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Akito rubbed her face tiredly, glancing once again at the clock. Cursing herself violently she turned her face back into her pillow. Why the hell should she be looking at the clock? Shigure would be home from his book signing when he was home.

So why the hell was she waiting up for him? It was nearly ten. Perhaps she had finally gone insane. Oh, wait, she already gotten that out of the way. Shigure had told her once that everyone seriously loses their sanity once in their life. Maybe it's for the best that she got it out of the way early.

Yeah, right. To be fair she was getting better. She hadn't locked anyone in a room since Rin, no recent stabbings. Although she did throw things when she was angry. It really just got the point across.

Is he really still not home? He said he'd be home at about ten, and it was ten thirty. Where was he? Maybe he's doing something stupid. Oh! He must have gone to buy cigarrettes. That's why he late.

Akito frowned as she remembered that he didn't smoke anymore. He had quit when she moved in, saying it would be bad for her asthma if he smoked around her. It had actually been quite a sweet gesture. He had been awfully grumpy while he weened himself off, and she had been touched enough with his effort, to make it worth his while.

There were so many fun ways to distract a man. At that moment the chirp off a locking car door and the click of the front door opening cued her lover's entrance. In a few short moments he was plopping gracelessly beside her.

"You forgot to lock the door. That's not very safe." Shigure chided.

"I'm perfectly able to take care of myself." She countered smugly, snuggling into her pillow once more.

"You can't be alert to danger if your'e sleeping. Unless you purposefully stayed awake." Shigure murmured slickly.

"And just why the hell would I do that?" Akito snapped her head up and glared at him.

"Naturally in order to see me when I got home."

"That's silly."

"Isn't it though? Although I understand, I am worth waiting for." Shigure chuckled.

"Perhaps. But are you worth loosing sleep?"

"How about this? Tonight I will insure that you get no sleep, and you tell me if it's worth it."

"I'd say we have a bargain."

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