Breathe. Step, step. Breathe. Step, step. Breathe.

The pattern repeated mindlessly as the wind burnt against his skin.

Mac Taylor was out late, jogging around the neighborhood of his apartment. His mind had been rattled by Ms. Stella Bonasera's resignation, and upon realization that his mind was going to remain restless, he put his energy into working out.

Leaves rattled down the road as he passed. Their color still shone bright against the night sky, and the "crunch" they made eery so often was almost soothing.

As Mac rounded the corner, he noticed something that had not been there before.

A figure.

Upon further examination, he realized it was that of a homeless woman. She lay there, bundled in a ball, trying to stay warm. Her layers were thin, and her fragile body shook.

He came closer and closer, his heart telling him to stop and offer her at least something warmer to wear. And then it hit him.

"" his voice blended into the wind.

How do you like it so far? Should I continue? Sorry the beginning is so short. But I wanted a cliff hanger. Let me know! (: And for you, a free "Mac Taylor, Detective" doll!