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Cody Martin was your average teenage boy; well, other than the fact that he liked to knit, sew, sing, dance, and cared a lot for his hygiene. So honestly, he wasn't average. But other than that, he was of good height, had normal hair, (other than being too long), and enjoyed video games. He lived at a hotel, (again, not so average), and knew celebrities from living there so long. He'd met baseball players, singers, actors, and many others...but when he transferred schools with his twin brother to the S.S. Tipton, he wound up getting into the normal, (as normal as you can get for going to school on a cruise ship), swing of things.

"Codes!" said boy turned, seeing his twin brother rush down the hallway, nearly tripping over his own feet. "I just heard that Hannah Montana is coming on the ship for a second cruise."

"Oh, that's...cool." he smiled and went back to the book he was reading.

"Okay well whatever." Zack sighed and flopped down on Cody's bed.

"I'm going to go get something to eat, want anything?" Cody asked his brother who was messing around on the computer, most likely looking up perverted things.

"You know what I like."

Cody sighed, not wanting to stand there and argue with his brother about his piss-poor attitude. He left his cabin and walked out and up to the sky deck. He lost his appetite on the way and just decided to sit and read with the slight chance of getting some peace and quiet from his brothers annoying attitude and his roommates .. well... everything.

"Miley, are you sure we're on the sky deck? You've taken us around in circles for the past half an hour..." a boy with black hair sighed loudly as the girl ignored him, turning a map of the ship around.

"Well, there's the sky," she pointed up, "and there's the deck." she pointed down. "I'm pretty sure-"

"-It's the sky deck." Cody said, over his shoulder.

"Thank you!" Miley huffed. "Now, Lily and I are going to get in the hot tub and relax. Oliver, you...go sit with the blonde boy!"

Oliver shrugged and walked over, sitting in the sun chair beside Cody. "Hey, my name's Oliver." he smiled.

"I'm Cody. Are you a transfer student or on vacation?"

"I'm on vacation..You go to school here?"

"Yeah, it's fun." he sat up a bit in his chair. He looked at Oliver's green eyes and smiled at the happiness that was within them. "Do you need help getting to know the ship while you're here?"

"If you're offering." he laughed.

"Of course I am." Cody stood up. "This is the sky deck, juice bar is over there, bathrooms through there and there and the elevator is over here." he pointed and smiled. "I'll show you where you can get food around here at a good price."

"Awesome, foodage!" Oliver walked with the boy. "So how old are you, Cody?"

"Sixteen. How about you?"

"Seventeen." Oliver leaned on the railing of the ship, looking out to the setting sun. "Do you miss your family out here?"

"Yeah, I do. But they visit sometimes. It's nice to be independent though. And my brother is here to keep me company if I'm ever homesick. He might make fun of me at first but he does take care of me.." Cody smiled. "Why, considering coming out here for school?"

"I'd love to...But it costs a lot and my mother wouldn't let me...Especially considering this is my last year in high school and the school year has already started."

"Tell her it's a good educational experience. It's not too late for financial aid and scholarships."

Oliver smiled and folded his arms, "I think I'll give it a shot.. Then maybe we could be roommates."

"That would be amazing...I'm friends with my roommate and all, but my Lord he's annoying sometimes..."

"My only guy friend back home is my best friends brother and he's not all that fun to be around."

"Got a girlfriend?" Cody asked out of the blue.

"No. No one ever seems interested in me."

"That's a shame...I think you're pretty cute." Cody looked to the floor.

"So then, I take it that you're gay?"

"I don't think so...Just know an attractive guy when I see one."

"As do I." he lifted Cody's face up so they were eye level, leaning in, nearly kissing him.

"Oliver!" he jumped away, hearing his name being called from his annoying blonde friend. "There you are!" Lily stormed over and grabbed him. "We've been looking for you, Han- uh, we have to get...Oh, you know what I'm talking about!" she flailed her arms in the air.

"I'm sorry, Cody...I have to go. I'll see you later?"

"Sure..." his heart was racing as he watched Oliver depart with the bouncy girl. He suddenly blushed and took off for his bedroom, smiling like a fool.

"What are you so happy about?" Zack sat up and looked at him.

"N-nothing..." he bit his lip and sat on his bed, removing his shoes. "Aren't we headed up to Alaska for tomorrow night?"

"Yeah, Hannah's having a winter concert...I guess it's going to be videotaped and it's going to be part of her new music video."

Cody sat beside his brother. "Do you believe in love at first sight? I mean like...where you meet someone and spend all day with them and you're on the verge of kissing them but they get pulled away and you just can't seem to get them out of your head, love?"

Zack raised an eyebrow and closed Cody's laptop, placing it aside. "Why, what happened? Who is she?"

"...What makes you th-"

"Cody I know you better than that, you ask a seemingly rhetorical question and it turns out to be all about you. Not a friend you know, not something you read or watched...Now tell me." Zack brushed the blonde hair from his brother's face and smiled softly at him. There were times when Zack was a jerk and wouldn't listen to Cody for a second...but there were other times when he was a caring older brother and was there for Cody no matter the situation; fully accepting and keeping his arms open so he had a place to run to.

"It's not...a girl." he whispered, looking down.

Zack looked at his brother for a few seconds before responding. "I'm your brother, and as much as I enjoy teasing you and spreading things about you to others...this isn't something I'll do that with..." Zack hugged him and smiled.

"His name's Oliver...he's just so nice and everything and we hung out all day and I showed him around the boat and after we watched the sun set we almost kissed...and he got pulled away by this girl who seems to annoy him."

Zack nodded and kissed his brothers forehead. "Did you get his cell number? Cabin number? Anything?"

"I got his cabin number..." Cody leaned deeper into Zack's embrace.

"You should go see him tonight."

The two were quiet for a while as they sat in each others arms, their thoughts racing a mile a minute. Zack cleared his throat and looked down at his younger twin. "Codes, you know I love you no matter who you fall in love with..And whether it's a one night stand with some guy you just met, or a fling with a stupid blonde girl who no one can stomach...Don't give up just because you feel that it's too soon or because some people don't believe in love at first sight..."

"Thank you..." Cody whispered and stood up, smiling softly. "I don't think I could ask for a better brother." he left the room and strolled down the halls until he wound up at the cabin Oliver was staying in. He lifted up his hand and knocked on the door quietly.

"Just a second!" a girl yelled before opening the door. Cody blinked, seeing Hannah Montana's best friend, Lola, standing there with a tacky outfit on and bright orange hair. "Hannah's not signing autographs right now, you can get one-"

"I'm not here for Hannah, though I would like to tell her hello..I'm an old friend." he smiled.

"Oh! You're one of the twins...with the cake!" she smiled.

"Yeah, I actually was just wondering if Oliver was here..." he fiddled with his thumbs and bit his lip.

"O-Oliver? You must have the wrong cabin."

"You're bad at lying." he raised an eyebrow.

"Lil...Lola, who's here?" a boy walked over and pulled the door open the rest of the way, looking at thin boy. "Cody?"


"Mike! His name's Mike!" Hannah scrambled over to the door with a grin on her face.


"Sorry, wrong room." she closed the door in his face and turned to Oliver. "You gave him our room number? She shouted, loud enough for Cody to hear through the door."

"I, well..." Oliver scratched his head and sighed. "He's a good kid Miley..."

"I know he is but you can't- Ugh!" she shouted again.

Cody turned to leave, feeling hurt and rejected, when he heard the door open up. "Wait, don't go."

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have-" Cody didn't look at the boy who was behind him.

"Cody it's...it's alright, it's her fault." he stood so he was in front of the boy.

"So, you're part of Hannah Montana's crew?" Cody leaned on the wall. "And Lola is...Lily..and Hannah is..."

"Yeah...But you can't tell anyone!" Oliver walked him against the wall and looked down at him. "Promise?" he whispered.

"I promise..." Cody stood on his toes as their lips pushed together.

Oliver embraced the younger boy and smiled, kissing the boy again. Little did they know, Oliver's two best friends were standing in the doorway of the cabin, catching them in a heated lip lock. Miley closed the door quietly and looked at Lily who just looked back at her. They both burst out with a loud "Awe!" and squealed as teenage girls so often did.

"What in Sam's hill are you two so happy about?" Mileys father stepped from the shower, a robe on and a towel drying his hair.

"Look out the door daddy. Quietly!" she shoved him over.

"Okay okay." he opened the door and looked into the hall, seeing his daughters friend making out with what appeared to be a small blonde girl. "So, Oliver's got a girlfriend?"

"Wait for it..." Miley whispered, watching as the two boys pulled apart for air.

"He's got a-..." he closed the door raised an eyebrow. "...-boyfriend? Didn't expect that from him..." he shrugged. "Wonder what his mother will say!"

Cody could feel his heart race as Oliver kept kissing him deeply. He was lifted up onto the wall and kissed deeper as Oliver ground his hips between the boys legs. Cody gasped and suppressed a moan as they ground together.

"What...what if someone.."

"See's?" Oliver looked around and thought about where they could go to be alone.

"Maybe...Nurses office?" Oliver nodded and walked quickly with the boy to the nurses office, hoping the door was unlocked.

"Well that's shit luck." he laughed as the door opened.

They left the lights off, closing the door behind them. Their lips met again as they carefully walked over to the bed that was in the room. The sheets were newly cleaned and the bed was freezing cold. Oliver kissed the smaller boys neck, nipping slightly as he did so. Cody's hips bucked against the raven haired boys, causing them both to moan. Oliver's hands slipped up the blonde's shirt, pulling it over his head and casually tossing it onto the floor. Cody moaned as one of his nipples was licked and the other gently played with. The older boy laid between Cody's legs and thrust against him as he locked their lips together again. They undid their pants and began to remove them when they heard a commotion outside the door.

"Right in here Kerby and we'll get you a band-aid for that paper c- Cody?" Mr. Moseby stopped when he flipped the light on. He looked over the shirtless boy who held a few hickeys on his neck and his undone pants. His gaze shot up to the raven haired boy who was fully out of his disguise and back to being just Oliver. "What in the world is going on in here?" he waited for someone to say something.

Cody blushed a deep shade of red, sitting up and covering himself. "M-Mr. Moseby..." he began to panic, feeling tears come to his eyes. "Ple-please don't tell my mom..."

Oliver rubbed his back and shushed him.

"Get yourselves fixed up." he marched over, grabbing a band-aid and handing it to the large security guard.

Oliver helped Cody off the bed, handing him his shirt and re-buttoning their pants. They walked behind the angry short man until they reached his office where they were promptly sat in two chairs, an arms length away from each other.

"Now, do I even have to ask what was going on in there?"

"No sir..." they said together.

"Cody, you know better...It's past curfew and having any type of sexual activity is not allowed. And you, young man, I don't even think we've met."

"Oliver, sir..."

"Hm, yes...Now, what would posses you two to do something like this? I know you're teenagers, you have raging hormones that you need to dispose of..."

"Mr. Moseby...I know it was wrong, I don't believe I need an embarrassing lecture..." Cody frowned, still blushing from the thought of getting a sex talk.

The older man sighed and leaned back in his chair. "I suppose if you're going to do it I can't stop you unless one of you gets kicked off the ship, but that seems pointless... and I can't say anything other than...be safe...But you know that and maybe try for a place that isn't going to be frequently used?" The boys nodded. "Now, Cody, I must inform your mother about the situation...And you, young man...Who are your parents or guardians on the ship at this time?"

"I'm here with some friends and one of their parents..." Oliver sighed.

Moseby nodded, lifting the phone and dialing Cody's mothers number. "Carey, yes it's Moseby. No, it's not about Zack. No it's actually about Cody. I'm not so sure how to explain this without making it anymore awkward than it has to be...No, it's a little more serious than that...Sort of. Yes, we'll I'm not too surprised either...Alright then." he handed the phone over to Cody who nervously took it.

"Mom?" he quietly asked.

"Cody honey, what's going on..." his mother asked, without really asking at all. "I know you're growing up but this behavior isn't acceptable, granted I didn't think you'd be up to something like this sooner than your brother, but I just want you to slow down and think about it before you take part in something you're unsure about."

"Mom I'm sure about it...Zack's okay with it too...I talked to him and-"

"Cody this has nothing to do with your brothers opinion. It has to do with you and being sexually active."

"Mom would you just listen to me?"

"Cody I know neither of us like talking about this type of thing but you have to realize that you're at the right age to get involved in the wrong type of things."

"Mom! It's my business! Now butt out!" he slammed the phone down and got up, storming out of the room.

Oliver jumped up, rushing after him. "Did she not take it well...?" he bit his lip.

"I don't know, she's basically giving me the sex talk all over again." he stormed down the hall to his cabin and flung the door open. "Get out of my bed." he shoved his brother onto the floor.

"Ow! What the hell did you do that for?" Zack rubbed his head and sat up.

"Go sleep in your room."

"What's wrong?" he stood up and looked at his brother.

"I just want to go to sleep..." he sighed and sat down, removing his shoes. "Moseby walked in on me and Oliver, then he called mom and she started throwing the sex talk at me."

Zack looked at the raven haired boy who was standing in the door way, obviously uncomfortable. "You can come in, Oliver. If anything he'll only bite my head off, not yours." Zack smiled and grabbed Cody's night clothes, handing them to him. "What else happened?"

"I told her to butt out and slammed the phone down..."

"You know she's gonna call dad, right?"

"Dad wont lecture me beyond belief." Cody changed his shirt and slipped into the bathroom to change his pants. "It's my business what I do and dad will be too uncomfortable to even look at me when he finds out...So he shouldn't say too much."

Zack sighed. "What did your folks say?" he looked at Oliver.

"Never got the chance to call them or anything..I followed Cody right out of the room and that was that...I don't plan on telling them, they're slightly if not totally homophobic..." Oliver looked around the room at the many books and how half of the room was completely clean, where as the other half was a mess. "Are you his roommate?"

"No, I wish..I'd rather have my brother as a roommate than who my roommate is now." Cody came out of the bathroom and sat down.

Zack smiled at his brother and messed his hair up. "Speaking of Woody, where is he anyway?"

"I guess he's back visiting his mother and Steve."

Zack nodded and stood up, planting a kiss on the top of his brothers head. "Well I'm tired, I'll see you tomorrow morning." he stepped from the room, closing the door behind him.

Cody turned to Oliver who smiled brightly, pulling him close. "Maybe..."

"Now? What if Moseby comes looking for us?"

"I doubt it..."

Oliver laid the boy down, kissing his neck as he ran his hands down his body. Cody moaned quietly and lifted the ravens shirt off, tossing it onto the floor. Cody removed his own shirt and pressed their bodies together tightly as their lips pressed together, working slowly. If you've ever been in a situation where you knew something was totally wrong, but no one was there to stop you from the insane act you were about to commit, you know how much your heart races from the thrill of being 'bad.' Cody's heart was, indeed, racing from all around excitement and nervousness. He'd never gotten further than kissing someone, (with the exception of a hug); so laying in his bed with someone who a few hours ago was a complete stranger, was a whole new experience to him. He had no idea what he was doing, yet somewhere in the back of his mind he knew exactly what to do. Watching many 'naughty' videos with his brother that usually caused him to blush and turn away, gave him some slight insight on what he was doing with his new friend.

Oliver removed the clothes Cody had just changed into; pulling away from his lips to look his small body over. He was very thin, attractive though. His groin was completely hairless, giving him an all around clean appearance. Oliver noticed the blush that was streaked across Cody's face and snickered slightly.

"Your body is gorgeous...As are you." he leaned back down, kissing him again.

"I'm cold..."

Oliver's eyes trailed down to the erection that was sticking up between Cody's legs. "This part of you says otherwise..." he smiled and gripped it, moving his fist up and down slowly.

"Ah!" he gasped and bucked his hips into the warmth of Oliver's hand.

The few times Cody has actually masturbated, it usually ended with him not finishing or hardly feeling any pleasure the entire time; so he hardly expected someone else touching him to feel good. He gasped and moaned quietly as Oliver jerked his wrist, intent on watching the smaller boy unconsciously touch his body. Oliver looked around and spotted a bottle of lotion on the bedside, grabbing it quickly. He squirted some onto his fingers and ran them along Cody's entrance. The younger boy jumped and looked at the raven with wide eyes.

"Wh-what are-?"

"I need to prepare you...You don't think I can just enter you, right?" he smiled, kissing the boy who blushed.

"You just surprised me is all..." he relaxed as Oliver slid a finger inside of him, gently moving it around.

Cody moaned and shut his eyes tightly, not quite understanding why the intrusion felt so pleasurable. Granted, Cody knew how two men had sex; but seeing and experiencing are two different things. In the young boys mind having something shoved up your back end couldn't be too pleasant; especially not romantic in the slightest...but he was sure as hell willing to give it a try if it meant finally figuring out who he truly was.

Oliver slid another finger in, causing Cody's train of thought to totally derail and crash into a wall. He began thrashing around wildly as Oliver found his prostate, pushing against it firmly with his two fingers. He screamed as Oliver pressed harder, causing his back to arch and his cock to twitch, shooting come out onto his stomach. Oliver grinned, removing his own pants and using the lotion again to thoroughly coat his erection. He positioned himself at Cody's entrance and kissed him softly.

The younger boy tried to control himself from the mild panic attack he was having as he waited for the penetration from the obviously larger boy. He closed his eyes tightly and took in an uneven breath.

"Are you alright?" Oliver waited.

"F-fine..." he spread his legs wider, pleading for him to get it over with already. "J-just do it..."

"Okay...Take in a deep breath," and so he did, "Now let it out slowly." Oliver entered the younger boy as he let out his breath, breathing back in quickly as he felt the large intrusion inside of him.

He felt completely full; the pressure in his lower back was tremendous. Oliver groaned as he held himself still, allowing the younger boy to become accustom to the feeling. Cody opened his eyes and looked at Oliver who now was panting, trying not to thrust his hips. The blonde wiggled slightly, smiling as Oliver opened his eyes and looked down at him. They slowly began moving together, at first not giving Cody much pleasure but eventually causing him to scream and moan loudly as his prostate was thrust into by Oliver's length.

"Faster!" Cody moaned and sat up slightly, wrapping his arms around the boys neck.

Oliver did so, thrusting deeper into the boy as he moved faster. Cody sat up fully, positioning himself in Oliver's lap. He older laid down, holding Cody tightly to his hips before he began riding him. The blonde screamed as Oliver pounded in and out of him from underneath him; sending him nearly over the edge. Cody bounced faster, breathing loudly as he did so. Oliver's hand held tightly to his hips, helping him to move harder against him.

"Oliver! Oliver!" he screamed and rolled his hips, gasping as he reached his orgasm. He came on Oliver's stomach as he continued bouncing up and down to help the older boy finish.

"C-Cody..." he groaned, thrusting his hips upward and spilling inside of the boy.

Cody collapsed on the bed beside Oliver, panting for air as he tried to recover from his intense orgasm. He looked at Oliver who simply smiled and laughed slightly, causing Cody to laugh as well. They leaned in for another kiss, laying in each others arms until they wound up under the blankets, sleeping soundly.

"So how was it?" Zack smiled at his brother who was cleaning up old towels on the sky deck.

"How was what?" he pretended to not understand his older twins question.

"The sex, stupid." he smiled and leaned on the counter. "Did it hurt? I heard a lot of screaming.." he laughed.

Cody blushed and looked away from his brother. "It felt nice..." he whispered. "At first I thought I really wanted it, then I realized what I was doing was stupid and I really hoped you would come in and save me from my own stupidity...But then I realized that you're not me so why would you do that? Plus not to mention that you're just that way and unless I was hurting emotionally or physically you wouldn't really care if I lost my virginity like that...But that aside...after a while it was just amazing and well..."

"What position did you do it in?" Zack smiled and watched his brother.

"Well he started out on top of me, but then somehow I sat up in his lap and then pushed him down so he was laying and I started to ride him..." he blushed. "Why am I telling you this?" he threw a towel at him.

"Because you love me and want to tell me everything about your first time..." he laughed. "Where is lover boy anyway?"

"He had something to take care of I guess...he's here with some friends." Cody thought about how he couldn't trust his brother with the apparent Hannah secret, so it wouldn't be a good idea to say anything about the concert for that night.

"Fun...Well wanna hang out? I have two tickets to the concert tonight and no one to go with..."

"What about Maya?"

Zack shrugged. "She doesn't like Hannah. Bailey's already going with London and Woody isn't here."

"Sure, I'll go." Cody smiled and walked off with his brother.

The concert was loud, cold, and fun. There were lights shining everywhere and it fit nicely with the snow. Cody smiled at Oliver who was hanging outback of the stage in his disguise as Mike. He waved at the boy who was clearly looking at him and received no response. Cody frowned and watched him walk off, shaking his head at him with a frown.

"Zack?" Cody shouted over the music.

"What?" he turned to his brother and became concerned when he saw the tears forming in his eyes. "What's wrong?" he got close to Cody's ear, yelling so he could hear him.

"I wanna go..." he burst out crying, not understanding why his boyfriend ignored him.

"Alright. Let's go." he rubbed Cody's back, walking him back to the ship. "What's wrong? Did something happen? Did you get hurt?" Zack sat his brother down on his bed, rubbing his back again.

"It's Oliver..."

"What about him? What did he do?" Zack found himself getting angry.

Cody sniffled and placed his head on Zack's shoulder. "He ignored me..."

"He ignored you? That's all?" Zack looked at him and frowned. "Maybe he just didn't see you-"

"He did...Zack he was looking right at me.." Cody crawled into Zack's bed and sighed.

"Maybe he's just in a bad mood..." Zack tried to reassure his brother that everything was fine and that Oliver hadn't ignored him intentionally, but he couldn't be sure. "Stay in here with me tonight and we'll go talk to him tomorrow." Cody nodded and curled up in the bed, freezing cold from the Alaskan weather. Zack curled up beside him on his double bed, holding his brother close to warm him up. "You still have me...Codes..." he smiled and whispered after his brother had fallen asleep in his arms.

"Cody?" Zack shook his brother who squeaked as he stretched, waking up.

"Hm..?" he rubbed his eyes and sat up.

"Just thought you'd want to go talk to Oliver..."

Cody nodded and got out of the bed, feeling the cold air hit him. He sighed and slid his shoes on, walking with Zack to the cabin room Oliver was staying in. He knocked and waited for an answer, yet he received none.

"Maybe he's not in there.."

"Miley?" he knocked louder, "Lily?" he wiggled the handle, noticing that the door was open. He stepped inside, seeing the unmade beds and missing luggage. "He's..." tears sprung to his eyes as the reality hit him that Oliver was no longer on the ship.

"Cody..." Zack placed his hand on his shoulder.

The younger blonde bolted out of the hallways and stopped outside the ship, looking out at the port that was now long behind them. "No..." he walked to the front desk where Moseby was standing, going through paper work.

"Mr. Moseby?" he wiped the tears from his eyes and looked to the floor.

"Cody, what's wrong?" he looked at the young boy with concern.

"Guest room 314...The one's who were in there...Did they transfer rooms?"

Moseby turned to the computer on the desk and punched in something, pulling up a page. "They checked out last night, apparently they were only going from California to here and flying back."

Cody nodded, walking over and sitting down by the elevator on one of the chairs.

"Cody.." Zack walked into the room and knelt down beside him. "I'm sure it wasn't intentional..."

"Why didn't he tell me then..." he wiped his eyes. "I was taken advantage of and left here to rot in my own sorrow...But hey, at least we know that I'm gay now...Thank you first and last guy I'll ever be with!" his voice cracked as he tried to fight back the growing tears. "I don't know his last name...his phone number...where he lives or anything."

Zack frowned, feeling sorrow for his younger brother who's heart was obviously aching. "I can't very well say anything...because I've never been in this situation before...But I should have been there to stop that..."

Cody nodded and was embraced by Zack who simply held him and rubbed his back; really the only thing he knew how to do to comfort someone. He smiled at Cody who had tears running down his face. He wiped them away with his thumb and kissed his forehead gently.

"I'll always love you, Codes..."

Later that month, the sun was setting over the ice covered ocean. The brightness of the sunset was extraordinary. The sky lit up with pink, purple, red and peach colors; causing for a beautiful end to a seemingly tragic day. Cody found himself on the sky deck of the ship, looking out to the sea for some form of answers. The salty wind blew his hair in every direction, coating it with the wetness from the ocean spray. He looked over the edge of the ship and watched the water pass by quickly. It splashed along the side of the ship and left a white trail behind them that seemed to go back for miles. The sun reached its final seconds and dropped behind the ocean, sinking below to another part of the world. He looked up to the sky that was still twilight, seeing many stars forming in the clean, crisp air of the night. He shivered as another breeze blew past him, blowing his hair this way and that, sticking to his face. He got closer to the edge of the deck and stood up onto the bars, looking further down at the now pitch black water. He wiped a few tears from his face and lifted himself up onto another set of bars before swinging one leg over the edge, followed by the other.

"You're not going to jump, are you?" he looked up to see a familiar dark haired figure walking toward him in the night.

"I was considering it..." he whispered, looking down at the deck that was now in front of him.

"I wouldn't if I were you..."

"Why not?" he felt the all too familiar scene from one of his favorite movies, acting out before him.

"The water...It's freezing..." Oliver walked closer, leaning on the bars, looking down at the blackness. "Feels like a thousand never ending needles piercing your skin over and over again...Slowly killing you..."

"All I would have to do is let go...You wouldn't be able to stop me." Cody somehow managed to turn himself around, looking out to the sky that once held his bright, colorful sun.

"I'll just have-"

"-to come in after me..." he finished the sentence. "Please...spare me the detail. Leave your jacket and shoes on, don't tell me how I'm going to sink like a rock because of a piece of jewelry I'm wearing...You wouldn't come after me anyway...You didn't come after me a month ago...Why would you now?"

"You're right...I can't really explain what happened a month ago... But that's not who I am, Cody... I couldn't take advantage of someone... Leaving them to forever wonder..."

"What are you doing here, Oliver?" Cody sighed.

"Saving you." he smiled and reached his hand out. "Come back onto this side before you actually fall..."

"And if I don't?"

"I'll be forced to come in after you..."

"If only it would take you as long to do that as it did for you to come after me relationship wise..." he let one hand drop to his side, holding on with the other. "Part of me just...doesn't believe you..." he released his other hand and closed his eyes, waiting for the plunge into the ice water beneath. He felt a tightness around his wrist and looked up at Oliver who was leaning over the edge, frantic and crying.

"Wh-what are you doing?" he panicked and held tightly to Cody's wrist.

"P-pull me back up!" he looked down at the water and reached his other arm up, trying to grip Oliver. "Hurry!" he screamed and tried to pull himself up by pressing his feet to the wall of the ship.

Oliver pulled, but couldn't seem to pull Cody back up without help. "Someone help!" he screamed loudly, hoping someone would hear him.

"Don't let go!" Cody screamed and watched as his wrist slowly began slipping from Oliver's grasp. "Oliver!" he screamed in a high pitched voice as the older boy tightened his grip.

The screams quickly alerted Mr. Moseby to the situation as he was lecturing Zack about not filling the shampoo bottles with liquid cheese, causing them to rush to the deck. They ran over to Oliver just in time to see Cody slip from his grasp and plummet with a loud scream into the ice water beneath them. He disappeared in the water, causing everyone to panic even more.

As Cody fell, he looked up seeing the three looking down at him. He got further and further away until he felt the piercing pain of hitting the water flat on his back. The wind was knocked from him, causing him to gasp, but take nothing in but salt water. He silently screamed as darkness swallowed him and he was sucked underneath the ship that was now above him.

"Cody!" Zack screamed, tears bursting into his eyes as he ran across the deck, looking for any sign of his brother in the waters below. "Cody!" he screamed louder. He climbed up onto the metal railing and screamed in frustration and anguish.

Moseby rushed and ordered an immediate halt of the ship. Zack turned to Oliver who was still leaning over the edge, tears rushing down his shocked face.

"How could you!" he screamed at Oliver. "You did this to him! You let go of him!" he shoved the older boy. "Get my brother back! Now!" he sobbed and broke down, falling to his knees. "C-Cody..."

"Over there!" Moseby shouted, pointing to the other side of the ship. A few crew members he'd gathered ran over and tried to figure a way to get to the boy quickly. They filed into a life boat but before they could lower it, they heard a loud splash. Moseby looked, seeing that the other twin had dove off the ship and was now painfully swimming to his younger brother. "Get down there now!" he shouted as they lowered the boat.

Zack reached his brother's lifeless form, grabbing at him and keeping his head above water. He wasn't sure how much that would do but he knew when someone was unconscious in the water, they needed their head out of it. Common sense seemed to be on his side, for once.

He shivered from the coldness of the water, dragging his little brother to the life boat that reached them. He climbed in and was wrapped in blankets as they hurried back to the ship that was drifting away from them. As the life boat was raised up onto the ship, Zack watched in horror as his brother was given CPR. He was as white as snow and his lips were blue, surely giving sign that he wouldn't make it. Zack cried in Moseby's arms as they tried to resuscitate the younger boy. Zack turned to the sound of a water filled cough, followed by his brother being turned over and water spilling from his mouth.

"Oh my God." Bailey said as she walked over, her hand over her mouth. They had gathered quite a crowd from all the commotion, displaying the horror scene as if it were the filming of a movie.

"We need to get him to a hospital." one of the men said as they wrapped Cody in some blankets, carrying him inside where it was somewhat warmer. "His brother needs to go as well, he was in that water for a while."

Zack kept crying and looking to his baby brother who was shaking violently. He held tightly to Moseby's arm for reassurance, knowing that, even with all of their differences and arguments, Moseby was there for him and Cody no matter the situation.

"Zack I'm just going to call your mother and father and explain the situation..A chopper is on the way to pick you two up and I'll be going with you. Alright?" he walked over to the phone with Zack close behind, his eyes never leaving Cody.

"Uh-huh." he cried, now being held in Bailey's arms as Moseby made his phone calls. She hushed him, sitting down as they waited for the chopper that shouldn't be too far away.

Cody turned to Zack, "M-m-m..." he tried to speak, not being able to.

Zack got to his knees, crawling over to his brother who was still shaking and blue. "Shh..." he wrapped them both in the blankets and held onto him.

It seemed that a light bulb went off in Bailey's head, causing her to rush over to an emergency kit and pull out a tinfoil like package. She unfolded the mylar blanket and removed the blankets that were on Zack and Cody, covering them up with the noisy foil and placing the other blankets on top of that.

Moseby looked at her and questioned what she did. "Nearly every emergency kit has a mylar blanket," she explained, "It will keep them warmer than those wet blankets and it's waterproof." she listened, hearing the chopper close in on the ship.

Zack kept his arms around Cody who calmed down a bit from his shivering. They were soon carried out to the deck and lifted up into the chopper along with Moseby.

Oliver stood alone on the sky deck, looking down at the ocean still. He finally broke down, leaning against the railings as he slid to the floor, crying into hands. Bailey walked out and sat beside him, knowing very well that her ex-boyfriend had been involved with the raven haired boy; even if it was only for one night.

"It wasn't your fault."

"Of course it was. Why else would he be up there on that railing ready to jump? I told him if he did, I'd go in after him...save him... but when he let go, and then slipped from my grasp..." he wiped his tears away. "I couldn't move..." he started shaking, but not from the cold.

"You were most likely in shock..."

Oliver found himself replaying the scene over and over in his head, mentally driving himself insane.

Meanwhile, the helicopter ride was long and painful for the twins and their current guardian. Zack sat up as they neared the closest hospital, looking down from the window and at the lights on the roof of the building. He wasn't sure where they were, but he knew the ride had taken about an hour. Thankfully, Cody was being strong and the blanket Bailey had wrapped them in caused all of Zack's body heat to transfer over to Cody, keeping him warm. Though if the thought of how his brother could have died wasn't enough, his head was pounding from a vicious headache. He'd never cried so hard in his life, thus, giving him the throbbing pain that was shooting through his forehead and eyes. Cody grasped his hand loosely and silently thanked him. Zack laid back down, wrapping his arms around his brother who was sharing a cot with him at the moment. Moseby left the helicopter first, followed by the crew who had the twins. They quickly rushed them inside, the wind from the helicopter not helping their situation with the coldness. Once inside, they got rushed to the ICU and were promptly separated into two beds, causing the older twin to panic. He sat up the entire time, making it hard for the doctors to get a good overall view of him. He kept his eyes fixed on his brother's as doctors rushed around, making sure the boys weren't suffering from hypothermia. Zack listened to the people speak and couldn't understand them, they asked him questions and he simply turned to Mr. Moseby who would answer for him with as much of the language as he knew.

"What language is that..?" Zack asked.

"Russian." Moseby sat in a chair and sighed. "You two are very lucky...They said that if Cody had been in that water any longer, he wouldn't have made it..Not to mention that you jumped in in nothing but your sleepwear, Cody was fully dressed in a winter jacket and everything."

Zack nodded, wrapping up in the blanket that was on him. "I'm sorry..." he heard a quiet little voice from across the room, turning to see his brother crying silently. "It's all my fault we're in this situation and if I hadn't have-" he sobbed and caused the monitors to beep wildly as his heart rate sped up.

"Cody it's not your fault it's Ol... well, it doesn't matter...You're safe.." he felt resentful toward the older boy who'd let his brother fall into the water. It was his fault Cody was up there in the first place, why else would he want to be climbing on the railing? Granted he had horsed around with Zack, hanging over the edge of the ship and joking around...But not while the ship was moving, number one, and number two, not over freezing water. Zack noticed that the doctors had left and the room was suddenly silent. He crawled from the bed and walked past Moseby, crawling into the bed his brother was in. Their clothes were stripped from their bodies when they were pulled onto the ship, so for the entire ride they were only in their underwear. For now, they had been given gowns from the hospital to cover themselves with, but either way, Zack just wanted to lay in bed with his brother and make sure he was really okay.

Moseby took out his cellphone, dialing Carey's number. "Yes they're alright. We're just in a hospital now somewhere in the north eastern part of Russia. You want to talk to them?" he looked over at the boys who were fast asleep, holding each other, "I'm afraid they're asleep right now, but Zack will be sure to call you first thing when he wakes up. He misses you very much, Carey. Alright, yes yes, I'll take care of them. Of course. Goodbye." he hung up his phone and sighed softly.

Zack inhaled his brothers scent as he dozed off, listening to his quiet breathing. Cody could feel his temperature rising as he warmed up to the heated room and piles of blankets on top of him. He woke and sat up, wiping sweat from his forehead.

"Zack?" he turned to his brother who was laying there, fast asleep. "Zacky wake up..." he whined and noticed his brother was out cold, exhausted from his long night. "Mr. Moseby?" he looked over to the man who was sleeping on the other bed. He stirred and sat up, looking over at the young blonde.

"What is it, Cody? Is something wrong?" he got off the bed and promptly walked over. He placed his head on the boys forehead, feeling how hot he had become. "You're burning up."

"It's so warm in here..." he groaned and leaned into Moseby as he rang for a nurse. "Moseby, when can I go home...?"

"I'm not sure yet Cody, but you've got a pretty good fever right now and you need to rest, so please lay back down and relax." Cody nodded and laid down, closing his eyes.

"I don't feel good." he held his stomach. He rolled onto his side, taking some of the pressure off of his stomach from laying on his back. He breathed deeply and noticed that his stomach was very sour. Throwing up could have been an option, but his throat was already pretty sore from swallowing a bunch of water and letting that out of his system on the deck of the ship; so breathing deeply was his next best thing, trying to calm his stomach and keep his mind on something else.

A nurse walked in and looked at the young boy who was on his side, holding his stomach and clenching his eyes shut. She quickly grabbed a thermometer and took his temperature. The temperature read 103.2 and she hurried out to find the doctor that had cared for Cody and Zack both. He came into the room, concern in his eyes as he looked to the young boy who was now dry heaving into a bin.

The doctor turned to Moseby and spoke to him in Russian, "He hit stage two hypothermia and we got it under control pretty quickly... but it seems now that the cold has just made him sick is all. He needs to sweat out his fever and should be fine in a day or two." (A/N: I don't speak Russian, so I couldn't [didn't want to] put this in a translation)

Moseby listened to the man speak and shook his head, not fully understanding. Cody looked up and breathed deeply, wiping tears from his face. "He says I'll be okay in a day or two..."

Zack had long woken up and was now looking to Moseby for some sign of fatherly help. The older man sat down and hugged them both, wishing he could fly Carey or Kurt out there. He was concerned for the boys, but he was also concerned about his job on the ship. Who else would keep it in order? Certainly not Kerby. Lord knows that if Mr. Tipton found out about this little (huge) incident, he might fire Moseby for not watching the children, not having them in by curfew, and most of all, leaving the ship while on duty.

For the next two days, the twins laid in bed together, completely drained of energy until they were allowed to get back aboard the ship. Thankfully, the ship was docked nearby and they could take a cab to the port it was in and wouldn't have to fly to it in another helicopter. Zack gripped Cody's hand tightly as they walked up the steep plank onto the ship and ran straight into Bailey, London, and Oliver. Zack stepped in front of his smaller brother and glared at the boy before him.

"Why are you still here? Haven't you done enough?" Zack frowned and folded his arms.

Oliver looked to the floor, ashamed that within a month he'd caused a boy he could have sworn he was in love with, to want to end it all by jumping into a black abyss.

"Answer me!" Zack shouted, causing his friends and various passengers to jump.

"I know...leaving without word as to where I was going, or why, was no way for me to act. I have no explanation for that...But Cody I love you and you're all that's on my mind..."

Zack opened his mouth to say something but turned when he felt a light tug on his sleeve. The younger blonde shook his head at Zack and stepped forward, looking into Oliver's green eyes. "I know that...love is a tough subject... But I see that twice now...you haven't come after me as you said you would..." Cody held his ground, fighting back tears. "I suppose our relationship was nothing more than a sloppy one night stand...I hoped it would have evolved into more but...you've hurt me, whether it was intentional or not...You hurt my brother, my family, and my friends...Granted it was also my wrongdoing by even considering jumping off the ship; but you drove me there...allowing it to happen- and not saving me like the prince charming I thought you were... I can't control the bleeding inside of me, and I believe it's your fault that this is how it has to be." he walked away, leaving his group of friends standing without him.

Oliver turned to Zack who just shook his head and walked off to find his brother. The raven sighed in defeat, hanging his head from the heavy weights that were placed on his shoulders, the raincloud that was soaking him from head to toe; and the painful strikes of lightning that were coursing through his body.

"You're not giving up, are you?" Bailey looked at him.

"What else can I do? He's done with me...I don't know why I did what I did, but it happened, I hurt him by leaving and coming back...and then letting him fall to his apparent death- and not going in after him..." he left in the opposite direction the twins went and sat out on one of the decks on the side of the ship, watching the water lap against the docks and the waves roll up the rocks. He knew he messed up, knew that if he left with Miley and her father the night of the concert without a word- he was hurting the younger boy. Maybe it was for the best...but in the end it was for the worst. A one night stand may have been what he was looking for; but love forms in strange relationships, causing people to do strange things. He laughed lightly to himself as he thought about how his mother would never agree to him coming on a cruse for school- oddly enough, she did. He was stuck, stuck for the next two semesters seeing the boy he loved who might just despise him after their messed up relationship over the last month.

"You alright?" he turned, seeing the older male that had once lectured him and Cody.

"I suppose I will be..." he stood up and sighed. "I'm more worried about Cody than myself..."

"I bet you are." Moseby handed him a piece of paper. "This is your new room number, you're being transferred out of the guest rooms and into a student cabin due to the fact that you were approved for a scholarship and are now officially a student."

"Thank you." Oliver looked at the number and his heart began to race. He thought back to walking through the hall, reaching the cabin Cody lived in- seeing that the number on the door, and the one on the page matched.

"He already has a roommate." he frowned in disapproval of the numbers.

"His roommate, or Woody, has been transferred into Zack's cabin. The decision was made final today when I saw your little confrontation with Zack. I'm sure having him as a roommate could end in disaster...Maybe you and Cody could talk things out..." he walked off.

Oliver nodded and slowly walked to his new room, removing the key from the envelope that the letter was in. He placed it into the lock and opened the door, seeing the twins sitting on the bed to the right of the room. Zack stood up and walked over, looking at the boy who was obviously taller than him. He glared and looked up at the raven.

"What are you doing here? Who gave you that key?" he pointed.

"Moseby..." he said quietly as he noticed his things were already neatly stacked in the corner.

Cody watched the raven, sensing that he was truly hurting from the situation (not to mention the tension in the room). "It's fine, Zack.."

Another month had flown by, much as the butterflies do when they leave for the colder weather. The look in Cody's eyes as he folded towels was nothing but disappointment and sadness. Therapy had been an enforcement by his parents and friends, thus causing him to feel worse about himself in the long run. All of the questions were always the same, "why did you try and kill yourself?" "are you upset with your brother in anyway for coming after you?" "are you going to try and do it again?" Normally the blonde just sat there and looked out the window, ignoring the therapist as he ranted through the questions each time they met. Or he would change the subject, talking about classes and how he was excited for their next stop on the ship. In the back of his mind, Cody did think about those questions- silently answering them as he did so. He stood at the counter, still folding towels and mumbling to himself quietly.

"Because of him...No, why would I be? He loves me, stupid...If I did it again I'd get it right, and it's not your business anyway..." he slammed the towels down, not noticing his brother standing beside him, deeply concerned.

"Codes, are you alright?" he faked a smile for his younger brother, hugging him tightly.

"I'm fine, Zack...Just wondering if this ride is worth the pain." he laughed dryly and leaned into his brother's embrace. "Well, I'm off for the day...When are you through?"

"Done right now, that's why I came over." Zack glanced over Cody's shoulder, seeing Oliver talking with Bailey and laughing lightly as he did so.

Zack knew that the relationship between his brother and Oliver was over, but part of him wished that his brother would once again show that bright smile of his when he would laugh...Not the fake one that was hiding all of his pain and fear of everything that went on around him. He'd seen the interaction between the two roommates, and it wasn't much. They would share the room, and that was about it. No talking; just silent communication as they entered the room, slept there, used the bathroom, and went off to classes for the day. Zack had requested that his brother be switched into a room with him so he didn't have to deal with the pain of losing someone he seemed to love so much...but the request was denied for some unknown reason.

Zack took his brother by the hand and led him to a lounge that they normally hung out in as a group. Cody enjoyed the room very much because it had many books that he could get into and read, and of course Zack enjoyed it because it had comics, magazines, and a television. The older boy flopped into a chair and pulled his brother into it with him, smiling softly.

"You know I love you, right?" Zack brushed the hair from his face and tucked it behind his ear.

"Of course...And I love you as well." Cody wiggled around, sitting in Zack's lap so he was more comfortable in the chair. "Why, what's wrong?"

"Nothing, just want you to know how much I love you." Zack smiled and leaned forward, kissing him gently on his soft, pink lips.

"Zack..." Cody frowned slightly and looked down, avoiding his brother's gaze. "You know that I...wasn't thinking...Right?"

"I know..."

"And he tried to save me...I begged him to... Once I let go and began falling and found myself hanging there by my wrist, I realized it wasn't right...I made a big mistake and I knew I was in trouble." tears began falling from Cody's eyes, landing on his and Zack's arms. "It was wrong of me to hurt you and everyone else like that...Do you forgive me? If not...I fully understand. A request for forgiveness on my behalf for something such as this is ridiculous." he looked up, seeing that the tears landing on them weren't just his.

"Cody there's no need for sorry or forgiveness...But I want you to know that I'll always be the one that will pull you in from the waters." he cried and hugged his brother tightly. "I hate thinking about you doing something like that...What would I do without my baby brother? You're all I have...the thing I care most about..." he looked into his eyes. "If you weren't my baby brother, I know we'd be perfect for each other...and I think that's the number one reason I am so envious of Oliver...He hurt you in more than one way and he gets to be your roommate, the one who sees you every night before you go to bed...It's just like a married couple that can't stand each other but stay together for societies sake." he laughed a bit and caused his brother to crack a real smile. "Maybe that sounded stupid, but I feel that way about you...And as much as I love you as my brother, sometimes I wish you weren't my brother for the simple reason that I could love you like no one else ever could."

Cody smiled and positioned himself so he was straddling his brother, looking into his eyes as they both cried. "You feel that way...? You never show it..." he brushed a few tears from Zack's cheeks.

"I never knew how until I thought I lost you..."

"Brother's or not...I love you, Zack." he leaned forward, kissing his brother softly, working their lips together in a kiss that made them both blush deeply. Mixed tears fell faster, landing on Zack's shirt as they continued kissing and crying. They broke the kiss, looking at each other before laughing and wiping their tears away. "But seriously...If I could have anyone for a boyfriend I'm sure I would pick you."

Zack smiled and hugged his brother, "Ah...twincest..."

Cody blushed deeply and removed himself from Zack's lap, sniffling as he did so. "Maybe we should get something for dinner." he reached a hand out to Zack who gladly took it, offering to buy him what ever he wanted.

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