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This will mostly be Sakura's POV.




I silently made my way back home, dragging my feet as I went.

School was still the same, people calling my ugly and a slut, and constantly getting pushed around and beat up.

It was a normal process, really.

Every single day, I would wake up to the sound of fighting, and come downstairs to yelled at for one reason or another from my parents. I would just nod and eat the small loaf of bread they would leave me on the table.

After that, I would get ready for school, and leave the house after my sister Karin comments on my appearance of the day. I would normally shrug and make my way to school.

I try my best to come to school early at all times, trying to ignore everyone's disgusted looks and glares. But there would always be one person at the classroom before me.

Sasuke Uchiha.

The school's heartthrob and cutie, Sasuke has always been popular for his looks and fortune. He's really cold and rude towards others, trying to ignore all his fangirls and even some fanboys.

He would give me a deadly glare as I walk in, while I keep my head down and sit at my desk, impatiently waiting for the day to end.

People would tease me and call me names as they walked in, me being seated right next to the damn door. I would just sit there reading my book, praying to God that Kakashi-sensei would be here early.

But of course, he would never be.

The kids chanted slut and whore inside the room, it being directed to me. I would inhale deeply, trying to tune them out as I concentrate on my book.

The whole day would go on like this, people treating me like trash and dirt.

Why would they treat me like this, you ask?

You see…

Before, I used to loved by everyone, having the most amazing boyfriend and caring friends.

My boyfriend being Sasuke Uchiha.

My most important friend was Naruto Uzumaki, a blonde knucklehead who wouldn't know shit.

And he had to die. Right in front of me.

Some crazy bastards ganged up on Naruto and I while we were out on our usual ramen night, and he tried to protect me as much as he could.

Not being able to stop all of them, he stabbed right in the heart shielding me.

Right in front of me.

I had gasped in horror at this, feeling anger boil within me at that time. I had taken a knife that one of the bastards had, and sliced the man's head off.

Shortly following that, I leaned over to Naruto, sobbing uncontrollably. I didn't notice that the knife was still in my hand.

And at that exact time, Hinata and Sasuke stopped at the scene.

Both thinking I killed Naruto.

I had tried countless times to tell them that it wasn't me, but none of them believed me. They just looked at me with anger and walked off.

The news spread through the school like a wildfire, along with the false accusation.

Only one person had listened to me the whole time.

And Kami-sama, do I love her.

Ino Yamanaka, my best friend.

Her father was a cop, and she had access to the security cameras around me and Naruto that night.

She believed me, and tried to help me convince everyone in the school, especially Hinata and Sasuke.

But none listened.

Ino had to move to America with her father, because of a new job.

And I was lonely.

I walked into my house to be slapped right in the face.

"Where have you been, you whore? Going off to kill another person?" her sister Karin said, sneering.

Sakura could only hold back tears and keep her head down.

Karin snorted. "Just go get dinner ready, would ya? My Sasuke-kun is coming over for dinner tonight and I need it done."

Sakura nodded mutely, before heading into the kitchen to cook the dinner that Karin will most likely take credit from.

I simply didn't care, because I knew that this will be my last night of pain and torture.

The last night I get out of Hell and into freedom.

Sasuke came knocking at the door just as I finished cooking dinner.

As he came in to greet my parents and sit down, I served the food.

Karin and my parents chatted away with Sasuke and each other as I sat quietly off to the side with my food.

It was hard to eat though, considering how Sasuke kept glaring at me the whole time.

Inhaling deeply, I stood and said, "Excuse me."

No one heard me, and I just shrugged and walked upstairs.

But not before I went to the kitchen to grab a knife.

I set my goodbye letters on my bed, and turned to the picture on my nightstand.

It was a picture of me, Sasuke, Hinata, and Naruto on a double date at Ichiraku.

I chuckled lightly and let my body slide down my wall. I held the knife up.

This is it. I'm really going to end my life.

As I placed the knife on my wrist, I thought back to when I was happy and so alive.

Now, I'm just a dead person in a shell.

I thought about Naruto and Sasuke, how we were the closest of friends back then, smiling and holding hands.

I knew I would be seeing Naruto in a matter of minutes.

In heaven.

Where I'll be free.

I looked down to see the knife, shining in the moonlight, telling myself to make a damn cut.

Listening to its pleas, I slashed the knife on my wrist, making blood seep out and drip all around me.

I smiled, liking my work. I continued to cut myself, feeling dizzy from the blood loss.

I was going to bleed to death, and I was happy about it.

I felt all my pain let loose and leave me as I made another cut.

I was covered in blood, and I let my hands rest on my stained carpet floor, limp.

As I close my eyes to join Naruto, I smiled.

Sasuke's POV

"Sasuke dear, could you please take this plate of sweets up to Sakura, she left without a word, and I know she loves to have dessert before bed." Sakura's mother said to me.

I growled inwardly as I nodded. I took the plate up to Sakura's room.

I took my time getting there, not wanting to see the bitch just quite yet.

I thought back to what her silly friend Ino had told me and Hinata, that Naruto was attacked by some gang members and not Sakura.

I scowled. Bullshit.

Sighing, I got close and closer to Sakura's room.

And when I made my way to her door, I could smell the stench of blood emitting from the room.

I had a look of disgust, wondering why the hell there was a bloody stench come from her room.

I knocked on the door, waiting for a reply.


Frowning, I knocked once again, saying "Haruno."


Pissed off, I growled. "Open up Haruno."

More silence.

I glared at the door, and kicked it up.

When I saw the scene before me, I dropped the plate of food and widened my eyes in pure horror.

There was Sakura leaned up against her wall, covered up with blood and a knife in hand, a small smile on her face as she looked so pale, and so…


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