"Sakura. Sakura, wake up." Emerald eyes blinked open, searching their surroundings.

"We're here?" Sakura asked. She looked up at her mentor and guardian, Tsunade.

"You bet. The moving truck's following closely behind." the blonde lady said. Sakura nodded and slid out of the front seat of the sleek, black car. She was simply wearing jeans and sneakers, with a green tank top. She had bandages wrapped on her arms, from her wrists to her elbows. Her bubble gum pink hair flowed down to her shoulders.

"Welcome to your new home!" Tsunade said, walking up to the house. It was kind of small, farther away from the civilization of the city. Sakura walked inside.

"When's the equipment going to get here?" she asked. She kept wondering why they had to move back to Konoha, but Tsunade never told her.

"Soon, soon, don't worry. Then I'll have you training for your next mission!" her guardian explained. Sakura sighed, flopping down on the couch.

'Why'd we have to move back here?' she wondered. 'What's this mission all about, anyways?'

"Sakura, come see your new room." Said girl jumped up, walking upstairs. She might as well see her new room, it was bound to be better than the bunks and small rooms at Corp.

Sakura walked into the room, looking around. It had dark green walls, with regular, white bed sheets. There was a night stand next to it, with a lamp on top. A desk occupied one corner, while a dresser was pushed up against one wall. A closet took up most of one side of the room, while another door led to a small, attached bathroom.

"Where will I keep my weapons?" she asked bewildered. Tsunade just smiled. She walked over to the closet, opening the doors, revealing...


"So... my closet?" she asked, confused. Her senses suddenly picked something up. There was a chakra barrier, concealing a door. Tsunade released it, and a brown, wooden door appeared.

"Well, go ahead- go inside!" Tsunade encouraged. Sakura opened the door, stepping into the dark room. the lights flicked on, and she found herself in a weapon storage room.

Of her very own!

"My... my I.D. poster!" the pink haired girl exclaimed. Hanging up, was a picture of her looking tough dressed in uniform, with info underneath;

Name: Sakura Haruno

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Birthday: March 28th

Level: Jonin

Codename: Crimson Blossom

Info: Wields an engraved katana, used for finishing the enemy. A natural in genjutsu and taijutsu, becoming Jonin rank at just the age of 14. Taken in by the head of ANBU Corporation, Tsunade, at the age of three, trained as an assassin since then. Highly skilled in the medical field, too.

Sakura smiled at one specific line.

Occupation: Assassin

"Sakura, come down here, I got your mission objective!" Tsunade called. Said girl instantly perked up from her place of unpacking, running out of her room and skipping the last ten stairs.

So... all of them.

She rushed into the living room, finding her mentor on the couch with a bottle of sake. Finally, now she was going to find out why they had to move back here!

"So what is it?" The pink haired girl asked.

'Could it be some super cool mission?' she wondered. 'Like having to break into some secret corporation, or protecting somebody secretly, without them even knowing? Or what if-'

"Sakura, there has been recent activity of Orochimaru, lately." The color drained from Sakura's face a little, and her excited smile melted. "He was seen walking around Konoha, inspecting the barrier. He has been fairly silent lately, and we think he's plotting something." Sakura sat down in one of the recliners.

"So what are we here for?" she asked.

"Not just us." Tsunade explained. "The others too. We're going to have ANBU stationed all over the city, in disguise. There are about twenty in all. Sound has been recruiting many people, and we're pretty sure Orochimaru's behind it."

"Wait, disguises?" Sakura questioned. "What is every one disguised as?"

"Well, more like who everyone is disguised as. The others started at the beginning of the school year, while I just started a couple months ago."

"School year?" She did not like where this was going.

"Correct. I have taken over the job of principle at a local high school, Konoha High. Shizune has become the secretary and nurse, while Iruka and some others are teachers." Tsunade looked Sakura in the eye.

"And you, Sakura, are going to be a high school student."

"What?" The teenager jumped out of her seat. "Why?"

"Because, we need you to also be in disguise while living here! This is the best way to fit you in!"

"No, I refuse."

"Sakura, you can't refuse a mission. Plus, this is a long mission, so you'll still get to do your other, regular missions." her mentor consoled.

"How?" Sakura asked.

"That's the thing; we've already figured out how!" A smile light the blonde's face. "You'll be a troublemaker. A rebel."

Sakura thought about it a little bit. Realization hit her. "Oh, I get it! That way, when I get called down by the 'principle', everyone will think I just got in trouble again. But really, you'll be calling me down for a mission. And if anything ever comes up and I'm not in class, people will just think I skipped out."

"And since you've already learned all that stuff, pretty much, you can just not pay attention; which will be totally normal for a rebel type person And if you have an unhealed injury from a mission, you can just say you got in a fight." Tsunade continued.

Sakura smiled and nodded, turning upstairs. Her smile melted, and she sighed, walking into her room.

'Who knows; maybe I'll actually have fun.'

"SAKURA! GET YOUR BUTT OUT OF BED!" The pink haired girl jumped up, looking around wildly for the enemy. That was then when she remembered it.


The worst enemy of all.

She sighed, walking over to her dresser. 'Oh, right.' she remembered. 'I'm supposed to be a troublemaker, a rebel; mean, dangerous and not very friendly looking.'

She sighed, again, and pulled out some clothes. A pair of black straight jeans, a black tank top that dipped down to reveal a red layer. She put on a black leather jacket with the sleeves ripped off (well, at least they were now). Her black fingerless gloves came on with a pair of black and white converse on her feet.

"I'm wearing too much black." Sakura complained as she walked downstairs. Tsunade looked at her.

"Ah, your fine. Here's a frozen waffle for breakfast." Sakura rolled her eyes playfully.

"Wow, a frozen waffle. And here I was all worried that you would make me pancakes and bacon." she said sarcastically. The pink haired girl began to fill her backpack with 'school supplies'.

'Let's see... a couple pencils, a binder, first-aid kit, my drawing pad, dagger, my iPod, folder, shuriken...'

"Hey!" Sakura called in to her mentor. "So I don't have to pay attention, right? Since I already know all this stuff?"

"You can go ahead and fail every class." was the reply. "But it would be nice if you at least aced the tests. But no; you don't have to pay attention." Sakura smiled, slinging the bag over her shoulder. She opened up the door.

"Oh, and there probably won't be any missions today!" Tsunade called after her. "And wear your helmet!" she yelled. A 'Yeah, yeah.' was her only response, causing her to shake her head.

'What am I going to do with that girl?' Her brown eyes caught the clock. 'Well, I better get going, too. Got to go be the principle.'

"Oh, yeah! And I heard that we're getting a new girl today!" Naruto exclaimed. A goofy grin filled his face, his blue eyes twinkling with happiness.

"Really? What's she like?" Ino asked. She flipped her long, pale blonde hair out of her face and over her shoulder.

"Well, apparently, she's really mean, and tough, and can break your arm like a twig!" Everyone gasped. "And she's even worse than Gaara with the dressing and not socializing!" Everyone gasped louder. Gaara scowled.

The group, of which the one that was hanging out on the front lawn of the school, consisted of many friends. There was Naruto and Sasuke; a loud mouth idiotic blonde with whiskers on his cheeks and a cool, nonchalant teen with spiky black hair which is loved by all the girls. Then there's Hinata and Neji; two cousins from a rich family with pearly eyes. Ino is a girly, preppy pale blonde that is also a holding member of the Sasuke fan club, while Tenten is a tough, tomboy brunette that won't let any push her around, yet she can still be very sweet.

Shikamaru; the smartest and laziest kid in the school, has been best friends with Choji; a boy who is fairly chubby. Kiba is a boy with canine like teeth and two upside-down red triangles on his cheek, who has a loving dog named Akamaru. Finally, there's the three Sand siblings; Kankuro, Temari, and Gaara. Temari, a spunky dirty blonde, and her brother Kankuro, a creepy boy who plays with puppets, are a year older. Gaara is the youngest, and is with everyone else most of the time with his blood red hair.

'Oh, great.' Gaara thought. 'Another loud-mouth girl that thinks she's so perfect and just falls in love with Uchiha.'

"I also-" Naruto was cut off by the sound of a motorcycle. Everyone in front of the school turned towards the source of the sound. Someone was riding up, with a black helmet covering their face. The mysterious person's motorcycle was a shiny black, outlined in silver with a design of swirls and lines etched in the same color on either side. The vehicle pulled into the small school parking lot, cutting off the engine.

"Who's that?" Ino questioned. The student -who they now figured out was a girl- stepped off. Gaara turned his teal eyes on her. He hated to admit it, but this girl intrigued him somewhat. Everyone watched as she pulled off her helmet.

"Pink hair?" Kiba said, bewildered. The girl grabbed her backpack, slinging it over her shoulder.

"That must be the new girl!" Tenten realized. They watch her walk up the main side walk, ignoring all the stares she was getting. Sasuke smirked and stepped out in front of her, blocking her path. She stopped, looking up at him nonchalantly.

"Hey, there." he said coolly. It made a bunch of girls faint. "My name's Sasuke." Everyone watched as she stared up at him with uncaring emerald eyes.

"...So?" Sasuke frowned, but soon replaced it with a smile that made all the girls that just fainted, go into unconsciousness.

"Well, I'm one of the most popular guys in school, and I was wondering if you wanted to go out sometime." Everyone shook their head, waiting for the squealing and the 'YES, YES, YES!' to come.

Sakura just looked straight up at him.

"I don't like you." her voice was cold, sounding loud over the silent school lawn. With that, she pushed past him and continued on into the school, the door falling shut behind her. Everyone was silent. Naruto was the first to recover.

He pointed at his friend and laughed. "Haha! REJECTED!" Sasuke growled and began to chase him all around the school. Gaara looked towards the school where the mysterious rosette had disappeared. He smirked.

He liked this girl.


First chapter of my first (posted at least) story! It gets much better later, except I don't know which pairing to make it…