"Here are the keys to your room" The receptionist at the hotel desk said, handing Nat and Rosalina the key cards.

The two bandmates were in L.A. for a New Year's singing gig with another band. They were going to perform right before the countdown, and it was a big deal. Both were excited.

The two singers tromped up the stairs to their rooms, each carrying an overnight bag.

"So Tired" Rosalina said, her steps becoming heavier.

"Hey, don't pass out on me, I don't have a free hand to catch you" Nat replied.

Rosalina giggled, then pulled her room key out of her pocket.

"Mine says 206, so yours is probably 207 or something" They trudged down the hall.

Rosalina stopped in front of 206, pausing as Nat pulled out his keycard.

"So...I'll see you tomorrow then" She said, smiling. When Nat didn't reply, she looked up at him, and noticed he was staring at the keycard in his hands.

"Um, Rosie? This says 206..."

Rosalina froze. Them share a room? Wait, no no no no! This couldn't be happening! Things were already a bit awkward between them as it was, they didn't need this!

"I'll go down to the desk, watch my stuff" Nat said, still staring at his key card as he zombie-walked down the hall, almost falling down the stairs on the way.

"Whoa Nat" Rosalina said, yanking him back from what would be his very short yet painful trip downstairs.

"You stay here, i'll handle it"

Nat walked back to their stuff and sat down, still staring at the key card.

Him and Rosalina share a room? Wow. He would have been lying if he said he hadn't fantasized about this, but he really didn't want to make her uncomfortable...

The rooms were most likely tiny, with only one...small...bed...NO! He couldn't think like this, not around her. She was beautiful, and he had been in love with her since he was 9, but he couldn't push her, especially not now.

Rosalina trekked down the stairs, shaking her head at Nat's weird behavior. I mean, come on! It wasn't that big of a deal...sorta. OKay, it made her really nervous sleeping in the same room with him, especially now that they were older, and had shared some relationship-ish stuff together.

She walked up to the receptionist and cleared her throat, suddenly very red.

"Um, excuse me ma'am, but there's been a mistake in our reservations"

"Let me see you room key" The receptionist said, taking it from her and sliding it through a reader on her computer.

"I'm sorry, but it looks like you booked one room, and the entire hotel's sold out"

"Whaat?" Rosalina tried not to hyperventilate.

"Since it's a holiday tomorrow, we've been booked solid" The receptionist replied.

"You don't understand, i'm a girl, and...and...and he's a guy! We're not supposed to sleep together!"

The receptionist gave her a sympathetic smile. "I'm sure it will work out"

Rosalina turned away and stormed back up the stairs, really close either tears or a full-blown hyperventilation. When she reached their floor, Nat seemed to have shaken out of his stupor and stood up when he saw her come up the steps.

"What'd she say?"

"Booked solid" Rosalina replied. Nat scratched the back of his head.

"Um, well...Er...Let's just go in, i'm sure we can work it out"

Rosalina sighed. Her mind had completely gone blank with freaking out, and it didn't look like she would resurface anytime soon. Nat looked at her, waiting for her to move. When she didn't, he sighed and unlocked the door, swinging it open. When Rosalina still didn't move, he waved a hand in front of her face then stepped into the clean room and stopped.

There was only one bed.

Nat and Rosalina stood there staring at it for a whole of two full minutes before Nat jerked to reality.

"There's extra blankets in the closet, i'll sleep on the floor" He said blandly, throwing his stuff by the window he was just now noticing and went to look for blankets in the closet next to the bathroom.

He was just reaching for a fuzzy looking blanket when a petite hand stopped him.

"I'll take the floor, it's cool" Rosalina said, her face blank.

"But..." Nat started. Rosalina gave him a glare, and he trailed off, deciding it was best not to argue.

They started to unpack, Nat was somewhat-okay not really, organising his stuff, more of just messing with it for sake of killing time until they had to go to sleep.

He riffled through the random pile of junk, then saw something that definitely shouldn't be there.

It was a small green bag with a hello kitty logo on it. He unzipped it, had Alex put his in here for fun?

He took one look inside and his nose immediately started to gush. Inside was an assortment of makeup, hairbobs, various soap thingies, and...Girl things...

His mind went blank.

Rosalina was searching in her suitcase for her bathroom bag, but couldn't find it.

"Hey Nat, you see my green bathroom bag anywhere?"

"Is is green with Hello Kitty on it?"

"Yeah, why?"

"I'm looking at it"

"What?" Rosalina turned around to see Nat holding the open bag with one hand while wiping his now bloody nose with the sleeve of the other.

"I thought Alex had put it in there" Nat's muffled voice came from behind his elbow as he handed the bag to her.

Rosalina flushed when she saw what had been on top, no wonder he had gotten a nosebleed. She really should hide her feminine things when she travels with guys...


"It's cool"

Rosalina grabbed her pajamas and fled to the bathroom, green bag in hand.

Nat sat down on the bed, still trying to control his bloody nose.

20 minutes later, Rosalina came out, and Nat almost had another nosebleed. She was wearing her blue jeans with a matching tank top. It must have been what she had on under her sweater. Man...She looked hot. The powder-blue tank top was a bit small, so it showed a slice of her stomach and quite a bit of chest. She had just taked a shower it looked like, so some droplets of water still glistened on her neck and hair. And, he realized... She wasn't wearing a bra.

Nat hadn't realized that she had blossomed so much, but now he was painfully aware of it. Unconsciously, he licked his lips.


Rosalina's voice cut through his daydream like a knife to a balloon.


"You're staring at me"


With that, he grabbed a random pair of pajama pants and fled.

Safely locked in the bathroom, Nat had a minor freak-out session.

'Ohmygod, if I keep thinking like this, i'm going to have a big problem'

Groaning in frustration, Nat shoved his head into the sink and ran the water so that all he could hear was the whoosh of the faucet.

After 10 long minutes, he turned off the water and dried himself off. The cold water had calmed him down a little.

He brushed his teeth with renewed vigor and then went to the task of dressing.

With a girl around, he had to be more modest then if he was with the guys. Just Boxers wouldn't do the trick. Seeing him shirtless would probably scare her half to death...

Shoot, he had forgotten a T shirt, it was still on the bed. Nat slipped on the flannel pajama pants and stepped out of the bathroom.

Only to turn around and go back in, eyes clamped firmly shut.

Rosalina had been changing, obviously not expecting him back for a while. Luckily, she had her pants already on, and was holding a something that she could cover up with.

"Can you hand me my Rolling Stones T?" He asked through the door, deciding it was safer to just stay in the bathroom.

"Yeah" Rosalina replied. He heard a soft thump against the door, and he crawled out to grab the shirt, eyes still closed, befoer retreating once more.

What the heck, he could sleep in the bathroom tonight.

10 minutes ago...

Rosalina watched Nat flee to the bathroom. Did her shirt make him uncomfortable? She looked down at herself. Maybe it was too much, she should change.

After digging for a couple minutes, she found a pair of pajama pants and put them on, happy to get out of her skinny jeans.

She dawdled a little, listening to the sound of the shower running.

Shrugging, Rosalina pulled her tank top off and started to rummage through her bag, looking for something a little less...revealing.

It was then that she realized that she wasn't alone.

With a shriek, she used whatever she was holding to cover herself up. Nat stumbled back, covering his eyes and running back into the bathroom.

Even from there, Rosalina could tell that he was blushing as hard as she was.

Rosalina pulled on her shirt and sat back against the wall, cheeks flaming. Nat had been shirtless, just like her.

He was hot...

"Can I have my Rolling Stones shirt?" Nat's muffled voice came from the bathroom.

"Yeah" She replied, digging through his bag. She finally found it, wrapped around something square and hard.

Unwrapping it, she threw the shirt towards the bathroom door and set the object down, only to pick it back up again as she realized what it was.

It was a picture frame, with a picture of her and Nat in it.

Not just any picture... It was one from when they kissed at the Kid band awards on a dare from the audience. Whoever took it got it really clearly...

Rosalina smiled. They had been so carefree then, young too. She traced Nat's face with a finger.

"You can come out now" She said absentmindedly, unmoving as Nat crept out of the bathroom.

"What are you looking at?"

"This picture" Nat came to look over her shoulder, flushing as he saw what it was. He had wrapped it in his t-shirt so that it had been hidden from people, especially his little brother.

Rosalina was suddenly painfully aware of Nat's proximity to her, she could feel the heat radiating off of him...

"It's nice" She said, setting the frame down and going to her makeshift bed that she had made. Nat hid it underneath some boxers when she wasn't looking.

"Goodnight then" He said, slipping under the soft covers of his bed.

"Night" Rosalina replied, turning off the light.

It was silent for a a few minutes, then Nat could stand it no longer.

"Come sleep up here, I feel bad having you on the floor" He said, leaning over the edge of the bed.

"U-up there with you?" She replied, and he could here the panic in her voice.

"No, you up here, me down there"

"It's okay"

"Please? I'll buy you ice cream tomorrow"

"Okay fine"

Nat smiled. Any bribe of ice cream could get her to do what he wanted, within reason.

Once he felt her sit on the other side of the bed, he rolled ungracefully off the other side onto her pile of blankets with a thud.

"That didn't sound good" She whispered.

"That didn't feel so great either" He replied.

"You're an idiot, goodnight"

"But i'm a lovable idiot"


"Ice cream..."


With that, the two teens fell asleep.