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Chapter 5: A Strange Outcome

Teito woke up slowly, his eyelids feeling heavy. He blink out the sleepiness in him and sat up yawning. He had a strange feeling that he was forgetting something but couldn't put his finger on it.

That was till a voice spoke.

"Oh you're finally up. Good, you gave Capella a scare."

Teito jumped and turned to see Frau sitting at the desk with the laptop in front of him.

Sudden memories of what Capella said came rushing back and Teito's face went into a ruby red shade.

"By the look of your face I take it you remember yesterday?" Frau asked with a smirk.

Teito's face redden some more and looked away quickly.

"You know they're not so bad."

Teito whipped his head back to Frau frowning in confusion.

Frau gestured towards the laptop with a smirk still planted on face.

"The stories. I got curious and decided to read some of them and they're not that bad. If anything some of them are actually pretty decent."

Teito gasped.

"You're reading them!"

Frau's smirk widened.

"Yeah I just said that I was."

Teito jumped off the bed and ran towards the laptop, but Frau intervened. He grabbed Teito by the waist and made him fall on his lap.

"What are you doing?" Teito yelled struggling to get out of Frau's grip.

Frau chuckled.

"Nothing, just doing a little experiment and the results seem quite good."

"What are you talking about?" Teito asked turning to glare at Frau.

Frau gestured towards the laptop.

"It seems that people are very specific on what they want in their stories and I'm just seeing as how it'll work out if we do it for real."

Teito blinked.

"You want to try doing what they write in the stories?"

Frau laughed and pulled Teito closer, making the younger blush.

"My curiosity is pretty demanding, plus I want to see if you make as much noise as you do in real life as in the stories."

"Stupid perverted bis—"

Teito didn't get to finish the sentence as how the next second Frau's lips were covering his own. He froze for a few seconds before gasping, which allowed Frau to slip his tongue inside Teito's mouth. Teito let out a soft moan as Frau expertly moved his mouth with Teito's clumsy one.

Throughout the kiss, Teito continued to let out small sounds and melt more and more into the kiss. When both of them needed to breathe they broke apart panting.

When Frau caught his breathe smirked at the blushing Teito.

"You really got into it after awhile."

That's when Teito noticed that he had his arms around Frau's neck and his fingers entangled in his blond hair.

Blushing like a tomato, Teito made to move away but Frau grabbed his arms, stopping him.

Leaning forward with a glint in his eye, Frau smirked.

"Don't worry about it. I like it when things get…grabby."

Teito believed his face really couldn't get any redder at the moment but he was proven wrong.

"What are you doing?"

Both boys looked to see Capella standing in the doorway with an innocently confused expression.

"No-nothing." Teito stuttered, trying to get away from Frau.

Much to his dismay Frau didn't allow it. Instead he gripped Teito tighter and faced Capella with a grin.

"Nothing, just something couples like do."

Teito wondered if his face would ever be a normal shade again. Capella just nodded with a smile on his face.

"Okay then." with that said Capella closed the door, leaving the two boys alone again.

Frau turned his attention to the blushing boy in his lap and smirk.

"You do realize that's not going to be the end of it right?"

Teito jerked his head and stared at Frau in shocked.

"What do you mean not the end?"

Frau chuckled and lean in so that he was only a few inches away.

"I mean that I'm going to give these story writers what they want and do every single thing that they write."

Teito paled and Frau stood up, having Teito take his place on the chair. He gave Teito a kiss on the lips and wink when he pulled back.

"Prepare yourself Teito, I won't be holding back."

With that said he left the room with a smirk, leaving Teito alone in the room.

After Teito got over the shock of everything that just happen he found himself grinning. Frau was going to go after him. Teito stood up from the chair and turned to close the laptop. His grin widened all of a sudden and strangely he was okay with that.

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