A drabble I happily wrote for Pack_100 on LiveJournal. Enjoy! -niceKittyRAWR

Title: An Imprint
Prompt: #51 - Claim
Character/Pairing: Jared/Kim
Rating: T
Notes/Warnings: None. Just a little imprinting.

Kim closes her locker and turns to make the short walk to her next class. Glancing up she notices Jared walking down the hall, heading her way. He looks different; taller, bigger. She knew he'd been out of school for a while; some kind of virus, she heard; but something about him had changed.

Jared stops in his tracks, staring at her with a look of shock on his handsome face. Paul blocks her line of vision just before Jared reaches her. "You going to claim her?" he asks with a chuckle before walking away.