Forever Waiting

Every night I travel to the isolated area where you met your cruel death

I think of when I held you as you took your last breath

The moonlight shimmers

The moonlight glimmers

The moonlight brings tears to my eyes

As I come to the realization, that you have departed to the skies

I remember the night we met

One glance into your emerald eyes, and I was caught within your net

The gently waves lap against the rocks

My heart is trapped, and there is no way to open the wretched locks

Which keep me bound

I keep my ears open, hoping for even the tiniest sound

Every night I sit and ponder

Every night I sit and wonder

What could happen between us if you stayed with me?

Could the locks be opened with you as the key?

I forever wait for the day of your return

And I will finally receive what it is I yearn

You are not dead, I refuse to believe it

Once you reappear, we will bandage each other's broken hearts bit by bit.

The moonlight will shimmer

The moonlight will glimmer

As I hold you in my arms, I will whisper in your ear,

"I will never let you go; I will always be here with you, my dear"