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Title: Harry Potter Meets Greek Mythology

Ok so I've always liked the idea of mixing Harry Potter and the Greek gods. I'm sorry but to me the books are just asking for it. They have so many things from Greek Mythology in them. I studied the Greek gods a lot in high school (practically the whole of my Freshmen English class was devoted to Greek Mythology and the reading Homer's work.) So now that I've given you my explanation for writing this I suppose I will actually give you a summary.

Summary: Ok so what this is basically if the Greek gods still existed. They didn't leave in one place per say. So you wouldn't have to go to one of the temples in Greece to see them. Anyway my theory in this would be that wizards and witches got there power either from demigod ancestors (the gods don't have children with mortals anymore unless they just mess up but this will come up later) or wizard gets a gift from a god to have magically abilities.

Not sure if there will be any pairing in this story or who it'll be. This story is basically with the same characters/place but not the same plot at all so I'm basically rewriting it Percy Jackson style. So just read and I hope you like it. If you have any questions or suggestions I'm always open.

"Sing to me of the people, Muse, the people of godly birth

driven time and again off course, once punished and once loved

though now forgotten home." – Invocation to the Muse

No demigods have been born since the end of the 13th century right at the beginning of the Italian Renaissance. The gods had made a promise on the Styx that they wouldn't have any more children with mortals under the order of Zeus. They couldn't break this promise for anything because swearing on the Styx meant you couldn't break an oath. The Styx is one of the rivers in the land of the dead or Hades. It wraps around the underworld nine times. Many of bad things happened because the gods swore on the Styx. Helios a titan and God of the Sun until Apollo came around promised his son Phaeton anything he wanted he could have. His son chose to drive the sun chariot that could only be driven by Helios himself. When Phaeton drove the chariot he lost control and plummeted to his death.

Bad things also happened from the gods promise not to have children with mortals. The gods did not do things for themselves they always had one of their demigod children do things for them. They normally needed young agile bodies to complete quests for them. Although quests didn't happen often they still needed things down from time to time. That's how a new generation of heroes were born they called themselves wizards and witches. Wizards and witches were the descendents of demigods. Sometimes the gift would skip a generation and the person end up a squib. There was another way someone could have magic without having blood relations to the gods and that was for the gods to bestow a gift on them at birth. This normally only happened if the child was to grow up with a specific purpose set out for them by the fates. Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos were the fates three. They decided the fate of all of mankind. Clotho spun the Thread of Life, Lachesis decides how long the lifeline was, and Atropos cuts the life-thread at death.

Whoever a wizard's godly ancestor was they tended display more magically gift for. Neville Longbottom was a descendent of Demeter. He excelled at Herbology. Not many people wizards knew who they were descended from because over times as squibs were born the knowledge was forgotten. This is one reason was Harry Potter was so surprised when he got his letter. He parents had died when he was young and his squib aunt didn't know there lineage so he had no idea who his godly ancestor was or even that the gods existed.

Harry's uncle, Vernon Dursley had been more than pleased to get rid of the strange youth he called his nephew. He was although frightened when a rather large Cyclops named Hagrid showed up at his door to collect his nephew. Hagrid took Harry into Diagon Alley to shop for all of his books. The Cyclops had even bought Harry an owl named Hedwig. After they completed their shopping Hagrid left Harry at the train station to board the train to Hogwarts.

Harry sat alone in a compartment until a boy with red hair came in and asked if he could sit with him. Harry said sure because he was only one in the compartment and really wanted company. "Hi, I'm Harry."

"Wait you're Harry Potter? The one with the lighting bolt scar?"

"Yeah why?"

"Well your parents were Lily and James Potter. To heroes who went on a quest for the gods. They died on the quest that was apparently really important to the gods. When you were born you had a lighting scar. That's the sign of Zeus. My parents say that means you're meant to do great things."

Harry already knew all of this. Hagrid had told him in one of the pubs in Diagon Alley. It had come as quite a shock to Harry. He didn't even know about the gods existed until he got his letter. Harry was quiet for a little while until Ron spoke saying, "Oh by the way I'm Ron Weasley."

Harry shook the hand the red headed boy had offered. "What is your connection to the gods?" Harry asked.

"I don't know. My family forgot along time ago." Ron said, "Just to let you know you might not want to go around asking that. Some people are a little sensitive when it comes to there heritage."

"Oh ok…" Harry said trailing off lost in thought. There was so much to process. He didn't even know what to expect from this new school. The classes were so different from those at his last school. First years took Latin, Greek, or Ancient Runes as their language. Everyone took History of the Gods, Demigods, and Everything Magical and History of Rome and Greece. For physical education they took Gladiator Fighting as a class or participated Quidditch or competed for their house in the Olympics at School. Everyone was required to take Transfiguration, Potions, Charms, Magical Creatures, and participate in Arena Fighting once a week. You could also take an elective course of Divination or Astronomy.

Harry wondered of what god he was descended from or if he had a gift bestowed upon him. "Hey Ron, can people find out who there godly ancestor is?"

"Uh well…it complicated they have temples at Hogwarts dedicated to the different gods. Sometimes the gods will claim you as being of there descent sometimes they won't. Students often go into the temples and make offerings to the god they think is there ancestor in hopes of being claimed. Sometimes it's obvious who you're related to. Although you can never be sure unless you're claimed."

"So no one in your family has been claimed?"

"Not yet but we have several guesses to who it might be. I guess it's more or less hope on whom it might be. Mom wants us to be related to Hera or Athena, but we all know that's not going to happen. One because were not smart enough and two because Hera doesn't have demigod relations. Ginny my younger sister wants it to be Aphrodite, the goddess of love, but my brothers and I know that can't be it. I think its Ares, the god of war. My twin brother's think it's Dionysus, the god of wine. My other brothers think it's Apollo, the god of the son."

"Are we going to be taught about the different gods?"

"My brothers say that's what we're taught about the first couple weeks of school. Sometimes, although rarely, the gods grace Hogwarts with their presents during festivals or meals. They show up for the start of term feast so you'll see them there."

So what do you think? I hope it wasn't too confusing. You'll find out more next chapter when they're in school and at the feast.