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Ch.1 "Night's Embrace"

Darkness is often feared by many. However, light cannot exist without the dark. Many wish for darkness with all its fearsome mysteries to disappear and keep to the light. However, sometimes evil wasn't of darkness. Sometimes the good wasn't of light. Sometimes, people don't take the path of darkness on purposeā€¦ Some are even born in the darkness, protected by it and hunted by the light.

"Ah..." An eighteen year old with long, wild spiked blond hair walked out of the ruins of a building with cloth wrapped around her body. "...This is... How?" Uzumaki Naruto collapsed to her knees, a pair of long fangs in her mouth. 'So, was that life?... No... ' Naruto panted. She remembered being killed by a Konoha mob as her thirteen year old boy human self because she failed to stop her teammate from defecting to Orochimaru, her thirteen years of misery for being the container of the nine tail fox, Kyuubi, and the few sweet ones where she finally managed to get friends. However, new memories of long ago. Memories of days forgotten by ninja and many. Where balls were held and lace and frills were the fashion. Where darkness mixed in with those who walked within the light and spent time with the light-walkers as if equals with no fears of being hunted... Till, and it was still fresh in her mind, the light, even though none was truly hurt, became the hunters and attacked her dark clan and killed everyone. She remembered her mother sealing her away into darkness before she was killed like the rest of her clan. Then she was just a simple child, now, Naruto could tell many years had passed since then.

'...I wonder... I am the last..." Naruto pondered before flinching when something fell. "Huh?" Naruto blinked as she saw a chest coming out of one of the walls of the ruins of her "home." Naruto picked it up and noticed a message craved into the top.

"'To whoever is left after the massacre, please use what is inside to continue our legacy as well as prevent the darkness from attacking the light.'" Naruto sighed. To many people, the message would have been confusing. Yet, Naruto knew what it meant as clear as the day light.

"So, there are others... But they may not be the same as me..." Naruto looked up at the full moon in the night sky. 'Then I best be careful and hide my true identity till I find out everything about the world I am now in before finding a possible mate.' Naruto let out a sigh. Her life just had to always be complex.

"Come forth, my servants. If this world is the same as the one my soul transfer to and back from, then I know where I want to go..." Naruto called out as bats surround her as she turned into a large, yet beautiful white bat with icy blue eyes and looked more like a stuff bat doll instead of a fearsome bat.

A boy of around the age of thirteen age looked around as he was confused by his surroundings. The boy was wearing a strange outfit of a white suit with frilly blouse and white dress pants as his raven hair was tied back in a high ponytail by a lacy ribbon and in the reflection of fine silver dish ware on elegant tables. His blood red eyes glancing at the people dancing around in frilly clothing including dresses that were lacy and many layers of clothing.

"Excuse me." The pale skin boy gasped as a beautiful blond hair girl, the same age as him, stood before him. Her hair was in curls and under a headdress while she wore a jet black dress with blood red ribbons and lace that matched her headdress. Her lips were like pale roses and her skin was paler than his. But what shocked the boy were the blond's eyes. They were almost like real sapphires and pure as fresh snow.

"Would you like to dance with me?" The blond girl asked, her voice oddly low and more boyish than girlish.

"Yes, my l-lady..." The boy looked away with a blush at the fact he stuttered. He took the blond hair girl's hand and began to dance, a waltz if he remember correctly.

"You're a good dancer..." The girl softly smiled.

"...Thank you..." The boy blushed.

"Oh, look. How cute..." The adults around gossiped.

"Isn't the girl..."

"Yes...And that boy is her... He is always fated to be her servant."

"Hey..." The boy focused returned to the girl as they stopped dancing. "Let's promise to never leave each other and protect each other." The girl held out her little finger.

The boy smiled. "Yes..." The boy hooked his little finger with the grinning girl's. However, the joy quickly turned to fear as the doors were broken and people with pitch forks and torches swarmed the hall.

"My lady!"

"Come here boy!"

Both children found themselves swooped up by an adult and going in different directions. "I have to protect my lady!"

"Wait! Let me go!" The boy struggled as did the girl, both crying while trying to reach the other as the blood of others was spilled across the floor.

"Gasp!" Eighteen year old Uchiha Itachi panted as he awoken from his dream. He groaned as he saw it was two in the morning from what his alarm clock said. He got up and sat at his window. He has had these same dreams many times before, but lately it has been haunting him every time he slept. Itachi didn't know what the dream meant or how he could have such a dream, but it was always the very same.

'...Oh, it's the full moon...' Itachi thought, looking over the roof tops of Konoha in the beautiful moon light. Itachi didn't know why, but he loved the night. It just made him feel as if it belonged to the darkness it creates. It was calming and beautiful compared to all the troubles he faced when the sun was up.

'But... I wonder who that girl in my dream was.' The raven hair teen sighed. Even though he never got the girl's name in his dream, he could tell she saw him as whom he was without even knowing him. She had a gentle smile and he could tell she was a very kind and caring person. It makes Itachi always wonder if he would ever meet such a person.

"Huh?" Itachi blinked as he saw a mass of black in the distance. His onyx eyes turned red with his Sharingan so that he could see better and make sure he wasn't seeing a genjutsu. To his surprise, he saw a mass of bat swirling around a tall building. In the swirling mass of bats was a blond hair person wearing a frilly blouse and long black pants with the tall figure the blond hair person had. Itachi saw the figure was an eighteen year old looking female with pale skin and plump pale rose color lips as well as a slender figure with long limps, wide shoulders, a slender waist, and wide hips.

'No way...' Itachi's eyes widen as the blond figure turned and looked towards where he was for Itachi so glaze into a pair of beautiful sapphires that were for eyes. She just stood there as the bats flew off. Itachi noticed her lips moving and tried to read them, but she jumped off the roof and disappeared from Itachi sight.

"No way... It couldn't be that same girl... What was with the bats?... Just...What the heck happened?" Itachi asked to himself before shaking his head. "Maybe my mind is playing tricks on me... I best go to bed." Itachi groaned as he flopped back onto his bed. However, unlike other times where the same dream just started over from the beginning, it decided to finally show the end where the adult that had taken him had escaped the large mansion just as it was set ablaze and he cried as he heard the screams of agony and pain coming from the flames. His heart yanked with pain with worry if the blond hair girl had escaped or not as darkness swallowed him and the few survivors that escaped with the adult holding him.

"Do you need some help?" A librarian asked the blond hair person looking at several old books.

"...Do you have any books on vampire myth and lore?" Naruto asked with a smile and blinked as hearts came into the young librarian's eyes.

"Yes! They are in the fiction area." The woman pointed the direction.

"Thank you, ma'am... You are such a helpful woman." Naruto chimed with a grin and flinched as the woman fainted and hit the floor. "Er... I didn't do it..." Naruto sneaked over to the fiction section. She had to see what has happened to her world of darkness while she was asleep for many years.

She picked up several books on vampires and sat down at a table. She began to flip through the pages to find most of the weaknesses humans had put down for vampires were not true except for one kind.

'I see... The few that survived must have wanted revenge and made many of "those" monsters to do it... They took everything the wrong way.' Naruto sighed, looking through the books which barely gave any worthwhile information.


"Ack!" Naruto jumped when several girls wrapped their arms around her.

"Ita-Wait, you're not Itachi-sama!" One of the girls screamed.

"Hey... This is a library..." Naruto looked at all the girls with a frown while moving her bangs back since her long hair was put back in a low ponytail. "Please use your inside voices."

"Eek! So cute!" Naruto blinked as the girl's went into fangirl mode. "What's your name?"

"My name?" Naruto asked. She seen similar behavior from her teammate Sakura, but she was a girl, though all she was wearing was male clothing since it was all she could find at her home's ruins still good. However, Naruto wasn't sure of giving her name, but since all the books she saw lacked somewhat...

"I am Uzumaki Naruto, mademoiselles." Naruto took one of the girl's hands and kissed the top of her hand. It was a common greeting her kind did. Manners was one thing that was a must with her clan and she was going to make up with the thirteen years she spend as an out-of-control, disrespectful youth.

"EEK!" Naruto blinked in confusion as the girl melted with a blush on her face in the arms of the other girls' arms.

"So romantic!" Naruto left the group of girls, somewhat frighten by the girls' behavior.

'Now that I have my memories back, everything seems so immoral and crude.' Naruto let out a sigh, noticing the strange stares she was getting from people. It wasn't really of hate or confusion, but she didn't know exactly what the stares were exactly. 'But, why do I have the strange feeling sleeping in a coffin would be a must here?' Naruto sighed. Her kind didn't really need coffins to sleep in, but they preferred them because of the security and the really odd fact that coffins were made better than most beds that they gave. Plus, where else did the prank of people jumping out of boxes and such came from anyways?

"Hello..." Naruto looked at a slightly younger version of her sensei in the other Konoha, Hatake Kakashi.

"Hello, mister." Naruto smiled softly, but frowned as she saw the orange book he was reading. "You know, reading such literature in public is wrong."

"Well, that's why they don't put much graphics on the front." Kakashi sighed. Someone reported a blond hair person wondering around Konoha, but was never seen "entering" Konoha and, knowing how stupid the council is, had a ninja take a mission to check out the blond. Kakashi was that unfortunate ninja. "Say, are you a foreigner?"

"You could say that, but I know you would not know the country I am from. It fell a while back." Naruto sighed.

"I see... Are you a ninja?" Kakashi asked, wanting to get this over with.

"No... I do know some ninjutsu and such, but I'm not a ninja..." Naruto smirked. "I'm a bit of an artist. Though, I can see why Konoha would be suspicious. I used a summoning to get here. Bat summonings prefer to be summoned at night... Yet, the little ones always cling on..." Naruto groaned as she found a baby bat had hitched a ride in her blouse and waved it away.

"I see... So, what are you doing in Konoha." Kakashi chimed, glad this person understood what was going on.

"Just looking around... I might stay here for a while and see if I can make some money by doing some art. Also thinking of writing a novel..." Naruto smiled while Kakashi was barely able to hold himself back from the cuteness of the blond. Naruto did often done art and crafts since her parents were very protective of her and she was rarely allowed to leave the family grounds. "Oh, can you help me with finding a place to live?"

"Er... Sure?"

"Uzumaki Naruto?" The Fourth Hokage, Namikaze Minato scratched his head as he looked at the "new" citizen of Konoha's paperwork that Kakashi had gotten for him. "How is this possible? I thought all but my Kushina was left of the Uzumaki clan."

"I don't know, but I think the blond wasn't lying. Maybe he is Kushina's distant relative?" Kakashi sighed. "But, he may not be living much longer."

"Why?" Minato asked with worry.

"The rabid species known as fangirls got him in their sights." Minato only sighed while giving his student a look. "What? It's the truth."

"Kakashi... What is this Naruto like?" Minato asked, wanting to make sure what this person was like before his wife-to-be found out about the blond.

"Well... He's quite well mannered, though some of his manners kind of seem like from those really old romantic films. He is also bright and happy, which is a shocker since he looks like a little wider blue eyed, blond hair Itachi with whisker like marks on his cheeks, which was why I was saying he had to watch out for the fan clubs." Minato sweated. It was bad enough Itachi was suffering from fan girls, but now another person would also be suffering. "He is an artist, and a pretty good one... Though his fashion sense is odd..."

"Why is the way he dresses odd?" Minato asked.

"Other than the fact he has an obsession of the color orange, he dresses in these outfits I thought you could only find in old movies like for long ago dramas or even vampire movies..." Kakashi shook his head. Such clothing was rare and even Kakashi wondered if the blond had been an actor. He was good looking enough to be one.

"Maybe he is an occult fan. I heard there are some people who really like the horror films and like to live within them by making their places like the sets." Minato let out a sigh.

"Well, the guy's a good person. In fact, he probably makes anyone having a bad day smile." Kakashi chuckled. "However, I worry that the council might try something now that he had appeared. I mean, the Uzumaki clan was believed to have fallen when Whirlpool fell and only Kushina's family escaped and she ended up here."

"I agree... I need to watch the council more since they seem to be getting a bit too powerful for their own good..." Minato sighed. He needed to weed out the council, but didn't know how. 'But... I wonder how Kushina will react when she finds out another Uzumaki was now in Konoha?' Minato sighed before looking at his paperwork. He also wondered why the heck the leader of a ninja village had to do so much paperwork.

"Ah, tea is always good under the light of the moon." Naruto chimed as she sat on the porch of the apartment she got. It was somewhat larger than her past apartment in Konoha, but was simple and lacked a lot of stuff. Naruto really didn't mind that. She liked simple things as the complex lead to her brother becoming her servant.

"Wait a second." Naruto suddenly thought if something. She remembered the way her brother looked, but also how Uchiha Itachi looked in the other dimension. 'If it is possible for reincarnation... Maybe... Just maybe... Nah...'

"Baka." Naruto leaned back. It was impossible for that to happen. Her race was of the darkness, forever cursed. Being reborn was a privilege, not a right, and her kind and she believed they did not have it.

"Sometimes...Being a vampire sucks..." Naruto sighed, opening a small bottle with red liquid in it. "I'm glad my family was skilled in seals, even before they made it to the ninja world and keep blood stored just encase of an emergency... This should keep me at bay for a little while till I can establish a hunting area and routine...As well as territory." Naruto drank the liquid before swallowing with a disgusted face. "Agh... Why is it when blood if stored in a bottle, it becomes bland." Naruto sighed. Her life was really bad, but it didn't mean she could try to make it better.

'But... What am I going to do for a mate?' Naruto pondered. She didn't even learn what to do with courtship and such for the vampire point of view. 'Maybe I should look in the book stores... Maybe they have better enforced books with actual right facts to help me.' Naruto groaned as she saw clouds coming over the moon. "Aw... And just when I was about the really enjoy the moon." The moon was all Naruto had left. The darkness of the night had always been like a friend to her, protecting her and comforting her like all of her kind. If only the night could talk back, then she would be fine with being alone.

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