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Rating: PG-NC17

Pairings: Seph/Cloud, Angeal/Zack, Vincent/Genesis, Reeve/Denzel/Kadaj

Chapter 18 (Epilogue): Happy Ending

Blue eyes glanced to the side towards the silver haired beauty next to him, wondering if what they were doing was the right thing. Piercing green eyes glanced back, giving the blond a reassuring look as he grabbed the other's hand as they made their way down the crowded streets of Junon. They had a mission to fulfill, but Cloud wasn't sure if it would work out like he hoped it would. Sephiroth's hand squeezed his when the blond gave a doubtful look, but chose not to speak it out loud; instead, he gave his older lover a kiss on the cheek.

Fifty years later and the love between them was still growing. After that incident years ago, Sephiroth and Cloud had grown closer together and practically never left each other's side unless they had work. Speaking of work, Vincent closed down the shop so he could sing, play his guitar, and travel, becoming quite famous rather fast for twenty years until he faked his death along with his lover Genesis so they didn't have to worry about the paparazzi asking them why they looked so young even after twenty years. After that, the red eyed vampire and his redheaded lover moved to Costa Del Sol which they are now located… for now.

Because of Vincent closing down the shop, Cloud and Kadaj had to find a new job. Cloud was given a job in Sephiroth's department, but wouldn't be working alongside him most of the time. Kadaj was given the chance to be trained by Reeve to become an assassin like himself and help his fellow vampires or humans as well as Denzel. The two teens had agreed, with their brother's permission-though it took nearly a week to convince them and it was a sad ordeal-, and they left with their lover Reeve to live with him in Junon and wouldn't be back until they were assassin's, which could take years. After fifteen years, they were back in Midgar and were now keeping peace between the vampires and humans with Reeve beside them to help them along the way… until Kadaj was killed on a mission ten years ago. He wouldn't be reborn for another twenty years or so.

As for Zack and Angeal, well… Zack had Lucrecia teach him some of the black magic after they left Akuji's cage and found his book of spells. The raven had gotten a little too crazy with the magic and managed to make himself a uterus… I don't think I need to say more about that unless you really want to know about their eight kids, who were all vampires by the way (a gift from Behemoth as Angeal liked to say). Anyways, the two of them stayed in Midgar for ten more years before moving to the Nibelhiem Mountains where they could raise their children without worrying about them being found out. They did make a few friends and did tell them what they were when they had enough trust between them. The two lovers and their eight kids, that were now around thirty and under, were still there to this day.

Yazoo and Nanaki traveled to Cosmo Canyon in Nunchaku where they lived for forty more years, dying from old age since they were both human. Their family members were rather upset, but soon found out that they had would be reincarnated in ten years and Cloud and Sephiroth had plans for the two of them to meet again when they were older. And this time, both Yazoo and Nanaki will be vampires… from what the new prophet had said

Loz and Tifa were married a year after being kidnapped by Akuji and both had died in a car crash fifteen years later, leaving behind two kids that Cloud and Sephiroth had to take care of for five years before the children went off on their own and made something of themselves. The oldest one, who was now in his early forties and married with two children of his own, had followed his father's footsteps and became a security guard, but for superstars instead of a museum. Loz's second child, who had passed away in her late twenties from leukemia, was a great child with a big heart whom Cloud really enjoyed and loved and was rather sad to let her go. She was not married and had no children to leave behind.

Shiro and Lucrecia continued to stay in Midgar in low profile before they moved back to Japan twenty-five years later and were now about to move back to Midgar. They decided that every twenty-five years, they would move back and forth from Japan to Midgar and so on, visiting old friends that were still alive or were vampires, and seeing their children when they could.

Reno and Rufus were still alive and looking as young as ever, even today because of Akuji's spell book and Zack's new use of black magic. Luckily, Lucrecia was there to make sure everything went well and had done the same for Rude and Tseng. Rufus still reigned over the Turks and with them, he made his own little assassin team and began to travel around the world to help when they were needed.

And Cid… no one knew what happened to him. After that whole thing with Vincent's crazy brother, the blond wolf disappeared and was never seen again. The Assassin Borough tried searching for him, but the werewolf was one step ahead of them and was gone before he could be captured. Aerith and her assassins had given up on him when they decided that Cid wasn't causing any trouble so it would be best just to leave him alone.

Now back to Cloud and Sephiroth; the two lovers decided to leave Midgar and travel, hoping to find Lazard's reincarnated lover Akuji with the help of the new Prophet Jenova. A few months ago, Jenova had appeared before them and told them where they could find Akuji, or rather Cissnei. She was twenty-one years old and lived in Kalm, attending the small university there as a child psychologist. Right now, the two lovers were in Junon looking for Lazard after they traveled to Kalm and practically stalked her to find out what she was like and took a couple of pictures to show Lazard, finding out she was a vampire.

"What if, you know, Lazard doesn't like her?" Cloud finally spoke after thirty minutes of searching for Lazard's home. Junon had gotten rather big and prosperous over the last fifty years and the two of them hadn't been to the city for a long time.

Sephiroth stopped in his tracks and turned around to stare at the young vampire like he was insulted. "You kidding me? Don't you remember all those words that Lazard had spouted out before and after he had killed Akuji? It doesn't matter what gender his soul mate is as long as he/she is alive and is single." He crossed his arms and glared at the person who had bumped into him. "It's a sign of true love, and we secretly promised that we would tell him if we found his mate, and we have."

Cloud rolled his eyes and continued to walk, not looking back to see if Sephiroth was following him. "I know, I know. It's just… he's been with Akuji longer than any of his past selves, so what if he really wanted a male instead of female. It's hard to explain, but you get what I'm saying right?"

An arm wrapped itself around his shoulders and a soft kiss to the cheek was his answer. "I understand how you feel. But Lazard would be ecstatic just knowing that his mate has been reincarnated." The older male smiled softly when he felt the other lean against him and wrap an arm around his waist.

"Hn, maybe you're right."

"I'm always right."

"Heh, sure."


An hour later, Cloud and Sephiroth finally found the duplex that the blond wolf was staying in with the help of some of the locals. The blond rang the doorbell, shifting his weight until he heard footsteps coming towards the door. A couple of locks could be heard being undone until the doorknob finally twisted and the door was opened, showing a disheveled looking blond in only a pair of sweats. Lazard stared at the two that stood in front of his door before suddenly slamming it closed. Cloud and Sephiroth glanced at each other with confused frowns until the door was reopened.

"Are you really Cloud and Sephiroth?" the wolf asked as he raked a hand through his short hair, long bangs falling back on either side of his face once the hand was gone. When the two nodded, Lazard took a step back as an invitation to come in. "So why are you here?" Hope could be heard in his voice as he spoke.

"Well," Cloud began, a little nervous. He sat down on the love seat next to Sephiroth and swallowed the lump that was in his throat. "We happened to find the reincarnation of your lover." He took out a large envelope and held it out to the blond creature. "Her name is Cissnei."

Lazard pulled out whatever was in the envelope and almost gasped at the picture of a rather beautiful girl with wavy brown hair, light brown eyes, and light pink skin. She was smiling at some other girl that had short blond hair, both oblivious to their picture being taken. You could see her sharp canine teeth, however, from her large, laughing grin. The wolf moved the picture aside and gazed at the notes Sephiroth had written down to help Lazard on his quest to recapture his love's heart.

"She's beautiful," the older blond said with a happy sigh.

Giving a wink and a cocky smirk to Cloud, Sephiroth stood. "If you'll excuse us, we have a boat to catch." Cloud stood up after him and the two of them left the wolf's home, glad that the mission was finished with good results.


"You think they'll be happy?" Cloud asked as they nestled down into one of the many rooms of the boat. The blond sat his bag at the foot of the bed before flopping down onto his stomach on the bed, liking the feel of the silk sheets against his face. He felt the bed dip beside him, a warm body lying next to his with a hand landing on his back to rub it.

"I'm sure they will," Sephiroth answered from where he laid on his back, his hand now slipping underneath the blond's shirt so he could run his fingernails lightly up and down the smooth back. "He's probably on his way right now to see her."

"I hope he doesn't do anything stupid."

The silver haired vampire chuckled. "He's much older than we are; I'm pretty sure he knows what he's doing." He turned onto his side when he felt his lover do the same, leaning his head on his hand with his elbow holding him up. Green eyes stared down into blue and Sephiroth felt like he could gaze into them forever, but that forever was cut short when Cloud looked away shyly, a blush across his cheeks.

"I guess so." Cloud yelped when he was suddenly pulled towards the other's chest before the silver haired vampire turned back onto his back, bringing the blond with him. "What are you doing?" he asked when he felt the hand that was once on his back travel down towards his pants and underneath it to grab his ass. "Hey!"

"Don't worry; I'm not going to do anything," Sephiroth replied through a yawn. "I'm exhausted. I'm going to sleep after I feed." He didn't give the blond a chance to reply by bringing the blue eyed vampire's neck closer to his mouth and bit down on it softly, humming at the sweetness of Cloud's blood.

Cloud gasped pleasantly and grasped his lover's forearms. "… Sephiroth…" He didn't feel rather hungry since he ate last night, but the feeling of Sephiroth's teeth digging into his neck made him want to do the same thing back. Tilting his head to the side to give Sephiroth a better angle, the blond dug his teeth into the older vampire's vein and began to suck and drink the juicy fluid that spilled into his mouth.

"This room seems to be empt-oh my," a young man's voice echoed into the two lovers' ears, alerting them that they had forgotten to lock the door. "I am so sorry, please excuse us." The door was quickly shut with a loud bang just as Cloud and Sephiroth sat up to see who had interrupted them. Luckily for them, it only looked like they were snogging to the people who had interrupted and couldn't see what was really going on.

The two lovers smiled at each other with bloody mouths as the older male lent down and took Cloud's mouth with his own. A tongue made its way past the blond's lips and into his wet cavern, poking at the younger vampire's tongue to play. Cloud obliged and moaned lowly in his throat, his pants becoming rather tight from what the silver haired vampire's tongue was doing to him. Even after fifty years, kissing was still as hot and sweet between them.

"I thought you were tired?" Cloud asked after Sephiroth broke the kiss, panting.

"Not so much anymore." The older vampire chuckled as he pushed Cloud down onto the bed, crawling over him to sit on his waist and take off his jacket and shirt. With that done, he grabbed the edge of the blond's shirt and pulled it over his head, thankful that Cloud had already taken off his own coat. "It's been a while, hasn't it?"

Cloud nodded in agreement. "Yes it has; we've been so busy searching for Cissnei that we completely forgot to have sex from time to time." He grinned when his pants were pulled off eagerly by Sephiroth's needy hands, leaving him in only his red, mini-slip underwear and white socks. Blue eyes watched lustfully as Sephiroth took off his own pants after standing up from the bed, taking off his boxers as well. "No foreplay?"

"Not tonight. I'm too horny, I want you right now," the taller male almost growled out as he crawled back over the blond and between his spread thighs after taking off his underwear. "Do you have any lube on you?" He did growl this time, in frustration, when Cloud shook his head. "Well I'm not taking you dry and saliva won't be enough." Sephiroth searched the room to find something that could be used as lubricant and was happy to find a bottle of baby oil underneath the pillow that had most likely been left behind by accident… which meant the sheets hadn't been changed yet. Giving a disgusted look for a split second, Sephiroth decided not to think about it anymore.

Cloud bit his lip in anticipation while he watched the older man wet his fingers thoroughly until they disappeared from sight, but he could feel them pressing against his entrance, one of them waiting for him to calm down so it could enter him. The blond took deep breaths and let himself relax, relishing in the feeling of his lover's finger pressing into him slowly. The appendage didn't slow or stop when it was fully in, it began moving immediately in circles or pumping in and out of him in a rapid pace. It did miss his prostate purposely, however.

"Sephiroth," Cloud whined, reaching down to touch himself, but the hand was slapped away.

"Don't touch yourself just yet; I don't want you coming before I'm even in," the silver haired vampire replied bluntly, adding another finger that had Cloud moaning wantonly.

"Then hurry up!"

"I don't want to hurt you. It's been a while and that means you'll be much tighter than usual, almost like a virgin again. You feel rather tight even with just my fingers inside." The two fingers that he had inside the blond spread apart to stretch him further, making the younger of the two turn his head to the side and bury his head into the pillow with his hands grasping the sheets below him. A third finger was quickly added when Sephiroth felt the other loosen up for him, but it was soon tight again when the silver haired man accidentally brushed against Cloud's g-spot.

"Sephiroth, please hurry…" There was urgency in his voice as he spoke, telling Sephiroth that the blond wouldn't last much longer; pain or no pain, Cloud needed him now.

Giving the blond a couple more minutes to relax, Sephiroth finally gave into Cloud's wanton calling and pulled out his fingers before rolling onto his back so Cloud could ride him and go at a pace that the younger vampire would enjoy. The blond sat up and grabbed the baby oil to lather Sephiroth's erection with it, hovering over it when he thought it was wet enough. Sephiroth kept himself still when Cloud began to bring himself down on his large cock, hissing at the heat that surrounded him while Cloud hummed at the feeling of Sephiroth filling him once again after such a long time.

"You don't seem to be in much pain," the green eyed vampire murmured as he gripped the blond's hips, watching himself disappear inside his lover slowly.

"There's a little pain, but the feel of your heat inside me feels so good that it's overpowering it," Cloud whispered back, gasping in joy when he finally felt Sephiroth's skin touching his rear. Feeling his older lover inside of him completely was really wonderful that it had Cloud smiling down towards his silver haired vampire. "You can move now if you want." A bead of sweat dripped down the blond's temple and down his neck to disappear over his shoulder and down his back.

Sephiroth nodded and began to move Cloud and his hips, helping his blond mate move up and down (so much for Cloud being the one in control). He'd thrust up when Cloud came down, sometimes pulling the young vampire down onto him forcefully to see if could reach deeper inside the blond with his length, which had the blue eyed man yelling in pleasure. The speed picked up once Sephiroth felt Cloud relax enough around him to do so, holding him still so he could thrust up into Cloud at a rather harsh pace that had the younger gasping and crying out in pleasure. The older male's dick was like a hot piston shooting up inside of him over and over again, brushing up and against his prostate gently or forcefully with each thrust.

"Sephiroth!" Cloud shouted at one particular thrust, eyes widening when Sephiroth stayed seated deeply inside him and stood up from the bed with his legs hooked over each arm. He wrapped his arms around the pale man's neck and held on tightly when Sephiroth began to thrust up into him again, the pace much faster and harder than before. "Ah! Seph! Oh god, that feels so goooood!"

The older vampire only smirked against Cloud's shoulder, feeling his peak reaching its limit. By the way the blond was yelling and blushing all over, Cloud was just about ready to explode as well. They've barely been going at it for twenty minutes and yet they were both at their limit, a sign that they truly needed each other and 'reconnect.' Giving one more thrust, Cloud came over his and Sephiroth's stomachs and chest, even their chins, with a rather loud moan.

The younger male gasped when he felt shot after shot of semen fill him, a little slipping out and trailing back down Sephiroth's softening length. Sephiroth dropped Cloud on the bed and followed after him, flopping down beside him with a tired sigh after gently pulling out, eyes feeling heavy from wanted sleep. Cloud chuckled at his lover's sleepy expression and kissed his temple after pulling up the sheets over them, scooting close to the already sleeping vampire's heat and wrapped his arms around him with a small smile.

Together forever, no matter how many times we die, we'll always find each other one way or another.

(in the room next door)

"Oh god that sounded hot," said a young girl with short black hair, blood dripping down her nose as she smiled to herself. "Damn you Yuffie! You should have recorded it!" She hit herself and continued to degrade herself all the way into her room's bathroom.

The End

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