I really didn't need to extend the story all the way till the 26th of October, but I wanted to because that's my birthday! Alright, down to business, the hardest part of writing this whole story: definitely coming up with the names for the chapters.

We both didn't really know what to do after our little announcements. Kyle and I were still standing out on the balcony just staring at each other, because, well, we both didn't really know what to do after our little announcements. Eventually we broke the gaze to look out at the city; he just slipped his arm around my shoulder making my stomach tighten. I instinctively slapped my hand across my mouth, Kyle looked over at me worried and wondering what the hell was going on. I had to tare myself away from him to lean over the railing to puke, I think I might have hit someone.

The rest of the night we did all the little touches, anything to get me to throw up, as I ate some tamales I had picked up earlier for our dinner. Basically we made a game; Kyle would try getting within two inches of my face, which we found was our limit, and then I'd throw up over the balcony and we'd see what I hit. No points for the ground, 10 points for and animal, 20 points for a person, and 50 points if I made it all the way across the ally into the lot next to the hotel.

The tamales were just so I could reload ammo. Plus, they were pretty good.

We finally went in around midnight, we got dressed into more comfortable clothes, the he slipped into his bed closer to the balcony and left the blinds open. Kyle turned out the light before I could get into my own bed, but the glow of the city and the moon made everything easy to see. I stood between the two beds, mine was made and neat, Kyle occupied his, he was turned away from me looking out at the city. He rolled over when he felt me get in next to him.

"What do you want to do tomorrow?" I whispered, out faces only two inches from each other.

'Who cares? I'm still focused on right now.' He mouthed smiling at me, then closed his eyes and put a hand on my shoulder before falling asleep.

He wasn't really asleep… or maybe he was… I couldn't tell. I fought my urge to run over to the bathroom and bend over the toilet, that is; I tried to keep my vile down as I inched closer to him and pecked his lips just for a second—because seriously if it lasted any longer we'd have to get new clothes, take a shower, and use to other bed, but… a shower together didn't sound that bad…

I was right when I thought he wasn't really asleep, as I pulled back I caught the ends of his mouth slightly curl upward.

I think Kyle might have been a little embarrassed as he walked down the street following my as I ran around stopping to look in all the windows. We went around all day until it became late, we found the Japanese Tea gardens over near the museum of natural science or something, but it was closed due to some rodent infestation or something, so we kept walking until we got to a flight of concrete stairs. We were walking along side a small lake once we reached the top, it was getting dark so no one else was there, a sign read "Stow Lake", I guessed that's where we were.

We sat silently on a bench looking out over the dark water in the almost dark, there were lamp posts but they were broken, so there was just the moon and some distant lamps far away to light up the lake. Kyle and I weren't holding hands, we weren't staring at each other, we sat on either ends of the bench with a good foot between us, he was looking out across the water, I was watching his eyes waiting for him to do something.

'You know, sometimes I forget I can't talk.' He mouthed still not looking at me. 'I feel like everything is the way it should be, I can talk, I can yell, I can whisper, I forget my limitations and I feel happy. …Then I remember… and it all goes away.' He looked at me then. 'I really don't care what the guys back home think, it's just…' He looked back at the lake. 'I'm always thinking about it, always thinking; there's nothing left. I can never speak again. Never, anything will change that. I can never say I never want to be with you, I can never get married and say "I do", and I can never tell you I love you. I can't say it, and I never will.'

I pulled my legs up onto the bench and sat on them making myself face him, then pulled on his shoulder until Kyle looked back over at me, I smiled, "You don't have to say anything, I already know."

He looked down at his hands trying to hide a smile, 'I want to—' He mouthed, but my phone cut him off.

"Holy fuck, who the hell would call now? God dammit." I said pulling it out, it seamed all day I had been getting texts from everyone in my grade but I deleted them, couldn't they take a hint by now I didn't want to be bothered? "It's Butters." I said looking at the caller ID, that meant something serious had happened. "Should I answer?" I asked Kyle, it did interrupt him, didn't it?

He nodded, I flipped open my phone and he pressed his ear against the other side of my phone to hear too, "Butters? What's up?"

"Cartman killed him!" He yelled, it sounded like he was crying. "He killed him at school!"

"Butters, calm down, what are you talking about? Who did Cartman kill?" I asked frantically, Kyle looked pale.

"Kenny! He killed Kenny!"

'You bastard!' Kyle mouthed.

I was a little shocked, why would Cartman want to kill Kenny besides the fact that he was banging Butters? "What? Why?"

There was a pause and some sobbing in the background, "Before school… Kenny called everyone together, everyone in the grade, everyone was listening. He told everyone he started that rumor from a long time ago, the one about Kyle liking you? He told everyone he started it then Cartman attacked him! He had a gun in his pocket and it accidentally shot Kenny in the stomach!"

I paused for a moment; "Kenny told everyone he started the rumor?"

"He told everyone, he took on Cartman, he supported you guys, the whole shabang! Cartman killed him! …Oh, oh god, I think I'm going to… be sick…"

"Dude, was Wendy there? What did she do!" I asked.

"She wasn't at school, she wasn't there."

That was weird. Wendy always came to school when Cartman was there, even when she was really sick, "Woe, did something happen to her—not that I care or anything." I assured.

He paused a minute, "I don't think so, she and Bebe just didn't show I guess…"

I looked back over at Kyle; he just shrugged.

"Bebe wasn't there either?" I asked, Butters just continued crying.

"I don't know! I didn't see her, I saw Cartman kill Kenny!"

I sighed, "Butters, calm down, he'll be back, you're acting like Tweek. Anyway, why don't you just get some hot cocoa and take a breather, alright? It'll be alright, I have to go, but, it'll be okay, okay?"

"Okay." Was all he said, then he hung up with out saying goodbye.

I leaned back against the back of the bench putting my phone back in my pocket then stared out at the lake again wide-eyed. Kyle was gazing over at me worriedly, he put a hand on my knee and shook it trying to get my attention. Kenny stood in front of everyone and told the truth, he stood up against Cartman and Damien and everyone else who outcast us, that was braver than what Kyle and I did. All we did was run away like cowards, he fought, even after we had our argument. I had stood up for Kyle, but never up to Cartman and the whole grade, he's the brave one… and the stupid one… but still. So, maybe that means even though he's only our friend he'd risk his life for us. He wasn't in love with us, hell that'd be creepy, but he still did it. He could have learned sign language, he could have stood up for Kyle, he could have ran away with him. Maybe, I was never really in love with Kyle; maybe Kyle was never really in love with me. I looked back over at him, and I thought; maybe, but it doesn't really matter anymore, because we're in love now.

'Stan, you alright?' Kyle mouthed, he was really worried about me, wasn't he?

I smiled, "Yeah, dude, never better. So," I turned to face him again, this time we were both sitting with our legs curled under us, his hands resting on his knees were barely touching mine that were in the same position, "what were we talking about before that dick called?"

Kyle thought for a moment, 'I was mouthing about how I can never talk again, and… I think you were trying to calm me down.'

I groaned clenching my eyes closed, "Can we just skip to the part where I make you feel better? All these emotional moments with you can't possibly be good for our mental health."

He smiled mute laughing; 'I… wanted to ask you something.'

"Uh, sure, what is it?" I asked leaning forward slightly.

He let out a deep breath; 'I want to go home.'

"Oh." I said simply, then stood up brushing myself off then extended my hand to pull him up too. "Alright, let's go, maybe we can get something to eat on the way there."

Kyle grabbed my hand and pulled me back down on the bench, 'Dude, you know that's not what I meant.' He mouthed looking me in the eye.

"Eh…" I said shrugging. "You want to leave already? Why? Are you sure you want to do back so soon? N-not that I have anything… wrong with that."

Kyle crossed his arms narrowing his eyes at me, 'I'm not a fucking girl, dude, you don't have to act like I'm always about to break.'

"Sorry." I said scratching the back of my head awkwardly.

'I don't know, I just feel like… it's going to be different if we go back now, like instincts or some weird omen or something, something wants me back, and… I miss South Park.' He mouthed.

"Me too." I admitted.

'So…' He mouthed, we had both gone back to sitting on the bench normally, 'you want to go get some Tai food then book a flight back to Denver when we get back to the room?'

I looked back over at Kyle; he was waiting for my answer, "Yeah." I said then pulled on his shoulder. "But first," I leaned forward and kissed him for a second, still trying to work on the whole 'puking' thing, apparently it wasn't enough, because as I pulled away Kyle grabbed my jacket collar and pulled us back together.

Call me un-romantic, but the whole time I had my eyes open. I remember back in middle school, we had all watched this one episode of Drake & Josh, the one with the new girlfriend and they test to see if they're good kissers by tying cherry stems in their mouths with their tongues. We were 13 and stupid, Cartman brought a giant jar of pickled cherry's one day to school and everyone got to try it out. I ended up braking mine, Kenny choked on his, Cartman tied it with his hands then tried to convince us he did it, we all witnessed Kyle do it, twice. The second time was just to prove it; two little cherry stem knots. After he took both of them at once and UNTIED them in his mouth. He told us later he watched an internet video on how to do it, we were all very impressed—except Cartman who took one of his fake cherry knots and untied it behind his back, he was so jealous.

The point of that story was when Kyle decided to slip me the tongue I was not disappointed. I was looking at him because my eyes were still open and his was less than an inch from my face, so there was nothing else in my view. He opened his eyes a little looking at me looking at him, then immediately looked right at the lake braking us apart.

'HOLY FUCK!' He mouth pointing across the lake at a little white light that quickly went out.

"How is fuck holy?" I asked after the light was gone. "What was that?"

He looked back at me, 'I think I just saw the ghost of Kenny.'

I laughed, "I wouldn't be surprised."

We left the park then, I convinced Kyle we should stay a few more days, he agreed to one, so I booked a flight back on the 25th for five in the afternoon, that meant we'd be home by around ten. He didn't want me to tell our parents, but I secretly called mine that night after he was asleep. They didn't pick up, I was glad for that, I didn't tell them where we were, I just said Kyle was with me, we were safe, we were coming back on the 25th late. Kyle couldn't be too angry at me for that.

The next day we spent running around doing all the stuff we could think of before packing up our stuff and dropped off the car. We were running through the San Francisco airport trying to find our gate, our flight was on time this one, we were the ones who were late. We were actually almost too late, we had first class again, they were at the last person and were about to call coach when we arrived and got in line.

'I knew we should have skipped Japan Town!' Kyle mouthed as the lady took my ticket and ripped off one end handing it back to me.

"We're here now, aren't we?" I asked grabbing him as he got his ticket back and ran down the ramp with him behind me.

Kyle put his carry on under his seat this time; basically the greatest idea I ever heard of. I got the window on the way back I he had to look over me to see out, but he was taller than me so it wasn't exactly too hard.

'Dude, I just realized,' He mouthed getting my attention, 'I'm afraid of airplanes, take offs, flying, landings and South Park.'

I raised an eyebrow and smirked, "You want me to hold your hand the whole time?" I asked taking it before he could say anything else.

'Maybe something else too…' He mouthed looking back around down the ail as the other people got on.

"Hello, this is your pilot speaking, it is currently cloudy in Denver, Colorado, we will arrive there in about three hours, remember to set your watches for the time change. We will provide with free beverages and snacks, alcohol is $5 and will require an ID. Our in-flight movie today will be Shane Acker's "9", headphones are $3, you are free to use your own. Our flight will commence shortly, thank you." The pilot said in a more masculine voice than our last pilot, Kyle and I looked at each other.

"Are all these pilots forced to say the exact same thing?" I asked.

Kyle shrugged, '9?' He suggested taking out his headphones.


We watched for a while, by the end of the movie Kyle had fallen asleep against me. I didn't want to wake him up, but we were supposed to land soon, and that wasn't going to happen if I didn't have any gum. I shook him a little for a minute until he woke up, Kyle can sleep through anything, I swear.

"Dude, wake up, I need some gum." I said still trying to wake him up.

He yawned, then handed me his pack, put up the armrest between us and curled up his legs under him pushing me against the side of the plane then went back to sleep. I wouldn't have minded, but Kyle was crushing me trying to use me as his pillow/whole bed, it wasn't too comfortable.

I had gotten him fully awake as we were descending, our landing this time was better than the first one, and we didn't have to worry about the overhead compartment, so we got out quickly.

We picked up our bags from the baggage claim then got a cab back to South Park. We stopped a block from my house, Kyle didn't want to face his mom first, and neither did I, so we agreed to go home to my house. It was around eleven; we were walking down my street in the almost dark besides the few street lamps we passed. He was pulling his bag and carrying the carry on, I had my own bag.

"Dude, you okay?" I asked once we were only a few houses from mine. "You look pale."

'I'm fine.' He assured me. 'I just want to get home.'

We walked quietly up my driveway trying not to be too loud; maybe we could just talk to my parents in the morning? None of the lights were on, so I figured they were asleep. Kyle got up to the porch before me, I was behind him getting out my key then unlocked the door letting us in.

"Maybe if we're quiet they won't hear us coming in, then we could just talk to them in the morning." I whispered loudly, in the dark I saw Kyle nodding.

I was taking off my coat to put in the closet when the light from the living room went on, I screamed a little out of surprise, I think Kyle would have too if he could. We both turned around to see my parents and his parents standing in the middle of the living room. We all stood there looking at each other, I don't think anyone blinked, and I'm sure no one was breathing.

"Kyle—" Mrs. Broflovski said quietly taking a step forward extending her arm to him.

Kyle made a brake for the door, but I caught him preventing him from running, "Kyle, calm down, dude."

Kyle looked at me and pulled himself back, then looked over at our parents.

He sighed, 'Let's get this over with.' He mouthed.

"Alright." I said grabbing his wrist and pulled him over to the couch in our living room and took a seat.

The adults were looking at us again, Kyle was looking to the side, I was watching them to see when they were going to start yelling at us; they never did. His parents ran up to him and hugged him; Kyle's mom started crying. My mom came over to me then and pulled me to my feet and hugged me.

"Oh, Stanley, we're so sorry! We were so scared!" She said grabbing my head looking off into space. "Where did you go? How did you live? Why did you leave us!"

I pushed her away, Kyle was trying to do the same as his parents said similar things to him, "Mom, I'm tired." I said pulling Kyle away from his parents and he stood next to me keeping his distance from all of them. "Kyle's tired, we just want to get to bed, we can talk about this in the morning."

My mom looked like she was close to tears, but she shook it off, "A-alright boys, go ahead to your room, We'll talk in the morning."

"Thanks." I called back and I pulled Kyle up the stairs to my room, they seriously need to be reminded of personal space, I think they traumatized Kyle.

I closed and locked my door behind me and Kyle ran over and flopped down on my bed, 'You seriously look nothing like Jesus, you know that right?' He Morsed.

"Where did that come from?" I asked sitting down next to him.

He shrugged, 'I just felt like giving an observation.'

"Well, I'm kind of glad I don't look like Jesus, so… uh… thanks." I laughed. "You know, I think you told me I don't look like Jesus before once."

'Really?' He mouthed falling back against my pillow with his hands behind his head. 'Oh well, it's true.'

"You know," I spoke up after half a minute, "you don't look like Jesus either."

Kyle cracked one eye open to give me a weird look, 'Uh, thanks.'

"You are very welcome."

He sat up punching me lightly in the arm, we sat there for a few minutes in silent, it was nice. All of the sudden Kyle just leaned over and hugged me.

"Dude, what's wrong?" I asked.

He looked up at me smiling, 'Thank you.'

"All I said was you didn't look like Jesus, it's not really something to be that excited over." I admitted looking up at the ceiling a bit.

He pulled me back against the bed so we were laying next to each other, 'No, thanks for finding me.' I gave him a confused look so he continued. 'Thanks for taking me to California then back.'

"Oh. That. Well," I turned over to look at him, "it's no big deal, you don't need to thank me."

Kyle turned towards me then, 'No big deal? Dude, you took us to California and back! You would have totally done anything I asked! Are you sure you don't have low self-esteem?'

I thought a moment, "Well, what kind of thanks did you have in mind?"

He rolled his eyes then inched closer to me to kiss me, 'Yup, that should cover it.' He mouthed afterward.

"Really?" I asked. "There isn't anything else?"

He thought a moment, 'Nope, not really.'

"Nothing you can think of? Nothing at all?" I asked again.

'Well, there was one thing.' He mouthed turning back onto his back to look up at the ceiling. 'We could be together.'

"What, what?" I asked turning back on my side looking at him strangely. "What do you mean could? I thought we already were together."

Kyle looked back over at me weirdly now, 'Well, you never said anything about it, so… we're together now?'

"Yeah!" I said laying back down. "I like you and you like me, doesn't that mean we should at least be dating by now?"

He laughed, 'So the twenty-fifth of October is our anniversary?'

I looked over at the clock on my dresser; 12:08, "Nope, it's Wednesday."

'So the twenty-sixth of October then?' He asked still looking up at the ceiling. 'Is that official? You have to ask me.'

"Wow, you really are a romantic, aren't you? Maybe we should get this in writing." I said non-seriously. "Duh it's official."

'You got to ask me.' He signed with his eyes closed trying to fight a smile.

I groaned, "Dude, you wanna go out?"

'Not convincing enough.' He mouthed.

"You just want me to skip to the marriage proposal?" I asked.

'Maybe, just ask already!'

I groaned again, "Kyle Broflovski, will you be my boyfriend?"

He immediately jumped up and pointed a finger right at my face, 'Well, it's about time, Stanley Marsh!' He mouthed. 'You kept me waiting a whole four years or so!'

"Is that including the coma?" I asked, he dropped his hand.

Kyle just put his hand to his chin thinking for a minute, 'We need some kind of certificate so we can prove we're actually together.'

"What? Are you afraid you might still be asleep?" I asked crossing my arm smiling.

He just turned his head around to glare at me, 'Yes!'

"Wow, you've had a lot of time to fantasize about this, haven't you?" I asked leaning back against the wall my bed was up against. "You know, I think I actually have something." I said holding up a finger to tell him to wait a minute then grabbed my bag from the floor and tore through it until I found my old pair of jeans and shoved my hand in the pockets. "Here we go!" I said pulling out the golden whistle on the chain. "Here's your proof, happy now?"

He grabbed it from me taking off his plastic one and put on the new one; 'You were planning on doing this sometime soon?' He asked.

"It was on my To Do List."

He sat back down on my bed; 'I'm tired, I'll see you in the morning.'

"Night, babe."

'Don't even think of calling me that. I'm still Kyle. No stupid nick-names.'

"Whatever you say, Kyle."

The next morning I woke up Kyle was already downstairs eating breakfast with my parents; he had told them that the reason we left was too emotionally dragging on him he wasn't ready to talk to anyone about it. It was either the best lie I ever heard or I had no idea how bad it was for Kyle. We left for school early that morning, nothing and school could get us down today.

Everyone was staring at us as we entered school grounds, we weren't holding hands or anything romantic, we had decided to keep that a secret, they were just kind of surprised we were back after being MIA for the past three days.

We avoided everyone, everyone who normally talked to us or anyone who had shunned us. It was pretty easy; we had dodged everyone until lunch. Kyle and I were sitting at our own table alone, Craig's table was in our direct view, everyone over there was watching us. Craig, Tweek, Token, Clyde, Marjorine, and Cartman who was on the very end of the bench furthest from the rest of them, Wendy was absent that day too. I could tell they were talking about us, I saw them mouth our names in everyone of their sentences. I knew they were sorry, but they were cowards, they wouldn't do anything as long as Cartman was in control of them. They seriously needed a miracle.

Everyone looked over at the cafeteria doors as they were slammed open, Wendy and Bebe were standing in the doorway. Even Kyle and I were watching, Wendy wasn't wearing her usual camouflage jumpsuit, she had a skirt and a tank top and her old purple hat. She and Bebe had their arms intertwined. The stomped straight up to Cartman, who by now had turned around, Wendy let go of Bebe's hand and slapped him hard across the face.

"You son of a bitch, Cartman!" She yelled at him in her old voice. "Burn in hell!"

With that everyone's mouths were hanging open including Kyle's and mine. She and Bebe linked arms again then walked straight over to our table and sat down with us.

"Kyle, I'm so sorry." Wendy pleaded looking him in the eyes; she looked like she was going to cry. Why was everyone crying recently? "I'm so sorry. For everything! Please forgive me."

Kyle looked over at me, he was as surprised as I was, 'Tell her I said it's alright.' He mouthed.

"You sure you want to do that?" I asked, he nodded. "Wendy," She looked over at me, this was real, she was sorry. One weekend plus a few days and somehow Bebe turned her back into her old self, "Kyle forgives you."

"What the hell, Wendy! You crazy bitch!" Cartman yelled from his seat, next to him Marjorine picked up his tray and back pack and got up from the table and sat with us too. "Butters, the fuck!"

He sat down next to Wendy and dropped his stuff, "I'm sorry, I should have came earlier."

Then Craig got up and he started walking over to our table too.

"Craig! You asshole!" Cartman yelled, Craig just flipped him off. "What the hell are you doing?"

He sat down next to me on the end of the bench, "Something I should have done a long time ago, fat shit." He said glaring.

Tweek immediately followed him sitting next to Bebe across from him, that just left Token and Clyde. They were the ones who always laughed at Cartman's jokes, of everyone who sat at that table they were the closest to Cartman. Token stood up first.

"They're right, come on Clyde." He said walking over to our now kind of crowded table, he stopped halfway and looked back at Clyde who hadn't moved. "Clyde?"

He had his head down looking at the table.

"Dude, Clyde, don't listen to those assholes, they're just a bunch of fag hippies." Cartman said trying to persuade him into staying.

Clyde looked up that moment, he looked up seething at Cartman, "You're a piece of work, you know that?" He yelled in a low voice. "They're my friends!" He stood up from the table then. "You're not my friend, you're not their friend, you're nobody!" With that he caught up to Token and they sat down with us.

I looked over at Kyle, he wasn't looking at me, he was looking over me at Cartman who was seriously about to pop a blood vessel and was now screaming out profanities like he had Tourettes or something. After someone finally got the principal they carried Cartman off to the office Kyle looked at me, he was smiling widely.

'I guess Cartman finally got his comeuppance?'

"I guess he did."

The rest of the day we stopped being so distant from everyone. After school we were talking with some of the guys and Wendy and Bebe, they had just told us they were in a relationship. That made Kyle and I look at each other, the two sets of best friends; who knew? Maybe we could all go on a double date sometime together.

Eventually they said they had to go because Wendy volunteered at the animal shelter and they didn't want to be late, now I was thinking Bebe was some kind of wizard to have gotten Wendy back so quickly. Anyway, they guys left shortly after that too, they were all joining Token's study group at the park and they need to get there so they could study from three all the way until seven. Kyle and I were about to leave as well; we were going around the back of the school to the parking lot when we passed the goth kids.

They were leaving, the tall one was saying something about a poetry slam, they left in the opposite direction Kyle and I were walking in, but Louis didn't move. He was watching me as his friends left him behind, I stopped a minute and Kyle walked on a head a few yards before looking back at me. Louis was leaned up against the side of the building with his cigarette in his hand; he looked at me, then Kyle, then back to me. I could tell he knew we were together now, he knew we weren't just friends. I expected him to run over and try to stab Kyle or something, but he just smiled at me. Not the creepy smile like before, he was happy for us. He stood there leaning against the wall smiling, then as his tall friend called his name for him to catch up to them he gave me a thumbs up, got up from leaning against the school, and left following them.

'What was that about?' Kyle asked walking back to me trying to get me to go.

"I don't really know," I said, then found myself smiling a little, "but I don't think he's going to bother us anymore."

We drove back to my house in silence, Kyle was looking down at his hands with a small smile, he knew at my house my mom was at work and my dad had some geologist project he was working on in the basement, so he wouldn't be bothering us. It was still the twenty-sixth, our 0-year anniversary; we wanted to celebrate.

I pulled up the car in the driveway; we hurried up to the front door and I let us in. He ran upstairs to my bedroom and jumped onto the bed, I followed closing the door behind me.

"What do you want to do first?" I asked throwing my backpack against my closet door.

'Turn on the radio and role the dice.' He said reaching for my alarm clock that had a radio.

On came 'Raise You Glass' which they play way too much, but it would have to do. I sat down on my bed next to Kyle; he was sitting up now waiting for me to do something.

"So… uh, what exactly is the dice?" I asked not really knowing what else to say.

'Oh, you know—'

"No, I really don't." I said interrupting him.

He laughed, 'It's like dice that have activities on them, like… well, you get the idea.' He said

"Yeah, I think I do." I admitted. "What did you have in mind? It is our 0-year anniversary."

'Please, don't ask me that, I have no idea, what do people normally do on their anniversary's? Don't they just get each other gifts? I don't have a gift!' He mouthed looking down frustrated.

"Well," I said grabbing the whistle around his neck I gave him, "I already got you something. You got anything for me?"

'I just told you I don't have anything!' He mouthed looking up at me.

"Just make something up." I suggested smiling.

He stood up walking over to my shelf pulling at his hair, 'I can't! I don't know anything about gifts or anniversaries or dating, what am I supposed to do? I could write a haiku or something, do you want a haiku?'

I got up at that point and came around from behind him snaking my arm around his waist to shut him up, "Just kiss me, genius."

'I could do that.' He mouthed thinking it over nodding slightly.

"Well then, let's get to it already!" I said loudly walking back over to my bed and sat down on the end.

He followed me and sat down next to me brushing some hair behind his right ear, I didn't bother fixing anything, I just leaned forward and kissed him. Not sloppy or anything, no tongue, just soft and pink, kind of like how a first kiss should be. The song on the radio switched, "Oh, here we go again, I think I wanna be more than friends…" I raised my hand up to run through Kyle's hair then I put it on his forehead because… well… actually, I have no idea why I did, I just put my hand on his forehead. He opened his eyes then to give me a weird look, he was confused why I had just done that, I was confused too. He looked over past me a second, his eyes wide and immediately broke away from me.

I quickly turned around to see what had surprised him; my dad was standing in my doorway leaning against the doorframe with a bottle of beer in one hand. He stood there just staring at us taking a sip from his beer once before talking.

"You're using condoms, right?" He asked.

I looked back over at Kyle who for the third time this had happened was trying not to laugh, I guess it was pretty funny now. I looked back at my dad, well, we were democrats and he did support us… that meant there was only one last thing to do. Because, really, what else could I do?