Sneak peek for the next chapter

We have our exams coming next week and I can't finish the next chapter at the moment, because I have to revise and review lessons. I also enabled anonymous reviwing, so many could review in this story.

Here it is –

Christina got invited on a beach party and she wants me and Mae to go.

It was nearly midnight and a bonfire is blazing outside the beach house, people are over there, but still most are inside, and chatting and flirting.

Venus got all our attention, near the bonfire and then she sat on a guy's lap and kissed him, right on the lips and their doing French kiss.

The gold light coming from the bonfire is enough just to see the guy's face it was Eddie and he looks like he is enjoying it.

Mae started running towards the darkest part of the beach and I can't find her anywhere after that.

The girls Kayla, Mae, Christina went for cheerleading tryouts.

Mae and Eddie broke up, and of course Venus is really happy, Kayla saw the real Venus.

Melissa is focused on bringing Christina down, so she totally forgot about Kayla and Leon.

And themKayla and Leon always see each other on the music room.

That's the sneak peek, and maybe I'll post the whole chapter next week.

And maybe I'll stop at this chapter because I don't feel like this is really going somewhere, but maybe I'll make this last chapter the end, just maybe.

I only know one reader so it's not worth continuing?

Let's just wait next week.

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