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Penny woke up with puffy, red eyes. She cried herself asleep last night from finding out she was pregnant. What is she going to do? She can't afford to take care of a baby especially not at 17 years old when she still in high school without no job. Penny never thought this would happen to her. She thought she would be smarter than that, but instead she was all head over heels for a boy who don't like or never had. She was just a naïve, teenage girl who open her legs and now she has to take responsible for her actions.

"Penny time for breakfast" Trudy called out to Penny from downstairs.

"I'm not hungry!" she shouted back to her mother. Penny didn't want to see her family and knowing she has a baby growing inside of her. She doesn't have the guts to look at them or tell them that see pregnant.

"Are you sure" Trudy asked.

"Yes!" Penny said then pulling the covers over her head and start back crying again. 'What am I going to do with this baby? I can't keep it a secret forever' Penny thought to herself.

'Hey boy, I really want to see if you could go down, down…' Rihanna sang on Penny's cell phone letting her know that she has a call from somebody. Penny lifts her arm up to her night stand that was next to her bed and grabbed her cell then brought it to her face and saw the caller ID that it was DiJonay.

Penny sniffed and whipped her face before answering her phone. She pushes the talk button and put it to her ear. "Hello?" she said.

"Penny? Are you okay? You don't sound good" DiJonay said sounding concerned.

"Yeah I'm good. I just waken up." Penny lied. "What's up?"

"Zoey and I are going to the mall, want to come?" she asked.

"I don't know Dee…I'm not in the mood right now" Penny said sounding depressed.

"Come on Penny, they have a sale down here and I know you want to buy something cute"

'Yeah, but won't be able to fit it in a couple of months' Penny thought. She shrugged her shoulders and thought maybe she should go and spend enough time with her friends before her stomach starts to grow.

"I guess I'll go. I'll meet you there in a few" Penny then hang up and got out of bed to get dress. She just wore a t-shirt with old jeans then went downstairs to see her family eating breakfast without her. "Bye everybody, I'm leaving" she was about to exit the door, but Trudy called out to her.

"Wait Penny, don't you want to eat before leaving?" she asked.

"I'll get something to eat at McDonalds some where. Bye" she then left out the house and started walking down the street to the bus stop to wait for the bus to come and take her to the mall where her friends were going to be.

Penny looked from the corner of her eye and saw a pregnant girl walking toward her. She looks like she was in her early 20's and look like she was going to drop any minute. The woman sat down next to Penny while rubbing her big, round belly and having Penny stare at it made her get even more worried that she was going to be a mother soon.

"May I help you?" Penny looked up from the woman's belly to her puzzled face.

"Oh, I'm sorry I was just…I didn't mean to stare" Penny apologized then looked away ashamed that she was caught.

"It's OK, you're not the first to be staring at a pregnant seventeen year old" Penny looked back at her in shock from her age. The girl look sad while looking at her stomach and having her hand on it. From looking at her you wouldn't think she was the same age as Penny because of the way she dressed and didn't act like some girls at Penny's school. This made Penny even more scared, it was like looking into a mirror that showed the future.

"Wow, I didn't know you were that old, I thought you were in your twenties" Penny said.

"Well, my step-dad knew, but that didn't stop him from raping me" the girl exposed without looking at Penny.

Penny was surprised from hearing what happen to the girl and how she got pregnant.

"I'm sorry to hear that" Penny said.

"It's OK he in jail now, but it still doesn't change what happen especially if I have something to remind me" she looked up at Penny. "I'm Diana, you?"


"Nice to meet you" Diana smiled and Penny did the same.

The bus then pulled up and they both got on and sat next to each other in the front. Penny couldn't help looking at Diana's pregnant stomach like she never saw a pregnant girl before, but it's just so scary for her to know that she will be like Diana one day.

"Penny, are you OK?" Diana asked concerned.

"Um, yeah it just…Can I asks you something?" Penny asked. She just had to know how it feels to be a teenage mother, so she can know what to expect later on when the child is born.

"Yeah go ahead" Diana said.

"What's it like to be pregnant at a young age?" Penny sounded uncomfortable asking her.

"Well, it's no walk in the park I'll you that; I don't have a normal teenage life anymore, I can't go out with my friends, I have no job to support my daughter, so I have to go and do that for food and clothes, but at least my family is trying to support me. It's difficult and hard and I wish this never happened to me" she explained calmly unlike what Penny would think of how she would have reacted.

"Dang, that's messed up, but can I ask what is your daughter's name."

"Melody" Diana smiled at Penny for telling her the name.

"That's beautiful" Penny told her.

Penny and Diana talked until they got to the mall where Penny had to meet her friends at. She and Diana had almost everything in common and were happy to make a new friend.

"I'll see you later Diana" Penny said when she got up from the seat.

"Yeah, see ya" Diana said before Penny walked off the bus and headed into the mall where she first saw her friends in the food court sitting at a table with shopping bags around them.

"Hey Dee, hey Zoe" Penny greeted her friends when she walked over to them.

"Hey Penny, you just missed a big sale here" DiJonay said holding up one of her bags where it has American Engle on the bag.

"Sorry, I guess the bus got me here a little late" Penny said starting to feel like she about to throw up.

"Are you OK? You look sick" Zoey asked concerned. Penny nodded her head, but really she wasn't. She was feeling sick and need to get to a bathroom quick before she vomit in one of their bags that had their clothes in them and she knows they wouldn't like that.

"I'll be right back I have to use the bathroom" Penny quickly went to the restroom and hurry in one of the stalls and without closing the door she kneeled down and started throwing up in the toilet. 'Damn, do I have to put up with this until the baby comes?' she thought to herself.

After a few minutes later, Penny was done and stood up on her feet while she wipes some of the vomit from around her mouth. She then turns around to see Zoey looking at her.

"Zoey! What are you doing in here?" Penny asked while surprised.

"I wanted to see if you were OK, are you OK Penny?" Zoey asked.

"Of course, I just ate something bad this morning" Penny lied while walking pass Zoey and to one of the sinks to wash her hands.

"Penny, something is wrong with you I know there is"

"I don't know what you're talking about" Penny took a paper towel to wipe her hands.

"You know what I'm talking about. There's something wrong and you can tell me…I promise I won't tell anybody" Penny looked at Zoey nervous. Her stomach felt like it was doing flips and making a knot. Penny didn't know if she should tell her since her friends are not really the ones who can keep a secret for too long, but since she wanted to tell somebody and can tell Zoey won't tell by looking into her eyes.

Penny took a deep breath, "I'm…pregnant"

Zoey was shocked of what she heard. Penny busted into tears because ashamed of her action.

"When you did…How did…who's the father!" she couldn't find the words to ask Penny, she was still surprised from Penny's secret she tried to keep.

Penny sniffed and wiped her tears, "Please don't tell no one not even Dee"

"I promise I won't"

"It was at Bishop's party a couple of weeks ago…I was just trying to have fun and it happened…he said he liked me, but he didn't mean it" Penny went back to crying again. Zoey took Penny's hands into hers to comfort her.

"Who's the father Penny?"

"Bishop" Penny sobbed as Zoey gasped the shocking news. "I wanted to get LaCienega back for everything she done to me and I really liked him and he said he liked me, but he just lied to get in bed with me. I'm just a slut" Penny felled to her knees and cried harder. She was felt kind of good that she told somebody, but she also felt ashamed of her sleeping one of her friend's boyfriend.

Zoey kneeled down to Penny and wrapped her arms around her to calm her down, "It's going to be OK I'm going to support you all the way"

"Thank you Zoe" Penny hugged her back and was happy to have somebody who will help her through her hard time.

She has one person to support her, but is her family going to react like Zoey and not explored…probably not, but it's going to be worth a try.

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