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Tristan walked into the living room, throwing himself on the couch. It was five in the morning but the young teen could no longer find it in him to sleep. He had woken up at about four and began tossing and turning. He soon gave up on the thought of sleep and figured it would be best to not wake his brother who was sleeping soundly beside him. The house was quiet, and he didn't feel like turning the television on. It was slowly getting light out and he could hear the birds outside calling to each other. It was peaceful. That point hit him where he thought he could finally fall asleep, but it was quarter to six and a soft 'thump' caused him to jump back awake. Zack was up and getting ready for work, and soon thumped down the stairs.

"What are you doing up?" Zack strolled over, half dressed.

"Couldn't sleep.." Tristan yawned.

"Hm.. well, lay down sweetheart.." Zack grabbed a blanket off the back of the couch and propped some pillows behind Tristan. He laid down and snuggled into the blanket, "Just lay here and relax.. I'm sure you'll eventually fall asleep.." he smiled and pulled his shirt on before walking to the kitchen.

Tristan poked his head up and watched as Zack made himself breakfast, "Whatcha having?" he smiled.

Zack turned and saw a small blonde head poking over the couch, "Waffles..want some?"

"Yeah sure."

Zack tossed a few waffles in the toaster and sat on the counter while he waited for them, "Butter and syrup?"

"Of course," Tristan smiled and cuddled deeper into the blanket.

Zack brought a plate of waffles with a bottle of syrup over to the coffee table, "You and Cody should make something really good for dinner tonight."

"Like what?" Tristan picked up a fork and stabbed a piece of waffle, stuffing it in his mouth.

"Pizza sounds good.. I don't care what you put on it, bacon would be good though."

"Zack?" Cody called from the top of the stairs, slowly walking down. He stood at the end of the steps wearing a long t-shirt, hair a mess, and tired eyes.

"What's up babe?" Zack smiled.

"What time do you get home..?" he said sleepily. Cody sounded younger when he was tired, much like he did when he was Tristan or Alex's age.

"Mm.." he thought for a second before walking over to Cody, "shifts changed.. so I work seven to three.." he wrapped his arms around Cody's waist and kissed him deeply.

"Okay..." he rested against him, not wanting him to leave for work.

"I gotta finish breakfast babe..before Tristan eats it all..." Zack smiled.

"Too late!" Tristan joked.

"What are you doing out of bed? You're going to drop like a rock later this afternoon.." Cody sat in a chair, pulling his knees up to his chest.

"Couldn't sleep..Zacky made me breakfast and then I'm gonna try and fall asleep after I eat because I know I will..as long as the television is off though.."

Zack smiled and finished the last few bites of food before taking the plate to the kitchen, "I'm gonna get going," he pulled his uniform jacket on and buttoned it up, planting a kiss on Tristan's forehead before kissing Cody softly. Zack walked to the door and left, starting his cruiser up to leave.

"Cody?" Tristan smiled.

"What's up kid?" Cody got up and walked to the couch, laying down under the blanket with his younger brother.

"Zacky wants pizza for dinner... maybe you could show me how to make fries?"

"Sweet potato ones.." Cody closed his eyes.

"Yeah.." Tristan felt his eyes getting heavy as he fell asleep. He awoke with a gasp when he heard someone calling his name, shaking him gently.

"Babe wake up..." Alex smiled, kissing him gently.

"Hm..?" Tristan sat up, rubbing his eyes as he yawned cutely.

"Cody's taking me to the school to get my letter for dropping out... do you want to come?"

"Mm.. what time is it?"

"Eleven.. then we can go out to lunch, okay?" Alex helped his brother up, "Go get some clothes on."

"Okay," Tristan stumbled up the stairs and into their bedroom.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Cody asked.

"I'm sure," Alex smiled.

"But it might-"

"-it wont."

"You could-"

"-Cody.." Alex folded his arms.

"Sorry sorry..." Cody smiled and pulled his shoes on, "where should we eat?"

"Let Trissy pick..." Alex buttoned his jacket.

"Ready!" Tristan ran down the stairs and nearly tripped on his face.

"Careful," Cody caught the small boy before he fell over completely.

Tristan smiled and grabbed his jacket, wrapping it around himself. The trio drove to the school that Tristan and Alex once called their own. Cody and Zack could have said the same thing, but after leaving the school and attending Seven Seas High, they no longer called it their school. Cody sighed as he walked into the school, his two brothers behind him. Cody knocked on the door to the principles office, waiting for someone to let him in.

"Mr. Martin, hello," the principle smiled at Cody shaking his hand. He was a man that Cody had known since he attended school there. He used to be one of the English teachers.

"Hello Mr. Hinton," Cody smiled, "I'm here to get a letter saying that Alex is no longer enrolled in high school."

"Oh, right," he frowned slightly and allowed them into the office, "I'll print it out right now and sign it."

"Thank you," Cody sat down, watching as Alex and Tristan squeezed into a chair together.

"Can we go to lunch at Applebee's?" Tristan whispered to Alex, smiling softly.

"Yeah," Alex held him close and watched as the principle signed his dropout letter.

"Here you are," he said, handing the letter over to Cody.

"Thank you, Mr. Hinton," Cody shook his hand and folded the letter, placing it into his pocket.

The three walked back to the car, silent the entire way. Cody handed the keys to Alex, allowing him to drive. Tristan crawled into the back of the car and sat in the middle, poking his head up into the front of the car.


"Yeah?" he turned and smiled briefly, not wanting to take his eyes off the road.

"You should get your license..." Tristan smiled.

"I will, now that I'm going to go get my GED and go to college..." Alex smiled and drove to the restaurant.

Cody sighed and relaxed as they drove down the highway, wondering if Alex was really going to go through with getting his GED. Alex was a smart kid, and Cody knew it, but he was scared that Alex would find something complicated and not go to college.

"..Cody?" Alex tapped him on the shoulder.

"Huh?" Cody snapped out of his daze, watching his two younger brothers smile at him.

"We're here," Tristan hopped out of the car and stretched, "I want a steak.."

"I want a burger," Alex ran after him and wrapped his arms around his waist from behind, "what do you want Cody?"

"I think a salad sounds good," he smiled at the two and followed them inside, getting seated at a booth by a window.

Tristan swung his feet as he looked over the menu, now debating over a piece of chicken or a piece of steak. Alex already had his heart set on a blue cheese bacon burger, and Cody was sure of a salad. It wasn't long before Tristan sighed and put his menu down, looking up at the waitress as she came over.

"Are you ready to order?" she smiled.

The three nodded and placed their orders, along with orders for drinks. The waitress returned with three strawberry daiquiris, two virgin for Alex and Tristan. Their meals came quickly and they ate in satisfaction, joking around and having a good time.

"Lexi, we should go to the movies tonight..."

"After dinner," Cody smiled.

"Okay," Alex nodded.

"Zack?" Cody wrapped his arms around his brother, kissing his neck softly.

Zack smiled and leaned back into his younger twin, "What's up Codes?"

"I love you..."

"I love you too," Zack turned around and planted a kiss upon Cody's lips, rubbing his sides as he did so.

"Tristan and Alex are going to the movies after dinner..."

"Yeah?" Zack walked Cody against the wall, "are you suggesting something?"

"I think maybe we should...spend some personal time together..." Cody ran his hands down Zack's uniform. Zack had just gotten home, and was completely exhausted. It was around five thirty, and Zack's new excuse for being late was overtime. He enjoyed working, but he missed Cody at the end of each day.

"Anyway love, working overtime is getting me extra vacation hours so maybe we can stay out longer when we go on vacations..." Zack smiled and pressed his hips against Cody's, causing him to moan slightly.

"Not right now..." Cody closed his eyes and held Zack's hips.

"I could fuck you so hard right now..." Zack began kissing his neck.

"N-no.." Cody whimpered, feeling himself get hard, "Wait until the kids are gone..."

"They don't care..." Zack grasped Cody's hair and forced their lips together.

"I do..." Cody pushed away, "besides...Tristan and I are going to make dinner before they head off to the movies," he walked to the kitchen and washed his hands, yelling to Tristan.

Tristan quickly ran down the stairs and into the kitchen, "Yes daddy?" he smiled softly and leaned on the counter.

"Help with dinner," Cody stuck his tongue out.

"Sure thing," he washed his hands quickly and began pulling stuff from the fridge. Zack had already decided on pizza, so Cody was working on making the crust while Tristan cut veggies and meat, tossing them into a skillet.

Dinner went smoothly, and they ate quickly. Alex quickly grabbed Tristan by the hand and dragged him out of their home, waving to Zack and Cody as they left. Alex held tightly to his brothers hand, not caring who saw.

"What movie are we going to see?" Tristan leaned against him as they looked at the list of movies playing.

"Something corny.." Alex smiled and wrapped his arm around Tristan's waist, "how about Academy Lost?"

"What's it about?"

"Does it matter?" Alex winked.

Tristan blushed, automatically knowing what he was talking about, "As long as we can have popcorn.." he smiled.

"Well yeah of course," Alex walked to the counter with his younger brother, paying for two tickets.

"Extra butter?" Tristan asked as he stood with a bag of popcorn, about to add more butter to it.

"Duh," Alex laughed, grabbing a handful of napkins.

The two walked into the theater with two Icee drinks and a large popcorn. It was nice being out and not having anyone recognize them, or notice that they were brothers. Alex looked around and saw a row of three seats in the back right of the theater, immediately dragging his brother over to the seats. He placed Tristan closest to the wall and sat beside him, digging into the popcorn quickly.

"Don't eat all the buttered ones!" Tristan squealed, grabbing for some popcorn.

Alex laughed, "Okay okay, calm down.." he pecked Tristan on the cheek and stole his Icee.

"Hey that one's mine," he pouted.

"But you got blue, I got red.." he sipped it and put it back, "it matters..." he smirked.

"Give me yours then," he stuck his tongue out and snagged the drink.

"You don't even like the cherry one," Alex furrowed his brow.

Tristan drank some of it and put it back, "I know, but you drank some of mine, so I took it out of yours."

"You don't make sense," Alex laughed and put his feet on the seat.

There weren't many people in the theater, even when the credits began. Alex counted only about ten heads, including their own. It was soon dark in the theater, and Tristan was still munching away on popcorn.

"Hey babe?" Alex whispered, trying to get his attention.

Tristan finally looked up and smiled as Alex took the popcorn away, and lifted the armrest between them. They scooted closer together and quietly began pressing their lips together. Tristan giggled quietly, running his hands through Alex's hair.

"Mm.." Alex pulled away, smiling, "you're too cute..." he whispered, resting his forehead against Tristan's.

"We're alone.." Cody smiled, straddling Zack's hips.

"Yeah..." Zack ran his hand up Cody's back, "We should go upstairs..." Zack stood up, holding his brother against his hips.

Cody began grinding himself against his brother, causing them both to moan. They barely made it up the stairs before clothes were flying off of them. They fell onto the bed and Zack was quickly, and frantically, searching for a bottle of lube.

"Mm.." Cody mumbled into Zack's mouth as he pointed to the bedside, "Ah!" he gasped as Zack's lips locked to his neck, nipping and kissing away. Cody raked his nails across Zack's back as he began biting softly, giving Cody a hickey.

Zack pulled away, panting heavily with a smile upon his lips. It wasn't long before Zack had his fingers coated in lube, and was thrusting two digits inside of his brother. Cody began moaning and bucking his hips, enjoying the feeling of the intrusion. Zack's blonde hair was sticking to his face, already sweating as he anticipated what he and Cody were both longing for.

"Now.." Cody demanded, grasping Zack by the hair. He pulled gently, pushing their lips together.

Zack nodded and coated his cock with lube, positioning himself between Cody's legs. Cody whined, impatient. Zack smiled before sliding himself into Cody, thrusting deeply. They moaned together as Zack began pushing and pulling his hips, slamming against his younger twin. Cody reached up, wrapping his arms around Zack's neck. Zack ran his hands up Cody's sides, kissing him softly as he continued to thrust, ramming into Cody's prostate. Cody began screaming, raking his nails across his brothers back in attempt for more contact.

"Zack..." Cody gasped, rocking his hips quickly, "harder!"

Zack nodded, pressing his face into the crook of Cody's neck as he thrust harder and faster, "Oh Codes...I'm almost there..."

"So soon...?" Cody rubbed his back, wrapping his legs around his hips.

"Mhm.." Zack bit his brother's neck again, groaning as he thrust deeper.

Cody smiled and rocked his hips faster, moaning loudly. Zack's breathing increased as he thrust faster and harder, feeling the heat swell up in his stomach. Cody gasped, arching his back as he nearly came.

"I love you Cody..." Zack placed one hand on his hip, and the other underneath his brother.

"I .. love you..too," Cody closed his eyes, moaning loudly as Zack began hitting his prostate again.

Zack groaned, spilling himself inside of Cody with a few shutters. Cody screamed Zack's name loudly, raking his nails across his back as he shot his cum between them. Zack relaxed, laying on top of his brother.

"I don't want to move..." Zack chuckled, wiping the sweat soaked hair from his face.

"Me neither..." Cody sighed.

"I love you so much..." Zack pulled a blanket over them, relaxing.

"I love you too..." Cody smiled, snuggling with his brother.

"That movie sucked..." Tristan walked with Alex, arm in arm as they strolled through Boston.

"You didn't even watch the movie, you were kissing my neck and pretty much jerking off," Alex smiled.

"You made me all horny," Tristan laughed, "besides, you were doing a little of the touching too..."

"You're right," Alex kissed his cheek, noticing a park they used to visit a lot, "want to walk in the park, Tris?"

"Yeah," Tristan ran across the road with his brother, winding up on the grassy lawn. They followed a paved trail into some wooded area, looking up at the stars in the sky, and the bugs that swarmed around the street lights.

"Cool," Alex walked through a few bush's into a small area that was open, and in the dark.

"Lexi you know I don't like the dark..."

"Come here..." he grabbed Tristan by the shoulders and pushed him to the ground, "suck me off..."

"What?" he gasped, "We're in public, Lexi..."

"No one's around.." he smiled, "besides, it's dark out..."

Tristan bit his lip, running over what could possibly go wrong. His hormones were going nuts, and naturally, they dominated the fact that he could get in trouble if they were caught... So, Tristan undid his older brothers pants and removed his cock, inserting the head into his mouth. He sucked slowly, listening to the quiet moans that escaped Alex's lips. The older boy moaned and grasped his brothers blonde hair as he thrust into his mouth. He loved the way Tristan could move his tongue, but he also loved when the boy began moaning around his cock. He could tell his younger brother was just as excited as he was, and he figured there was no point in this if only one of them actually got off.

"Take your pants off..." Alex smiled.

"No..." Tristan pulled away and jerked his brother's cock in his hand.

"Please..I want to fuck you..."

"Not here Lexi, please.."

"Trissy I'm so hard..."

"I'll keep sucking..."

"No," he pulled Tristan to his feet and began undoing his pants.

"Lexi..." he bit his lip as his brother pulled his pants down, sliding a now moistened finger into him, "oh..no please..not here," Tristan whimpered as his brother fingered him.

"It'll be quick babe, I promise..." he placed a kiss upon his lips, turning him toward a tree. Alex gently slid his cock into his brothers backside, thrusting slowly.

"S..ah!" Tristan raked his nails on the tree, moaning out as his brother moved faster.

"Come on babe..." Alex held his brothers hips and thrust deeper, causing them both to moan.

"Oh fuck," Tristan tried to contain his screams as he got pounded into.

"You're so tight..." Alex reached around his brother, grasping his cock in his hand. He pumped it quickly as he felt himself nearing his end from being overexcited, "Tris..I'm gonna cum..."

"Lexi..Lexi!" Tristan began screaming and thrusting backwards against his brothers hips.

"Fuck..." Alex gave a final thrust, cumming inside of his younger brother.

"Oh..almost.." Tristan moaned, "make me cum..." Alex nodded and turned his brother around, dropping to his knees. He took his cock into his mouth and began sucking quickly, causing the younger blonde to moan and buck his hips. He pulled Alex's hair as he felt himself cumming, "Oh fuck Lexi.." he shut his eyes, moaning his brothers name as he came in his mouth.

Alex smiled, pulling away from his cock with a 'pop.' He swallowed all of the cum in his mouth before standing up to kiss his baby brother.

"I love you," Alex smiled, doing up their pants.

"Mm.. I love you too..." Tristan smiled, sinking to the ground, "Sleepy."

Alex laughed and sat beside him, "We can't stay out here much longer..Cody will worry..."

"Yeah..." Tristan sighed and relaxed.