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Lois Lane-El stared at the grave in front of her, a cold feeling in the pit of her stomach. The grave was small and simple, one that no one passing by would notice. Etched on it were a few simple words:



With Superman's symbol on the top.

Her husband was dead, and this time for real.

No, Clark and Superman died along time ago, Lois mentally corrected herself, Kal-El is dead. She looked down at the little boy next to her. He was tall for his age, dark-haired, and thin. He stared at the grave in front of him, a sad look in his brown eyes. She gave his hand an extra hard squeeze and looked at him sympathetically.

For a second she thought he was going to cry when he gave a large gulp and turned to her, "Mom, why did Dad do this?"

She looked at her son sympathetically, "He was put under a tremendous amount of strain and collapsed, Collin. It happens sometimes, but that's why I didn't want you to meet him."

"He didn't know about me?"

"No, and you better thank God he didn't. Clark was a good man, he just...went to far."

"Okay." He stared at the grave again. "And Mom?"

"Yeah, Kiddo?"

"Are we gonna be okay?"

She sat there quietly for a moment, "I think so."

J'onn J'onzz, the last of the Martians, did not survive the fight.

He perished in a fight with Powergirl, Fire, and Firestorm after being burned by fire.

He will not be missed.

"Pa, what was Ma like?"

Vigilante looked at his two children standing in front of him. "Amazing, your Ma wasn't like no women Id've ever had the pleasure uh know'n."

His youngest, Kathy, looked at him, "How did she die, Pa? I was to small to 'member."

"She died gett'n you and your brother free from them Lords."

"She died a hero, right Pa?" His son Johnathan asked.

"Damn right, boy. A hell of a hero."

"I miss her, Pa."

Greg stared at the wall for a moment before answering, "I do too, son."

"I still can't believe Kals' gone, it just seems so strange."

Shayera snorted, "We traded him for Wally, best trade we ever made."

"The best trade we ever made was our costumes and powers for a second chance." John corrected.

His wife looked at her back sadly, "I miss my wings."

"But it's worth it," Reminded John, "we're gonna get that kid you've always wanted."

She smiled and patted her very large tummy, "So true." She sighed happily.

"What should we name him?"

"How do you know it'll be a boy?"

"Intuition, I was thinking Rex."

"Rex," She repeated, tasting the name. "that seems...right."

"Yeah, it really does." Agreed John. "Do you think it's weird we couldn't have a kid while we were with the Lords, but now it's been a few months and here we are?"

"No, not weird," She corrected, "It was fate."


"Yes, Diana?"

"What if Kal comes back?"

He tightly squeezed her shoulder, "He won't."

She peered down, nervously. "But what if he does? He might try and hurt her."

"I won't let him," He assured her, "I'll shoot him with that gun as much as it takes until he drops dead again."

"I know it seems silly, I just worry..."

"Nothing to be embarrassed about, Princess." He said peering down into the small cradle. "I worry about Mattie, too."

She sighed, "I love you Bruce."

He kissed her cheek before smiling at his daughter and wife, "I love you too."

"Daddy! Put me down!" Jen squealed in delight as her father picked her up and swung her around.

"Why, princess? You sound like you're having fun!" He shouted, spinning her faster.

"Ollie, put her down!" Laughed Dinah while Sophie sat curled up on her lap.

"Alright, alright!" Ollie laughed, putting the little girl down on the ground.

"I'm dizzy, Daddy; look what you did!" She complained twirling in a circle dramatically.

"Me to!" Exclaimed the younger Queen as she mimicked her sisters performance. "Don't laugh to hard," Cautioned Dinah, "last time you did that we had to get a new TV." Said Dinah as she stopped spinning. "And Mommy?"


"Thank you for getting us out."

Dinah and Oliver smiled, "No problem."

"Daddy, watch me!" Shouted Rosie as she did three backflips in the living room, narrowly missing the coffee table.

"Careful, Rosie!" He exclaimed jumping up.

Helena rolled her eyes, "Q, she's done that a thousand times."

"I know..." He said sitting back down, sounding unconvinced. "Still, I don't really feel comfortable with it."

"She a big girl, Da-ee!" Pipped up Gina. "I big girl too!"

"I'm a big girl too, Daddy." Smirked Helena suggestively.

"Believe me, I know." Muttered Vic as he kissed her.

"Hey guys, let's keep it PG in here, okay? There's enough kids in this house already." Said Felix with a grin.

Vic glared at his son, "You've met Wally a handful of times and he still managed to corrupt you."

"But he's not half as corrupting as the Illuminate." Felix chirped.

"So true, in fact I-"

"Enough, you two, remember our rule? No Illuminate or conspiracy talk in the living room, right?"

"But that's the best place to talk about them!" Exclaimed Felix in protest.

Huntress glared at her husband, "I blame you."

"Sorry, Helen." He apologized.

She grinned and whispered in his ear, "Maybe later tonight you can make it up to me." and giggled as Vic made a small, quiet moan.

"And people wonder why there's so many of us." Muttered Rosie.

"-Which is how I single-handily managed to win World War II!" Finished Wally.

The twins shared a doubtful glance, "Um, Dad, we love you and all-"

"But we kinda doubt that that actually happened." Admitted Jai as Wally pouted.

"But it did, honest!" Flash protested.

"Wally," Warned Linda, "my boys don't need to see my biggest child pouting."

"Yeeeeees dear." He said, rolling in his eyes. "Boys, your mothers being a dictator, so you'll have to go to bed."


"HEY! I am not a dictator!"

"Dictatoress, whatever. But you two need to go to bed so your Mother and I can go to bed."

"And what exactly will you be doing in bed?" Asked Barry suggestively.

Wally turned bright red as Linda yelled, "BARRY!"

"What mom-"

"We were just kidding!"

"TO BED!" She shouted shuffling them upstairs.

"Tee-hee, Dad's gonna get some." Snickered Jai.

Linda turned to face Wally, hands on her hips. "'Get some', they are your children."

"And you are the saint who manages to deal with the three of us." He said, pulling her close as she snuggled against him.


"Yeah, babe?"

"I'm glad you're back."

Wally West grinned, "Me to."

Kara In-Ze floated in the night sky, hovering above the city lights.

She knew she should probably get home soon, but for now she just wanted to stay here and never leave.

Kal was dead, Superman was dead, Clark was dead, Ma and Pa Kent were dead.

She was alone. Well, not alone. She had the new League, who were like family.

Her new family.

As she floats, she wonders.

She wonders what it would have been like if Luthor never attempted to take office.

If Kal hadn't killed him.

If the League hadn't snapped.

If Clark Kent would still be around.

If the League would have still been loved.

She knows that by thinking this, she's just hurting herself. You can't change the past.

But maybe on another world. Another Earth or Krypton or Argo. She knows deep down it really doesn't matter, this is her world, a new era emerging from the last.

A new world.


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