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Batman sat in the Batcave staring at the large monitor in front of him, deciding how best to precede. He wanted to make a new band of heroes with more than the previous seven members; and he wanted more than anything to keep history from repeating itself.

The solution: locate heroes and recruit them to his cause. But if he knew anything it would be that this wouldn't be easy, a lot of heroes had joined The Resistance, a tag team of over a dozen heroes dedicated to over-throwing the Justice Lords.

Or at least, they had been. They caused the Lords a lot of trouble and the Lords had taken the lives of more than one member. Eventually, they broke apart; much to the public's dismay. While they'd hated the Lords they had practically worshipped the Resistance.

Bruce stood up and cracked his knuckles, he'd go and visit everyone himself.

He just hoped they didn't kill him in the process.

Men. They screwed up the world, and when she and her friends corrected their mistakes they were met with violence and loss before the UN acknowledged the fact it was a loosing cause and surrendered. So when they had finally gotten to a point where the world was peaceful and safe; they'd been betrayed by (shocker!) a man.

Not just any man either, her man; her lover. That was, in all honestly, what hurt the most. She'd loved him and given him all she had, then he'd turned around and betrayed her. After all they'd been to each other.

Diana sighed and looked around at the cell she was kept in. It was fairly comfortable, nothing like the prison cells they'd kept their prisoners in at first.

They shouldn't have done what they did, she realized that now. Not taking over the world or the part where they'd brainwashed the super-villains and took away their free will; that had been necessary. She had slight regrets for taking away all rights and freedoms from her sisters outside Themiscyra. While they'd been safe, they were miserable and powerless, they should have given them some choice.

But Clark had said choice led to free thinking, and free thinking led to disagreement and debate, which therefore led to violence and chaos. At the time it had made sense, but now looking back...

She sighed; the real problem here was men.

When he arrived here from Mars, he was lost and sad. Then he met the League and they'd became his family, then Luthor (scum) took one of his family members away from him. So they killed him and set out to make Earth safer.

And they did until he had to go and show them that other Earth, then it all fell apart in the blink of an eye. Those Lords called themselves the Justice League were weak.

They let criminals go free, let the public think for themselves, and were so careless. They disgusted him. Didn't they know that it only takes one human to start a revolt?

Didn't they care about Earth?

Then he would remember who brought them here. He was a failure.

Clark Kent was going to kill Bruce Wayne. That man was a selfish little boy unable to cope with his parents murder, a child dressed up as a man in a costume. How dare he do this to them. They had all sacrificed so much to achieve a perfect, perfect world free of crime and and scum like Luthor.

They did it for Wally.

This world was better, no it was perfect. Free of crime, murder, and war. The cost was worth it, it all was. His crumbling relationship with Lois, Ma and Pa not being able to look at him, Kara being in that punk team The Resistance.

All those small, insignificant sacrifices were worth it.

And when he escaped this demeaning little prison cell, Clark Kent was going to kill Bruce Wayne for doing this.

He said it was worth it. He'd said it was right. And he'd actually believed him. John Stewart you are an idiot. He remembered when the core came and took away his ring for using it other than to achieve peace on Earth.

Deep down he knew it was wrong, but he'd ignored that little voice in the back of his head telling him so. He convinced himself this was right, and they were just helping. Of course if it hadn't been for Shayera he might not have done so.

Shayera. He thought of his wife's and his reluctance to follow what Superman was proposing, though in the end they convinced each other it was worth it.

They'd even gotten married, that had been the only time he could honestly say he'd been truly happy throughout the entire time they ruled Earth.

But now he couldn't even see his wife who he loved almost as much as he loved a peaceful Earth.

And why was he in this dreary holding cell again? Oh yeah, Superman's idea to make the Earth safe for once and for all.

The bastard, he'd said it was worth it.

You had this coming and you know it. Well, she did. She'd betrayed Hro, a good soldier she'd been promised to. Hell she'd betrayed all of her people; her entire planet.

After the Lords took reign over Earth, she started to send fewer messages to her commanders, and changing what she told them.

Earth was violent, unstable, and far to advanced for the mission. After a while she'd stopped sending them completely and hoped her over-seeing officers pronounced her dead.

They had. Some of it (or rather someone) was worth it, however. Her husband John who she loved fiercely, she'd never been happier than the day they'd gotten married.

But she didn't tell him. She didn't tell him about her mission, she didn't tell him about Hro, she lied to him. She didn't deserve her family, so she shouldn't have been surprised it was all probably over by now.

Which is why she sat here, alone, thinking you had this coming and you know it.