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When he greeted her, he was smiling a smile that wasn't for her. When she smiled back, it was a smile from someone else. When he spoke to her in his cheerful way, she knew it wasn't meant for her, but for who he thought she was. And when she replied, she knew the words that tumbled out of her mouth as she giggled and teased him weren't her own.

But she was still there. Feeling like an intruder who didn't belong, and feeling unfathomably jealous of the nonexistent woman he was really talking to. That couldn't be right, though, for she wasn't supposed to be feeling jealous. She was only supposed to be feeling one thing: lust.

Of course she lusted for him; it was her nature, though she did very well to conceal it. But no matter how you looked at it, she would always be "Lust the Lascivious." She wanted every man she met. It was simple lust, nothing more. There was nothing about her feelings to look into. It was perfectly normal. Which was why she should think nothing of her exchanges with Second Lieutenant Jean Havoc.

Besides, his smile, his words, his laughter, the look in his eyes—none of them were for her. They were a look reserved for Solaris. And Solaris was not Lust. And Lust was not Solaris.

And her smile, her words, her laughter, they weren't really hers. They came from Solaris. They came from a human oblivious to the secret world around her, a secret world full of monsters and age-old plots and betrayals. They came from a young woman who just wanted to fall in love with this man—or maybe she already did. They didn't come from the Homunculus who loathed humans and only used them for her and her Father's gain. Solaris's smile, her words, her laughter, they were merely being manipulated by Lust in order to gain information from the Second Lieutenant.

Yet despite that, she couldn't help but feel that glimmer of jealousy whenever he smiled or said something and she realized she wasn't the intended recipient. She couldn't help but wish—just a little bit—that she was Solaris whenever she said something or did something that got a reaction from him.

None of it was ever meant for her, but she could play pretend. Just for a little while, she could pretend that this happiness was really hers. Every once in a while, she could smile a smile that wasn't from Solaris, but from her, and pretend that the one she got in return was meant for her as well.

She could have this illusion, if only for a moment, a warm moment like his smile.