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Rating: PG-NC17

Pairing: Seph/Cloud, Angeal/Zack, some Zack/Cloud-ish stuff

Chapter one: Vampires?

Vampires? What a joke right? That's what everyone thought when someone brought up the subject, right? 'Vampires aren't real; they're only fairytales to make good movies.' 'Vampires are the Goths that walk around school, wishing they were the undead.' Humans always say that without thinking that there may be vampires out there, watching, waiting to catch their prey and suck their blood. Some thinks vampires are sexy, some think they're gross, and some are just obsessed about them, wishing that they were real.

What they don't know wouldn't hurt them…


"Hey, Cloud; all done?" Zack asked, coming up beside his best friend, winking at a few passing girls. The girls giggled, waving at him and telling him to call them even though Zack had no idea what their phone numbers were.

People are stupid that way, they either tell others to call them without giving their phone numbers out first, or they do and don't get a call later… Sometimes they do if they're lucky, but most of the time they're not. Not here at GCC, Gentleman Community College. A lot of people aren't lucky at getting laid here, well… because this place only holds gentlemen who 'wouldn't even think of doing such a grotesque thing while still in college.' But there are those odd balls out there.

Take Zack for instance. With his hot, boyish, good looks, he could have even the straightest man falling for him. He's got it all; the sexy, raven black hair that's spiked back with one lonely strand of hair falling over his eyes, those deep blue eyes that just makes you want to look at them all day, lightly tanned skin that's soft to the touch, and the one of a kind charm that came with a sexy grin to add to his ego. The tight muscle shirt and baggy pants only added onto his sexy bod today.

Cloud shrugged slightly, rolling his eyes at the girls' annoying giggles. "Yeah, sure." Cloud, however, was not like his friend.

First off, he was not as outgoing as Zack and hated being in large crowds for other reasons that I will explain later. Second, he was more on the plain side; he wore a plain black sweater with the Zelda logo on it and dark blue skinny jeans with his green all star converse. Sure he had blond spiky hair that seemed to defy gravity and baby blue eyes, but he had pale skin that almost made him look sick and nobody in this college really liked tattoos, piercings, or men wearing make-up. Ok, so he wore a lot of eye liner, a few earrings, and had a few tattoos… so what?

"'Yeah, sure?' Did someone bother you again?" Zack threw an arm around his shoulders and gave his short friend a concerned look. "Do I need to go beat up Yazoo again?"

"No." Cloud rolled his eyeliner incased eyes, not liking how his friend was being over protective. "It was Loz this time and he only teased me, he didn't touch me." He shrugged off his friend's arm and put his hoodie up. "Can we go back to the dorm? I'm getting uncomfortable in these crowds."

At the moment, they were in the much crowded hallways of the college, students getting ready to leave to do whatever they do in their spare time. Cloud had just finished his own night classes and Zack was waiting for him to escort him back; the blond had a knack for getting into trouble when by himself. And Cloud always started to act strange at night around crowds. He always got this twitch to his upper lip and his eyes would sometime twitch as well; it worried Zack most of the times. Sometimes it got real bad when Cloud practically growled at some of the passer byers. He seemed to be doing alright tonight though.

"Sure," Zack agreed, following after his friend like a guard dog.

They made it back to their dorm on GCC's campus, right up to the third floor. Cloud immediately tore off his sweater and set his shoulder bag next to his bed that sat underneath the large viewing window in their one bedroom dorm, complete with a bathroom and closet. Zack took off his shirt and threw it into his hamper, settling down into his bed, getting his laptop out from underneath it. The blond sat on the edge of his bed, breathing deeply as he felt that hunger well up inside him. He wrung his hands together as he watched Zack type on his computer.



"…I need it." It was quiet and breathy, barely heard by Zack when he spoke. But the dark haired raven turned towards his friend anyway with a look of concern.


"I-I need it… now."

Zack's eyes widened in understanding for the briefest of moments and he couldn't help but smile at Cloud's nervousness and eagerness. "You're hungry?" He shook his head as he sat down his computer on the bed and sat up on the edge of it. He chuckled when Cloud nodded and lowered his head in embarrassment. "Then come over here and take your fill."

Hesitantly, the blond stood up so he could sit beside his taller friend, looking at him with gratefulness in his eyes. Slowly, he leaned towards Zack's neck, opening his mouth to show long canine teeth that were ready to breach the darker skin of his friend. He searched for the jugular vein with his tongue, feeling the delicious pulse racing underneath his tongue. His pupils dilated at the scent coming from his friend, smelling arousal and eagerness as he bit down. Blood spilled into his mouth as he moaned at the rich flavor.

"It's been a while, hasn't it?" Zack teased slightly as he hissed in pleasure from his friend's sucking. The blond only nodded, pushing his friend down onto the bed as he kept drinking his friend's precious fluid. Zack loved it when Cloud came to him to feed, because the blond always made it so pleasurable that sometimes Zack thought they were having sex. "How long has it been since you last feed?"

Cloud didn't answer until he had his fill that would make him last for another couple of days; he didn't want to drink too much of his friend's blood. "Two weeks ago."

"Two weeks ago? You can hold out for that long?"

"Yeah, but it's not the smartest idea…" The blond poked out his tongue to clean the blood from Zack's neck, not wanting to waste the precious food. "I'll have to feed again soon if I want to go another week without feeding."

"Then why not drink some more of my blood?" Zack tilted his head to the side, revealing the newly made wounds on his neck that had stopped bleeding. "I wouldn't mind."

Cloud smirked at the huskiness in the raven's voice. "I know you do, but you have work to do, don't you?" He grinned lightly when Zack's eyes widened, looking at his watch before cursing. "Better hurry, don't want to be late again and have Angeal yell at you again, would you? Why does he have his garage open during the night anyway?"

Zack put his shirt back on, his shirt getting caught in his hair from his rushing. With the shirt back over his torso, he grinned down at the blond who was still sitting on his bed. "In that case, I wouldn't mind being late again; Angeal's hot when he's mad." He licked his lips as thought of the last time his boss had yelled at him. He practically came back to the dorm with a hard on, which Cloud took care of with a little blood draining and jerking off. "And he said that he usually has it open all night is because he concentrates better than in the day time." He shrugs.

The baby blue eyed student rolled his eyes as Zack slowed himself down, putting on his shoes as if he wasn't late anymore. "You know, you should just pounce on him and let him fuck you. And don't give me that 'He's my boss' crap anymore. Look at Rufus and Reno, Genesis and… Sephiroth." He suddenly became quiet when he mentioned the name Sephiroth, blushing when it rolled off his tongue.

Cloud had had a crush on this Sephiroth ever since he started college two years ago when he was nineteen. The man that has taken our blond's interest was about a full head taller, at least over six feet tall. Cloud was 5'5" while Sephiroth was at least 6'2" inches tall. The man had long, silver hair that reached the back of his thighs, pale skin that would make any girl jealous, and cat like green eyes. He liked to wear a lot of black and leather, Cloud noticed, and the combination just made the man look damn sexy. But the man wasn't single… he was with some redhead named Genesis.

"Eh? I thought Sephiroth and Genesis broke up about a week ago," Zack said as he gave his friend a knowing look, snapping the blond out of his fantasy. Cloud snapped his head towards his friend with wide eyes, making the older roommate chuckle.

"What? Seriously?"

"Yep! Your pretty boy is now single." The raven haired man gave his friend the thumbs up before pulling on his coat and a scarf. It was the middle of winter in Midgar, even though it doesn't snow there; it still got pretty damn cold. "I gotta go, I over stayed my welcome and I hope it was long enough where Angeal wants to spank me for being a bad boy…" he trailed off as he left, closing the door behind him and leaving behind a very happy, very flustered blond.


He's single? That can't be right… they've been together before I even started attending this college, Cloud mumbled in his head, rolling the thought of Genesis and Sephiroth no longer together in his mind. It's going to be mighty awkward since Genesis is one of the professors and Sephiroth attends one of his classes every day in the morning. I wonder how they act around each other now. I wonder how long Sephiroth plans to stay single. The blond rolled over onto his stomach as his thoughts ran wild in his head, wondering how Sephiroth was doing and how did they break up. There was big gap in there that Zack had left out before he left. I'll ask him tomorrow.

Cloud got up and stripped off his pants and shirt, snuggling down into his black comforter. It was almost eleven and he had his own job to attend to in the morning, which he was not looking forward to like he did every day. But he couldn't let Zack pay for the dorm and for food by himself now could he? Well… he could, but he wasn't that evil… not really. Besides, Zack would only pay his half and get his own food while Cloud would be kicked out and starving. Yeah, Zack could be evil too if he wanted to.

Settled down and ready to go to sleep, Cloud bade Sephiroth good night in his mind before falling asleep. What he was unaware of though, was that Sephiroth heard the little message and was now sitting up in his bed, looking around his dorm to find the source of the voice. His green eyes glowed in the dark as stared hard into every dark corner that his eyes could reach before he laid back down and fell asleep, wondering if it was just his mind playing tricks on him or someone was really in his room.


When people do think of vampires, they don't get it right. They think that Vampires are the 'undead' and are cold, animalistic, and can only drink blood. Sure, vampires do need to drink blood to survive, but they're not cold, undead, or animalistic… they're just different. And by different, I mean, born different because of what their ancestors have done in the past.

What? You may ask, but that is for you to find out later…


Work… the most evil thing in the world if you don't like it. Well, Cloud liked his job; who wouldn't like working in a band shop that sold guitars, drums, basses, cymbals, CDs, and concert videos? Yes, Cloud loved his job… it was his boss and co-worker that he didn't like. His boss, Vincent, was cold, creepy, and just rubbed the blond the wrong way. His co-worker… now there was a character. Kadaj, the high school drop out, was his name and it was his mission to make Cloud his in every way possible.

Kadaj was nice; it's just that he tries too hard and dresses oddly. For one thing, he wears lip gloss, lip gloss! He wore pink tanks, skirts some days and short shorts other days. He always walks with a sway in his hips and wears high-heels! Could he be anymore flaming? He gave himself the nick-name Twinkerbell! What the hell is up with that? Hell, he'll even bat his eyelashes, thinking that it'll make him look cute. How he got this kind of job was beyond Cloud.

Walking with a slouch, Cloud made his way behind the counter, sat on a stool, and put on his name tag. He sat his back-pack on the ground next to him and brought out his text books to work on to help pass by some time. Vincent, his boss, was most likely in the back, doing whatever he does every day while Kadaj was nowhere to be seen. That would change though; the flaming fag always knew when Cloud was in. The blond had no idea how, but Kadaj knew when he came in and would always be there a few minutes later.

Speaking of which, here comes the silver haired, green eyed teen now. Yes he was a teenager, at least seventeen; five years younger than Cloud. The blond could see him running past the large glass windows in front of the shop in nothing but a jean jacket, a white mini skirt, black fishnet leggings, and brown ugg boots. A pink scarf was wrapped around his pale neck and that seemed like the only warm thing he was wearing besides the boots. The silver haired teen came in, shivering and sniffling from the cold weather.

"Would it kill ya if you wore actual clothes that covered your whole body?" Cloud asked as the teen started bouncing up and down to warm himself up. He watched as Kadaj took off his coat to show that he was wearing a black belly-button tank. The scarf soon followed showing his usual choke necklace made from a ribbon.

"Cha, this how I dress. It just… shows my inner princess," Kadaj answered as he went to stand by Cloud, snuggling up to his warmer body. They were almost the same height, only Cloud had more meat on his bones and had a bigger body frame. "Why Cloud, I had no idea you cared for my wellbeing."

"I don't; I only care about not being alone with our boss," the blond scoffed, pushing the teen away with one arm, his eyes not moving away from his text book. "There's no way I'm going to work alone with that guy."

"Ah yes, Vincent. He's a major hotty, but such a creeper." Kadaj shivered at the thought of the man and snuggled into Cloud's side again. "Who knows what he'll do to us if he ever catches us alone."

"Heh, yeah. I'm more worried about what he'll do to you more than what he'll do to me."

"Aw, you really do care for my wellbeing!" The silver haired teen wrapped his arms around Cloud's shoulders, resting his head on the blond's shoulder. Cloud did nothing to remove him and Kadaj took it as a good sign to keep himself where he was. "But seriously, that guy is too creepy for words. I wonder if he has a lover."

"Don't know; don't care as long as it doesn't involve me."

Kadaj pursed his lips together and let the blond go, giving Cloud a disapproving look. "You are so heartless sometimes Cloud." He crossed his thin arms over his chest, walking over to one of the ground heaters that shot up a warm breeze into the air to stand over it and warm up. He gave Cloud an angry pout when the blond continued to ignore him. "Y'know Cloud, you should feel honored to have me pursuing you."

"Oh really? And why's that?"

"Because almost everyone wants to be with me, but I'm keeping my virginity for you. That's why you should feel honored because you'll be the one to take my innocence."

With a quirked eyebrow, Cloud looked up from his work. He blinked several times at the green eyed teen, hoping he wasn't being serious. "Kadaj, I'm not going to take away you innocence and I'm never going to have sex with you. Besides it would be illegal anyways since you're still a minor and I'm an adult."

Kadaj eyes widened before he looked away, finding the red guitar on the wall suddenly very interesting. "Oh, right. You say that every time." He let out a disappointed sigh as he sat down on the heater. "Cloud, do you think that I'll ever meet a nice guy who doesn't want me only for my body?"

"Someday, if you dress more appropriately," Cloud answered with a bored voice, writing down notes in one of his many notebooks.

"What's wrong with the way I dress?" Kadaj stood up defensively, glaring at the blond.

"… You look like a skank." It was blunt, but didn't mean to sound mean. Kadaj didn't know that though and made an angry sound, putting his hands on his hips while cocking one to his left side. "No offence."

"A little too late for that."

"All I'm saying is to dress more moderately and not as many men will be hitting on you because they think you put out, as the term is now a days." Cloud sighed, closing his books to give the angered teen his full attention, hoping that customers wouldn't arrive any time soon. There was none in the store at the moment, which Cloud was glad for. "You're going to catch a cold wearing scanty clothes like that and I rather not have someone blame me for you being sick."

The silver haired teen chewed on the corner of his lip and walked towards the blond while he wrapped his arms around his cold body. "So what kind of clothes should I wear?"

"Well, wear actual shirts and pants; skirts don't look good on you anyway. The makeup is fine, just keep away from the eye shadow; I don't think you'll look good in it either unless you want to look like a total girl," Cloud suggested, taking off his dark red and black stripped hoodie and gave it to the cold teen.

Kadaj took the jacket with a grateful smile and slipped it on, taking in the smell of Cloud's cucumber and watermelon body wash. It was still warm from the blond's body heat and it made Kadaj blush from the older man's rare show of kindness. But what really got the small teen to flush was the small grin Cloud gave back as a welcome. It was rare for the man to show any kind of affection to anyone unless it was to Zack and having Cloud smile at him was truth that the older man really did have a heart. Kadaj smiled to himself and snuggled into the hoodie, sitting down on the stool next to Cloud.

The bell on the door knob jingled, signaling someone had entered. The two looked up to see a distraught Zack walking towards them, his head lowered as he sauntered over towards the high counter. He leaned over the counter in front of Cloud, giving a large sigh before looking up with sadness held in his eyes. He didn't say anything at first and the blond could see what he wanted to say through the taller man's eyes. Something had happened with Angeal and it had to be something bad if it caused the raven haired man's uneasiness, especially if he was skipping classes.

"Zack," Cloud said his name, asking him through that to tell him what happened.

The raven gave another sad sigh as he ran his hands through his hair while keeping his elbows on the counter. "Last night, I walked in on Angeal and Genesis…" he stopped, wincing at the words coming out of his mouth. It didn't seem or sound real at first until he actually said it out loud; now it felt overwhelming and it hurt more than it did before. Tears gathered in the corner of his eyes, but did not fall, blurring Zack's vision of the counter he was looking at.

Cloud nodded and stood up, walking around the counter and to his friend to lead him to a secluded corner. "Kadaj, watch the desk for a moment will you?"

"Sure," the teen answered without a thought, giving Zack a sad look.

"Now, tell me everything that happened," Cloud said calmly after sitting the depressed man at the table in the corner of the store used for people to just hang out whenever they wanted to. It was small, meant for small gatherings and usually held Cloud, Zack, and Kadaj whenever the store was empty and Zack had no classes.

"I-it- (sigh), I don't know if I really need to explain it since you probably know what happened," the troubled raven mumbled, looking down at his knees.

"They're only guesses; I want to hear the true story from you."

Zack looked to see Cloud as calm as he could be, knowing he had made the right choice in coming to confide on his friend. The blond was always listening and was always calm when people talked, but people just don't see how great the man was until they actually talked to him which they gladly don't. Others were afraid of the blond because of his emo and gothic looks; it disturbed them and kept away from him. Zack was probably his only friend.

With a huff, Zack began his small tale that had happened last night. "Well, last night, when I arrived at the garage, I was ten minutes late and was expecting to have Angeal chew me out right away. But when I came in and didn't see him anywhere, I decided to go look for him. I started with the storage room to see if he was counting our supplies in case we needed to get more of something. Then I checked the office, and that's where I found them; lip locked and almost to the point where they were going to… fuck…" A small stuttered sigh slipped out and laid his head down on the table. "Genesis saw me first and he smirked at me… as if he was taunting me. Almost as if he was mocking me; like he could tell that I too wanted Angeal."

"Did Angeal ever notice that you were there?"

"No, he was busy… kissing Genesis' neck and pulling off his pants to notice me."

Cloud shook his head, already the little redhead was on the top of his list to kill by draining his blood. "Then what happened?"

"I left to go work on a car and about an hour later, Genesis walks out of the office first with his clothes on awkwardly. He leaves when Angeal comes out and he's surprised that I was there. He asked how long I had been there, I answered for about an hour, and he then asks how come I didn't come find him. I told him I did, but he was a little busy at the moment so I didn't bother him." Zack gave a bitter laugh; the tears that had gathered finally fell in two big droplets, slowly making their way down his cheeks to drip off his jaw. "I wish I could have seen his face, I had my back to him the whole time and didn't dare look back because I just couldn't face him."

"Hey," Cloud whispered, taking the other man's face into his hands so he could lift up his head and look into his eyes. "Hey, there's no need for tears." He wiped the wet trails away with his thumbs, kissing Zack's forehead. "Genesis is just a bastard who's using people and I don't think he and Angeal are together. If they are, then you need to steal him back, give Genesis a taste of his own medicine."

Zack smirked, leaning his forehead against the blond's. "Man, if you were taller and a little more bulky, I would totally go for you." They heard someone clear their throat and looked up to see Kadaj glaring at Zack over by the counter. The two laughed at the teen's obvious jealousy towards the raven.

"I know. Too bad I already have eyes for someone else." The blond gave Zack a small kiss on the lips before moving away to go back to his seat on the stool, ignoring Kadaj's glare. "I'll make you a cake when I get back to the dorm later, k?"

"Sure." Zack waved good-bye and winked at Kadaj, making the short teen flush. "Bye bye."

"See ya."

The raven left just as someone else was coming in. Zack eyed the man as he passed by, quirking an eyebrow that the other guy didn't see. He shook his head and walked down the steps with his hands in his pocket, planning on going back to the dorm.

Kadaj shook his head as he gazed at Cloud, both not knowing that another customer had walked in. "I can't belief that douchbag did that right after the break-up with Sephy. How could Genesis be so cruel to both Zack and Sephiroth?"

"Genesis did what now?" another voice chimed in, interrupting them.

Cloud froze at the voice, turning his head slowly around to come face to face with the man they were just talking about. "S-Sephiroth! Ah, we didn't see you there." He gave an awkward smile, which made Sephiroth give the blond an odd look. Immediately, the blond knew Sephiroth thought of him as a freak.

"Do I know you?"

The blond almost creamed his pants at the other's voice, liking the man being so close to him. Kadaj, however, didn't like how Cloud was gazing at the other man. He glanced between the two, giving off jealousy vibes that were completely ignored.

"Yeah Cloud, how do you know my Aniki?" the silver haired teen asked, crossing his arms as he cocked his head to the side to show his confusion.

Wait, Aniki? Isn't that Japanese for- "Older brother? You two are brothers?" Okay, things went from awkward to creepy. The two did look alike with the same color of hair and eyes, but Kadaj was so much different from Sephiroth.

"Yeah," Kadaj answered a little rudely, trying to make the blond look bad in front of his brother. It was working, because the taller man was gazing at the blond as if he was a pest that shouldn't be around his younger brother. "Can't you tell? I mean, you do go to the same school with him."

"Well I'm sorry, you never mentioned you had an older brother and I tend not to get into other people's personal lives unless they wanted me too," Cloud snapped softly, rolling his eyes. He knew Kadaj was doing this on purpose because he could see the envy hidden in the smaller brother's green eyes.

"Wait, you're that one freak at the college that everyone likes talking about. I always wondered who they were talking about because I never saw you in any of my classes. You must attend the night classes, giving you more of a creepy aura," Sephiroth teased, giving the blond a cruel smile. "They rumor was true, you are a freak."

Right then, Cloud felt something break inside him. He clenched his fists and he glared rather harshly at the older brother, surprising the man. "Yeah I know I'm a freak and I'm damn proud of it. Yes, I'm different, but I guess that's better than being a self-centered jock just like the rest of the school is." Cloud shoved his stuff into his bag and threw it over his shoulder as he started to head out the door. Before he reached the door, he turned around to give the two brothers one final glare. "Y'know, I actually felt sorry for you when I heard about you and Genesis. And this freak has a name y'know, his name is Cloud." He slammed the door shut when he left, causing the brothers to flinch.


Zack jumped when the door to the dorm burst open, clutching his shirt over his heart. He watched in confusion as the door slammed closed again and in walked an angry blond who gladly threw his bag on the bed, sitting on the edge of it to take of his shoes. Cloud cursed when he remembered that he left his jacket with Kadaj, forgetting it in his hurry to get out of there. He didn't even notice the cold until now, he was so angry.

Quirking an eyebrow, Zack watched the blond stand up from his bed and headed towards the kitchen, taking out ingredients to cook something. Usually, the blond only cooked dinner, which it wasn't yet, made something for Zack when he was down, or when he was pissed off and needed something to do to get his mind off of it. This was one of the latter times and this had the older roommate worried. Cloud rummaged around the cabinets, bringing out pots and pans to start something, Zack didn't know yet.

"What happened?" the raven haired man asked gently as he walked over towards the kitchen and leaned against the counter.

"That-that-that guy! I swear! I thought he was different than everyone else, but I was wrong!" Cloud snapped in frustration. Zack didn't even flinch at the blond's anger and let him continue without commenting on anything yet. "So Sephiroth comes in right? Then I find out that he and Kadaj are brothers. Then Kadaj makes me look like an idiot because he's jealous and Sephiroth remembers me as the freak from college. He even said I looked like a freak! And that… that hurt."

Zack gave a small sigh, coming next to Cloud, who now had his hands on the counter and was leaning on them, and wrapped an arm around his shoulders. The blond turned around so he could snuggle against the taller man's chest, wrapping his arms around his waist. Cloud gave a shuttering sigh, trying to keep back his tears. He wasn't used to showing so many emotions in front of people and it embarrassed him, unless it was with Zack. Whenever he needed a shoulder to cry on, Zack was the person to go to.

"Shhhh, I know, I know," the raven whispered, tightening his hold on his friend. "Sephiroth is just a jerk who doesn't deserve you. You deserve so much better." He petted the blond hair, laying his head on the soft locks.

"I probably do," Cloud joked. "But I'm gonna do what I told you to do: I'm gonna steal him and give whoever a taste of their own medicine."

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