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The next day Hermione took her time to get to Different Roots. She was tired and barley got any sleep the night before. And the idea of having to put up with Malfoy for an entire hour was not a pleasing prospect. It was times like this when she really, truly missed Ron and Harry: who had decided to go straight into Auror training at the end of the war, instead of attending their seventh year, like she did. When she reached the classroom, she saw that everyone was already paired up in their groups. She trudged across the room, to where Draco was already seated.

A smirk spread across his lips. "Ahh! Tsk Tsk, Granger, you are," He looked at the gold watch on his right hand ", seven minutes late."

"Shut it, Malfoy" she mumbled, refusing to look straight at him.

"Aww, Granger, that one hurt." He said sarcastically, while placing his hand over his heart. "Either way, is that anyway a head girl should talk.

Hermione ignored his comment, and pulled out a piece of parchment.

"Malfoy, were stuck like this for four weeks. I say we make a truce, for now, and at least try to be..Friendly..Toward each other.

He stared quizzically at her, as if he were actually considering this. "No." He said finally. "Annoying you is just much to fun." Hermione frowned. "Fine then, Ferret! Just answer my questions, and don't talk otherwise." And with that she jumped into the questions, refusing to be bothered by his smug look.

"What's your favorite color?"

When Friday came everyone had to read there before essays out loud. Most were not at all nice (Lavender even called Goyle an "idiotic rock, with no emotions or thoughts for himself or anyone else" whatever that meant.) Up next was Neville and Pansy, then it was Hermione and Draco's turn. Neville started, and as it turned out, he kept his short and 'sweet'. "After spending these past few days with Pansy." He started in a shaky voice "During this time she was mean, and rude, and sarcastic, and-" he caught the look Pansy was giving him and decided to shut up.

Pansy's wasn't much better. "Neville is a nerdy, loser that is seriously wimpy and weird. He talks about plants way too much. And he's never even had a girlfriend!"

When the two finished, Professor Reeves stood up, a forced smile on her face. "Good job!" she said while clapping. "Up next we have Draco and Hermione."

Draco stood up, pushing up past Hermione in a mad dash for the front of the room. He looked down at the parchment in his hand. When Hermione finally got up there, she stood silent. It was obvious that he wanted to go first, and she was not going to stop him.

Draco cleared his voice. "This is Hermione Granger." He said while waving his hand in her general direction. "And over the past few days I have gotten to know the real, true, Hermione Granger. And trust me it is NOT pretty. Sure she may seem nice and smart on the outside, but really is a boring, bossy loser, with really no social life. The only friends she had couldn't even wait to get rid of her fast enough. Really she is just a stuck up, suck up, know it all. This is the real Hermione Granger."

The Slytherin's were laughing, the Gryffindor's were shocked, and Hermione...Well Hermione was pissed! She stood up straighter, pushing her shoulders back, her head held high.

"This is Draco Malfoy." She started "He is a horrible person. He enjoys tormenting people, killing people, and following in the steps of his precious father. He is, or was, a death eater, and the only reason he's not in Azkaban, is because his mummy bailed him out. Oh and his favorite colors green."

She smirked up at him, his eyes were wide and his smirk slipped off his face. Hermione could tell what this meant in a heartbeat: Game on.