Bad Romance

She liked the night. She always had. When she was a child, the dark had never scared her, as it did most children. She could always feel the spirits of the zodiac, the fluctuations of their energy was soothing and at the same time stimulating. It was hard to explain. It was a one of the few comforts she had.

After her father died her world got darker. Her mother had no affection for her. But when she fell asleep, there was always the chance that she would dream about her father. She missed, craved, that relationship with her old man. But he was gone. When she slept he made the occasional cameo. That made her happy.

Sometimes she would wake up. Yuki would start coughing or she would have a nightmare. She would lie restless in bed, before summoning the courage to make her way to Shigure's room. Without fail he would pick her up, hold her, and murmur soft encouragements in her ear. He would carry her back to her room when she finally succumbed once more to sleep.

As she grew older, she began to see changes in how she saw Shigure. Their relationship changed. She began to look forward to the night for a whole new reason. Her days were filled with trials. Pain. He brought her the sweetest escape. In those moments late in the night, she felt less like God and more like an actual person. A woman.

She never did get that feeling with Kureno. She knew somewhere in there, that it was meaningless, crappy sex. That was because pity and loneliness were no substitute for true affection. In the dark of the night, however, the lines of his face were faded. With enough imagination, she could see him as someone else. She did that more than she would care to admit. If she didn't, it would be hard to touch him.

Sometimes, Shigure would be with her. He had betrayed her and she had broken his heart, but old habits die hard. The love they had for each other was twisted now, with the seeds of betrayal and hurt, but the attraction they felt, couldn't and wasn't denied.

It wasn't like it used to be. The sweetness was gone. She didn't care. Having him there in her ugly little world, in any way, was good enough for her.

After she stabbed Kureno, pushed Kisa, bullied Rin, the night helped her in another way. The guilt went away for a few precious moments while she slept, if she did sleep at all. If she didn't she could read or summon Kureno for company. Sometimes she just couldn't sleep no matter what she did. On those nights she would use the cover of night when everyone was sleeping to cry herself to sleep.

After the curse had departed, she missed the feel of the Zodiac. Everything was too quiet for her taste. Too meaningless. But once again the night had her back. From that day on Shigure's breathing lulled her to sleep. When she woke up he would coax her back to sleep, and vice versa. At night they often found themselves staying very much awake. If she couldn't sleep she could watch him sleep. He did look pretty damn cute in moonlight.

And when she ever cried, he would never let her do it alone.

She had always loved the night.