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A shepherd girl without a crook would look kind of funny, but Bo Peep's staff isn't merely decorative.

It comes in handy if Mrs. Potato Head discovers that one or more of her body parts has wound up in a dark and inaccessible corner of the room after playtime, or if Slink needs help sorting himself out after Molly has gotten ahold of him.

It can be used to hook things that are out of reach (like Woody), or give Buzz Lightyear an encouraging poke in the back if it looks like he's thinking about talking to Jessie but hasn't committed to the notion just yet.

She does not use it to prevent Buster from chewing up Andy's homework – once, and only once – because every kid should be able to legitimately use that excuse at some point.

She uses it to trip Potato Head so he can't get away from his alien children on Father's Day – every year for five years.

She discourages the green army men from using it as a battering ram, although occasionally she'll amuse herself by conning the LGMs into thinking it's a second cousin to The Claw. She can use it to shove errant monkeys back in the barrel, ward off Buster when he mistakes her for a sock, and correct her sheep if they get too frisky.

And if a certain antique cowboy doll isn't acting quite frisky enough, it can be used to remedy that situation too.

She surprises everyone by suddenly stepping into the middle of their miniature baseball game and using her staff to knock one out of the park. She also uses it to poke the broken glass out of the window and hopes Andy won't take the rap for it.

She does not use it to pull Jessie off of Buzz if the cowgirl decides to tackle him for one reason or another.

She objects loudly if anyone refers to her staff as a cane, pole, or stick, but can't help giggling when someone sticks a pair of craft eyes on it and a sign that says "Slim."

She's dubious about lending it to one of the ceramic nativity shepherds when he "loses" his right before their annual Christmas pageant, but she and Mary have always been friends and it doesn't seem right not to be generous at this time of year.

She has learned to ask very, very detailed questions before lending it to Hamm, Potato Head, or Jessie.

She uses it to fish Mom's wedding ring out of the bathtub drain and then leaves the gold band out in plain sight, prompting the astonished widow to snatch her ring up and cry hysterically for the second time in one day.

She "accidentally" pulls Jessie's braid loose just as Buzz walks by and then denies to Woody that she did it on purpose, but it's the fifth time it's happened and she's pretty sure he doesn't believe her anymore.

She uses it to write "Bo + Woody" inside of a heart the day the town redoes the sidewalk in front of the house, and doesn't mind lending it to him when he wants to add "Forever" to the slowly drying cement.

Bo wishes she could leave her staff behind for him to hang on to the day that Andy's mom takes her to the community rummage sale, but a shepherd girl without a crook would look kind of funny. So she leans on it, comforts her sheep, and lets the tears fall where they may.

Hello to All!

I must admit, I was not originally a huge fan of Bo Peep and only felt bad about her not being in the third movie out of sympathy for Woody. But then I read "The Intervening Years" by BOC42. I absolutely fell in love with her take on Bo. Go read it right now, people! It's amazing and explores the relationship between Bo and Woody on a level that I would never have imagined. It got me to take a second look at our shepherd girl, and this little one-shot was born as a result.

Thanks so much for reading!