Siena climbed out of the taxi and walked into the foyer of her best friend Jadine Walker, Editor in Chief of Touch Magazine. She walked to the counter of the apartment block. Where her friend Luci who was the receptionist, I handed her a coffee from the local coffee shop it was called The Bean.

"She is still up there isn't she?" Siena asked quietly she did not want to disturb the other customers. Once a month maybe Siena didn't have to wait for Jadine, Jade was already outside on her cell phone with her designer bag flung casually over her shoulder and her sunny glasses propped up on her head. Then she would argue with Siena for being late. Well that is the job you get when you work for your best friend.

"Yes Si, she had a big night out with Romeo last night wasn't home till one o'clock" I grabbed the spare key to her room that I knew so well and started up the stairs. Romeo was Jade's fiancé. Romeo was a big popular actor. I opened the door to her apartment 16A. Siena walked into Jade's bedroom to find her still fast asleep with her fiancé Romeo lying next to her. Siena sighed she remember when she had had a romantic weekend with Romeo some eighteen months ago. Jadine had been in a conference meeting in New Jersey for a weekend. After the weekend, Romeo ended it because he didn't want to hurt Jade and he wanted his relationship to last. Siena agreed she didn't want to ruin her friendship with her best friend. Therefore, they vowed never to speak of it again. They had so far had kept that. However, sometimes Siena wished she was the one lying next to Romeo not her best friend. She would treat him well and love him truly. Jadine Walked took her for granted.

Siena opened the curtains and Jade still slept on. Romeo woke but still kept his eyes opened

"Babe, close the curtains it is too frigin early!" he exclaimed he had no idea it was Siena but she played along

"Hey watch that language!" Siena let out a little laugh

"I truly love you!" now he knew it was Siena he beckoned her forward she walked over and kneeled beside him

"I truly love you too Romeo" Siena whispered into his ear

"Siena, I have missed you!" he looked at her and bend down to kiss her

"I'm up, hey babe, hey Siena what are you guys playing Chinese whispers or something?" Jade woke up

"Morning Jade" Siena smiled

"How are you?" she asked while she was getting dressed Siena looked at her watch

"I'm late, again and it's thanks to you?" Siena told her now she remembered why she was here.

Jadine put on a flowery sunny top, a white cotton bolero and plaited sandals.

"Oh I almost forgot, Si I have a meeting at lunch so I can't make our lunch date today sorry!" she told Siena. She was looking forward to it.

"Doesn't matter I'll just go over to Central Park Point and sit!" Siena told her

We ran out the door

"Bye Babe!" she called to Romeo

"See you, bye Siena!" he called

"Bye Romeo!" Siena called after her

At lunch Siena walked over to Central park point. She wasn't hungry now she couldn't eat, she couldn't stop thinking about Romeo.

"Are you gonna eat that?" a man asked she knew that voice.