Nat pushed his way throuh the crowd already gathering around the rehearsal studio. They would go from there to a big avenue through town, kinda like times square, and that's where they would perform.

Him and Rosalina had been pushing their way through the corwds for a half hour already, and if they didn't get through soon, they were going to be late...

He looked behind him, only to see unfamiliar faces. Fear struck through him.

Rosalina was gone.

Fighting panic, Nat looked around. She couldn't be far...Could she?

"Rosie?" He called, trying to fight his way back the direction he had come.

"Rosie!" He yelled. Oh man, what if someone had kidnapped her, what would he do then?

Rosalina desperately looked around for Nat. This crowd had appeared outta nowhere, and she had lost him in the hustle and bustle.

Fighting the rising panic in her throat, she started to feel claustrophobic and dizzy. Where was he?

Then she was falling, and everything went black.

When Rosalina came to, she was laying in a deserted alley. How the heck had she gotten there? Last she knew, she had passed out in the middle of the crowd.

It was starting to get dark... Oh man, She must have missed rehearsal, what time was it?

She dug in her pockets, but couldn't find her phone. Shoot, someone must have taken it. Standing on shaky legs, Rosalina looked around the small alley, then winced at a pain in her knees. She limped out to the street, only to find it eserted as well. Where the hell was she? It didn't look like the street she had been on...

"Nat!" She yelled desperately fighting back tears.

No answer.

"Hey pretty girl, who ya callin' for?" A man's voice said fromt he shadows behind her.

"Stay away from me" Rosalina replied, backing up and looking for a weapon.

"Heh, I don't htink you'll be going anywhere honey" The man took one step forwards and grabbed her shoulders, swinging her around into the alley wall.

The only thing she could do before the man's lips crashed down onto hers was to scream as loud as she could, and pray that someone would hear her.

Nat was on the verge of completely losing it. He had been searching for Rosalina for hours now, the only thing he found was her phone, crushed under someone's foot in the crowd.

He had called the police and the studio and informed them of the situation. They assured him that Rosalina would be found, and they would do their best. They even called in a replacement for their gig.

He turned down a deserted street, and thought he heard his name called. It was no use; he was imagining things now.

Nat sat against a wall and put his head in his hands. Why did it have to be her?

He thought about all the fun they had earlier in the day. They had horsed around at the market and museum, taking lots of pictures and giggling. He pulled Rosalina's phone out and looked at the cracked screen. He turned it on, then felt a tear run down his cheek as he saw her wallpaper picture.

It was a pic she had taken a few months ago, when they were at the beach together.

It was of just him, smiling like there was no tomorrow.

He was startled out of his revrie by piercing scream, and it sounded close.

Nat shoved the phone back in his pocket, taking off at a breakneck pace towards the sound. He stopped at an alley, seeing a young girl struggling under a strong guy.

"Hey get off her" Nat yelled.

"Mind yer own business punk" the guy said, going back to molesting the girl. Then, the girl's terrified face came into the light, and it made Nat's blood boil.

"Rosalina!" He yelled, launching himself at the guy, punching his face as hard as he could.

"Nat!" Rosalina screamed. The guy's meaty fist swung right into his face and he felt his nose start to gush as he flew backwards into a guy proceeded to kneel down and kick his stomach, grinding him into the pavement.

"NAT!" Rosalina screamed again through sobs, unable to watch what was happening to her friend. Further along the alley laid a glass bottle. Quickly, she crawled towards it, trying not to make a sound. Then, mustering up her courage, she took the bottle and smashed it with all her might on the attacker's head.

The ogre collapsed to the ground, crushing Nat with a muffled "oof".

"Nat!" Rosalina yelled again, pulling the heavy body off of him. Blood ran freely from Nat's nose, his cheek was starting to swell, and his shirt was torn quite badly, but he didn't look like he was going to die.

"Thank god" She said, hugging him tightly.

"It's okay Rose" He whispered, returning the hug.

"I-I was so afraid that you weren't going to f-find me, I-I was so scared"

"It's okay Rosie, i'm here now. Are you hurt anywhere?" Nat replied, relieved that she wasn't gone forever.

"I think I got some bruises when I passed out in the crowd, but nothing bad" Rosalina avoided his eyes.

Nat took her chin in her hand and made her look at him.

"Did he hurt you?" He asked, his soft brown eyes full of concern.

"H-he touched me" Nat's brow furrowed.

"Do you need to go to the hospital?" He asked, praying that the answer was no.

"No, he didn't get far" Nat sighed in relief.

"Do you think you can make it to the concert? We've got about 30 till we go on" He asked.

"I didn't know it was that late... I can make it if you can, your nose looks pretty bad"

"I'm good, it's already stopping"

"Then lets go"

30 minutes later, they were backstage, with fresh clothes on and wounds attended to. Both of them were nervous as hell, and there were only a couple minutes to showtime.

"You think we can do it?" Rosalina asked Nat.

"Yeah, maybe..." Nat replied, looking a bit green. Rosalina laughed.

"You look very handsome, you'll do fine" She said, kissing his cheek and straightening the collar of his black dress shirt.

Nat smiled at her, the somewhat crooked little smirk that always made her smile back.

"Get ready" The stage hand yelled.

They took their spots at the stage entrance, mics in hand. Rosalina could hear her heart beating furiously.

"Don't be nervous, you look beautiful" Nat said, summoning his courage and taking her hand.

Indeed she did, the studio had a gorgeous silver dress that they had loaned her, since they didn't have enough time to go to the hotel.

"Thanks" She replied, blushing.

Nat leaned over and kissed her cheek, gripping her hand tight.


Nat and Rosalina both took a deep breath, and stepped out onstage.

"Now, for our last song, i'm going to sing something for this amazing girl up here performing with me." Nat said into his mic, winking a Rosalina. She smiled, making him grin.

The music started, and Rosalina felt tears flooding to her eyes as the familiar opening of 'girl of my dreams' came on.

"My mind turned around, I'm seeing things upside down. My mind turned around, I'm acting like a clown" Nat started singing, and Rosalina started crying in earnest.

"Cause the girl of my dreams is right next to me, and i'm in love with the girl"

Nat finished the last note, and held out his hand to Rosalina. She took it and bowed with him, the tears of happiness flowing down her cheeks.

The MC came out onstage.

"Hello everyone! We have one minutes left until the ball drops, start the counter!" On the huge screens above their heads, the countdown started to play.






Rosalina got an idea, and quickly ran over to the MC and whispered in his ear. He nodded yes, and as she came back to the stage she could feel Nat's eyes on her.






Rosalina quickly started organizing her thoughts, she didn't have much time.











Nat looked at her, and she looked back. He was her best friend ever, and she wouldn't trade this moment for anything.







Around them, the couples started to kiss, and Nat looked at her, silently asking.

She nodded, and he stepped forwards, entwining his hand in her curled hair.

"Thank you" He whispered, then pressed his warm lips to hers. The afternoon's events were forgotten, the only thing that matter was Nat, and what wonders he was working with their lips.

After a few seconds, he pulled away, smiling as big as he could. Rosalina smiled back, then nodded to the MC. Nat started to go offstage, unaware that Rosalina had a trick up her sleeve.


The stage darkened, and the confetti drifted down from the sky.

"I'll be singing occupella, since I didn't have enough time to get music for it, but this song is for Nat" Nat stopped and turned, his face confused. He hadn't ever heard Rosalina sing by herself before. The crowd went silent.

"A minute's time is never enough, to say what you want" She started, and Nat realized that she had the most beautiful voice he had ever heard.

"But in 59 seconds, you really told me to never give up, and now I reach for the stars, wanna swoop like a dove, 'cause there's a beautiful line between friends...and love"

Nat felt tears coming to his own eyes.

"And i'm sorry for everything i've done, that ever caused you pain, but I guess you have to know what's really real, and what's makebelieve fun"

"But in 59 seconds, you really told me never to give up, and now I reach for the stars, wanna swoop like a dove, 'cause there's a beautiful line between friends...and love"

Rosalina turned to Nat Aand opened her arms. He walkd over and hugged her as hard as he could.


"It's not that unusual...When everything is beautiful, it's just another ordinary miracle today" Sarah Mclachlan's song began to play over the loudspeakers.

Nat held Rosalina even closer, swaying to the music.

"Remember any of that Ballroom I taught you?" Rosalina whispered. Nat nodded, then smiled, pulling her into partner position with one of her hands clasped in his, and the other on her shoulder while he held her waist.

They started into graceful nightclub two-step moves, moving around the stage like clouds.

"The sky knows when it's time to grow, don't need to teach a seed to grow, it's just another ordinary"

The song ended, and Nat pulled Rosalina in for another kiss, her lips molding into his. This was by far, the best New Years' Eve either of them had ever had.

Back home in New York, the band was clustered around the Television, catcalling and whistling as Nat and Rosalina unknowingly had a make-out session on public TV.

Back at the hotel...

While Rosalina was in the bathroom that night, Nat changed into pajama pants, too tired to bother putting on a new shirt.

He laid back on the bed, thinking about the days events.

He was glad that Rosalina hadn't been hurt worse than a few bruises and scrapes. If that man had hurt her worse, Nat would have killed him on the spot.

Man, it felt good to kiss her after almost 6 months.

He stared at the ceiling, listening to the shower, eyes falling shut.

A ocuple minutes later, he heard Rosalina emerge from the bathroom. Then, before he knew it, he felt a pressure on the mattress next to him.

"I love you" She whispered, kissing his cheek before rolling over onto her other side.

Nat's eyes jerked open. Was he dreaming? No, she was still there, breathing evenly. Nat's heart did jumping jacks.

He rolled onto his side and put his around her waist, pulling her closer.

"I love you too" He whispered in her ear.

Rosalina turned to face him, bright red.

"Y-you were asleep!"

"Nope, heard ever

y word"


"Hey, it's okay. I'll buy you ice cream"

"Only if I get to push it in your face"

"Only if you lick it off afterwards"


"Goodnight then"


Rosalina rolled over so that his chest was against her back, smiling all the way.

Nat buried his face in her hair, and together they both drifted off to sleep.

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