E/O Challenge: Blue.

Sorry this is late - I had the "dreaded" sickness bug last week and lost my muse!

No spoilers, just a good "old fashioned" whomp drabble!

Nerves Of Steel

The dagger-sharp teeth sank deeper into his leg as he tried in vain to prize open the ancient steel jaws. He groaned out loud as blood continued to ooze from torn flesh, soaking his already sodden jeans, staining the blue-denim a brilliant red.

Sweat drenched he grasped the object one more time, took a deep breath and pulled. The scream of rust-covered metal intermingled with his own cries of pain as, with both hands shaking, he pried open the blood-covered trap.

Moments later the jaws slipped from his grasp and plunged back into badly-damaged-flesh, sending Dean Winchester into blessed oblivion.