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Chapter 1: What's a Laptop?

"Hey squirt."

Teito whirled around to face the blond bishop who called him.

"Don't call me squirt!" he ran forward and jumped to kick Frau on the head, but the blond grabbed his ankle in time and held him by it.

"Put me down you damn bishop." Teito yelled, blood rushing to his head from being upside down.

Frau let go of his ankle and he crashed to the floor. He sat up rubbing his head and crossed his legs, glaring at the blond.

"What'd you want?"

Frau brought his hand, that he's been hiding behind his back, and brought out a rectangle shape thing that Teito didn't recognize. Frau tossed it to him and he caught it with ease. It was pretty heavy considering its small size. It was black in color and Teito noticed that it opened on one size. He lifted it and saw a blank screen on the top part while the bottom had a lot of letter and a small pad with two buttons beneath it.

"What's this?" Teito asked, confused to the max.

Frau laughed.

"You never got out much did you?"

Teito scowled.

"Shut up!"

Frau managed to stop laughing and noggied Teito hair, which he immediately protested to.

"It's called a laptop, you baka. You can use it to do a lot of things."

Teito frowned and looked at the laptop that was sitting on his thighs.

"Like what things?" he asked.

Frau smirked.

"Let's see. You can read, buy things, do research, and watch things and…" he left it there knowing Teito was going to want to know and ask. He was right.

Teito looked back up at him with his usual scowl.


Frau laughed and leaned down so he could whisper in Teito's ear.

"It's a great place to find lots of porn."

Immediately Teito redden and stood up and punched Frau in the back of the head.

"Baka I don't want this if it does that."

Frau rubbed his head and sighed.

"And here I was trying to be nice. Look it just doesn't have that so you don't have to worry about it if you don't look for it."

Teito sighed in relief. He was after all a little curious about the thing that was on his bed where he had thrown it before punching Frau.

"I'll try it out, but…"

Frau smirked and walked over to the bed. He flipped open the laptop and pressed a button on the top center. Teito saw Frau's face light up from the light coming from the laptop. He walked over and stood next to the tall bishop and saw the screen show a picture of desert with a few other smaller pictures that ran along the edges.

Frau touched the small pad on bottom and Teito saw a white arrow move around on the top screen.

"Okay well let's see if I can explain this right. The top part is a screen and it's where you'll see what you're doing. The bottom part is called a keyboard and the buttons here you use to type. This pad on the bottom that I'm using allows you to click the items on the top screen with the white arrow that you see moving if you use the bottom left button."

Teito grabbed his head with his hand, absorbing all the new information. He watched as Frau moved the arrow to one of the smaller pictures that looked like an 'e' and clicked on it. The screen change and Teito now saw a white plain screen a word in the center.


"Yeah it's a search engine. Very popular. A search engine is where you can type in what you want to see using the search box." Frau moved the arrow to where a long rectangle was under the large 'Google' letters were. "And it'll take you to a bunch of websites. This is a website too. And all website are connected to the internet. Which you get to by clicking on the 'e' icon I clicked on. Got it?"

Teito nodded his eyes wide and full of wonder. Frau smirked and messed up Teito's hair again.

"Have fun." He said, before exiting the room.