room. A loud thump, mixed with several softer thumps was also heard along with harsh breaths.

"Oi! Watch the knee, Granger." Draco growled out as another thump was heard.

Severus cautiously stepped inside, anger filling him at what he was hearing. How dare they. He thought blackly. How dare they shag in the Head dorm. How dare she sleep with Draco when she is supposed to be waiting for me.

Looking around, he didn't see anyone, but he heard more than he ever wanted to. "Ouch, Draco!" Hermione yelled, along with her grunting again.

Severus slowly walked towards the voices and sounds, as he braced himself for what he knew he was going to find. But he saw the top of Hermione's head start to pop up from behind the sofa, only to hear her shriek as it disappeared and a loud thump following it.

"You're not getting away, Granger. I want it." Draco said.

More scuffs and thumps followed by Draco's triumphant cry. "Ha! Got it."

"When I get out from under you, I'm going to..." But it was cut off by a muffled yelp.

At this point, Severus was livid. He was going to murder them both. However, he heard Hermione growl. "Oh, for fuck's sake, Draco! Just give it to me already." Her language making him pause. He'd never heard that word particular word come from her mouth before.

That was before Draco responded with a cocky voice. "Thought you'd never ask, Granger." Before a loud grunt turned into a weak groan.

"Liked that did, you? Good." Hermione said before another scuffle could be heard.

"Hey, get your damn hand off of that." She grunted as Draco snickered.

Having had enough, Severus moved around the sofa, mouth opened to shout at them both, when he paused at was he was seeing. Both of them, fully dressed, were wrestling on the floor with Draco half lying on top of Hermione's back, and Hermione looked pissed while Draco looked very amused.

Suddenly, Hermione got free and crawled over Draco, reaching for something over his head, but Draco sat up and caught her wrists, laughing at the extremely angry look on her face.

Hermione struggled and growled. "When I get my wand back, I'm going to shove it so far up your..."

But as she started to rant at the stupid git, Draco's eyes shifted to see his Head of House glaring at both of them. "Oh, fuck me." Draco said, interrupting Hermione before she finished her statement.

Hermione screeched in anger. "For the love of Merlin, Draco! I do not want to sodding shag you, in case you missed it when I apparently yelled it to the entire damn school. I don't know why the hell you find that so damn funny when I know you don't want to bloody shag me either. I swear if you crack more stupid joke about..."

But Draco cut her off, by grabbing her chin and turning her head. Mid rant, her sentence changed. "Oh, fuck me." Echoing Draco perfectly.

Snape was glaring at the both, eyes blazing in anger. "What the devil is going on in here?" He bellowed at them both.

Both swallowed as they stared at him, before Hermione reached around Draco, and finally grabbed the book they'd had been fighting over. Quickly standing, she reared her leg back and kicked the prat in the hip for good measure, earning a fresh grunt from Draco at her doing so.

"Nothing." Hermione said, pushing her wild hair out of her face.

If it was possible, Snape's eyes glittered with even more anger. "Nothing? Nothing?" He yelled even louder the second time. "It's not nothing when I come in here and hear..." He couldn't even say it, he was so livid.

Hermione swallowed, as Draco stood up and spoke. "It's my fault, sir. I...I took her book."

Snape's angry face turned to one of confusion. "You what?"

Hermione swallowed again. "He took my damn journal and when I went to take it back, we...both went down and...were fighting to get it."

Snape glanced from one to the other. "You two...were fighting over...a book?" Trying to understand completely, while doing his best to keep from just strangling them both. A vein starting to throb in his forehead at the anger coursing through him with what he'd thought he'd walked in on.

Hermione have a small shrug as she frowned. "Er...yeah. It's my journal and...It's private."

Snape pinched the bridge of his nose. "Draco..." But he was at a loss with everything roaring inside him. He knew most of it was jealousy, but he decided to ignore that fact for now.

Draco spoke up when Snape went silent. "I had a good reason. She was asleep on the couch and she was moaning and...I wanted to know who the hell she was moaning over. She wouldn't tell me and...that wasn't a normal moan either."

Hermione's face flushed. "I told you it was..."

Draco glared at her, cutting her off. "Yeah, nothing. That is why you looked like someone had snogged the piss out of you not that long ago and you've been acting weird, plus...you were...having a bloody sex dream on the damn couch. I want to know who the hell you're lusting after. If I find out it's still Weasley, I'm going to hex the living hell out of you."

Severus breathed deeply. "First off, someone give me the damn book." He said, lowering his hand at last from the bridge of his nose.

Hermione's hands tightened on around it. "Sir, it's private."

His black eyes rested on her. "I don't believe I asked what it was; I said to give it to me."

Jaw clenched, she walked up to him and held it out for him to take, though her grip didn't immediately let go. When his brow rose at her, she huffed out a breath and finally released it.

He glanced down at the thick and obviously well used leather book, feeling the magic that was on it. Wand out, he ran it over the book, curious as why he felt magic on it.

He met her gaze again. "You have wards on this, strong ones from what I can tell, yet you were still wrestling on the floor to keep him from reading it?" Jaw set in his anger.

She held his gaze. "Yes, sir. As I said, it's private. Wards only take so long to break if worked at hard and long enough."

She has a valid point. He thought, still angry at what he thought he'd walked in on. "Since you both are supposed to be role models to your fellow students, acting...like you were, is not exactly role model material. You both are going to spend the next...two weeks in detention with me for your behavior.

Hermione's jaw clenched more, but she nodded and Draco sighed but nodded as well. Severus took another deep breath to calm himself before speaking. "Draco, you will take Monday and Thursday nights, both weeks. Miss Granger...tomorrow is Friday, so you will take those two nights and...the next two Tuesday nights. Though you both will be spending Saturday afternoons with me as well. Am I understood?"

"Yes, sir." They both muttered, though both thought their punishment was a bit extreme.

Severus turned on his heel, his reason for entering forgotten in his anger. But Hermione spoke up when he was half way to the door. "Sir, my journal. May I have it back, please?"

He turned to face her again, his brow rising as he studied her. "Yes, you may. You can pick it up tomorrow after your detention."

With that he left her gaping after him. The portrait wasn't even shut behind him, before he heard a loud slap, followed by Draco yelling out the word "Ouch." Severus paused, not letting the door fully close as heard Hermione start to rant.

"You bloody prick. Why can't you ever just leave anything alone? How is anything in my damn journal any of your business anyway?" She shouted, another loud smack sounding after her final word.

Draco yelled 'ouch' again, but she went on. "I swear to Merlin, Draco, if he breaks my wards...I'm going to make you wish you'd never been born." A third smack followed, with another yell of pain from the blond in question.

"Bloody hell, woman, stop hitting me." Draco barked. "Why do you think he'd even bother trying to?"

Hermione snorted. "Have you even met the man that just left here? Of course he's going to try and break them. Why else would he have taken it?"

Severus felt his lips curving. She's smart and knows me well it seems, he thought as he listened more. The door still cracked for him to do so.

"Maybe to make you stew over it. I know my godfather very well, thank you very much. He'd have no interest in what your stupid journal has to say. Why would he even care about what was inside it?" Draco asked.

Hermione sighed. "Because he, like you, is a Slytherin. Why did you want to read it so damn bad?"

"Because I want to know what the hell was in it that was so bloody important to keep hidd...oh...bugger me. You're going to murder me when he gets it open, aren't you." It wasn't a question. Draco knew it was true.

"Yes, I am." She growled. "I'm going to bed, you daft prat."

"Hermione." Draco called out. "Does it help to know that I'm sorry?"

Severus heard Draco sigh. "By that gesture, I'll take that as a no."

Severus let the door fully close after that. Chuckling softly to himself as he made his way back to his private rooms. Whether or not she really wants to shag him, she's too angry with him to do it tonight now. Perfect.

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