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"Let me say one thing," Sylvia said as she held up her sword and looked at her younger sister, "You can't possibly win against me."

Hime ran straight for Sylvia, the First Princess readied her sword and closed her eyes in sheer confidence.

"Onee-sama!" Hime cried as she brought up her rapier. A figure dashed in front of Sylvia.

Hime's eyes widened as her rapier was halfway brought up, "You're the…"

The girl's long black hair turned pure white and her eyes went red and her pupils turned into slits.

'Mermaid…!' Hime finished her sentence in her mind. She barely brought up her rapier to block as the mermaid swung her axe. The force of the swing sent Hime skidding back.

"…Does this mean that Emile," Hime said to herself, "Trusted Sylvia with his own blood warrior…?"

The mermaid brought up the axe to swing again. Hime started to bring up her rapier when she stopped. She stared. Hiro was standing in front of her protectively, his own axe held in front of him at the ready, he was in his school uniform, his hair was white, and while she couldn't see his eyes she knew they were the same as the mermaid's: red with slits for pupils.

The sight before Hime suddenly shattered as the mermaid cut into the flesh on her arm.

All she'd seen was an image. No more no less. Hiro was never really there. It would've been impossible. Not only did he have not seemed to have aged, but it would've been impossible with her having been stripped from the timeline for nine whole years. He was gone. Dead for good. And there was no one to protect her from anything this time.

"See? I told you so…" Sylvia said as she came in front of Hime her sword raised over her head, as she brought it down she said, "I promise, Hime, your death will not burden me…"

Hime watched as the sword came. Time seemed to slow. As the sword drew nearer, Hime's mind wondered back to Hiro. She could see him. Brown hair, brown eyes, thin frame, his school uniform. All of it was in her mind with perfect clarity. He smiled at her.

Was he inviting her... to the afterlife? Was he waiting for her? Was this really how she was going to die? Fighting for a throne she wanted nothing to do with? Was this truly engrained as her fate since the moment she was born?

She looked to Hiro almost like he would have the answers. His smile had changed to smirk and she watched as he turned around and looked at Sylvia and shook his head. He brought up his hands like he was holding a sword to block Sylvia's killing strike.

"I am the eternal void." Hiro said, "I am the perfect steel. I am the undying sword. With my sword in hand I will reap the souls of my enemies and protect my Mistress. I am Kagirinai Tsuwamono (Eternal Warrior)! Your end has come!"

Hime watched as Sylvia's eyes widen with shock and horror as her blade slowly came down toward Hiro.

"You've true gall Sylvia." Hiro said, his voice was suddenly a lot deeper, "Trying to attack my beautiful Mistress in such a way."

Hiro's entire image shattered like glass before Hime and was replaced with something else. A man stood in Hiro's stead. A red glow appeared in front of him and he reached out and grabbed Sylvia and threw her over his shoulder into the wall behind Hime.

The man turned around and Hime could get a proper look at him. He wore silver armor outlined by gold and red. The armor on the shoulders was large and looked somewhat bulky, leg guards wrapped entirely around his thighs, his feet were covered in metal boots, armor from the shoulders trailed down over the back of his arms and covered up to the back of his hands.

Armor also wrapped around the man's waist, protecting it from harm. A dark blue body suit framed his muscles. A mane of white hair hung down to his knees and his face was covered by a blank black mask that had only a single toothpick thin slit for his right eye to peer out of.

In his hands was a nodachi that was as long as the man was tall and it had a blunt, flat tip, the sheath to the weapon lay attached to his back. He pointed his blade at Sylvia as she picked herself up.

"Well, witch?" the man asked, "What do you have to say for yourself?"

"How-When-Why are you here?" Sylvia demanded stumbling with her words at first.

"Is that all you have to say?" the man questioned, "Is that really what you want to say before you die? Your last words be something so meaningless?"

"Answer me!" Sylvia demanded, "Why are you here?"

"To protect what I have sought and waited for, for nine long, agonizing years." the man answered.

"What?" Sylvia just stared at the man, "What do you mean, Kagirinai…?"

Kagirinai didn't spare Sylvia another moment as he turned to look at Hime who was sitting against the wall clutching her wounded arm. He knelt down to put himself at eye level with the Second Princess.

"Are you alright?" he asked.

Hime only looked at him still holding her arm.

"Let me see that." Kagirinai said as he tenderly reached for Hime's arm.

Hime didn't know why, but moved her hand out of the way, and allowed Kagirinai to gently touch her wound. The moment his covered hand touched Hime injury it steamed shut, not unlike an immortal soldier of the royal family's wound would.

"There." Kagirinai nodded as he stood up, "All better."

Hime looked up at him, "How…?"

"It is a long story, my Mistress." Kagirinai said, "I will explain everything later. But for now…"

Kagirinai trailed off as his gaze returned to Sylvia, "For now the woman's soul must be reaped."

Micasa, the mermaid, and Francette all got between Kagirinai and Sylvia.

"So you all also wish to be reaped? So be it." Kagirinai took is stance that place his sword behind him somewhat, "Your ends have come."

The two blood warriors and one gynoid charged Kagirinai. Micasa swung the battle axe in her hands. Kagirinai held up his arm and a transparent red barrier appeared in front of his arm and stopped the axe cold, it broke apart as Kagirinai's hand shot forward and gripped Micasa's throat.

"Join Severin." he said as he rammed his sword through the girl's gut tossed her over the side of the railing down to the foyer, steam did not rise from her wound, it showed no sign off closing like it should have.

The mermaid came next. Kagirinai spun around with one leg out and knocked the axe away and then lashed out with his other foot and sent the mermaid flying into the wall next to Sylvia and she slumped over unconscious.

Kagirinai jumped over Francette's drill arm and landed behind her and swung his sword in a wide horizontal arc that sliced into Francette's back, the gynoid turned around and swung her normal hand at the mask swordsman.

He jumped back and dashed forward again the end of the sword's hilt slamming into Francette's abdomen. He sent a kick to the gynoid's head which made her stumble back. He gripped her arm and pulled her towards him and then he seemed to push on her gently but the force of the push was much greater than it seemed as Francette was thrown back into the opposite wall.

And her connection sent a mass of cracks along entire wall and sparks danced across her body as an evident sign that she was injured.

Kagirinai turned his attention back to Sylvia. He raised his blade high above his head.

"Empty Soul Style: Judgment." Kagirinai brought down his sword and an arc of pure energy shot from the blade and soared straight for Sylvia, "Be reaped!"

It connected and Francette exploded behind Kagirinai. Sylvia was gone.

"Again another soul has departed." Kagirinai said sheathing his massive blade. He turned around to look at Hime. He walked over to her and knelt down.

"You are unharmed I hope, Mistress?" Kagirinai asked, "If you are then please allow me to treat your wounds."

"...I am fine." Hime said finding her voice after a moment, "Who are you?"

"I am Kagirinai Tsuwamono." Kagirinai said, "I am truly blessed to see you again, Mistress."

Hime looked at Kagirinai, "Have we… met before…?"

"You can tell…?" Kagirinai reached up to his mask, "And here I thought I might have to convince you…"

"Allow me to show you…" Kagirinai gasped the edges of his mask and small click was heard and he removed the mask and set it down next to him.

Hime saw he was missing an eye, a nasty, jagged vertical scar crossed over his left eye. His right eye, however, was intact. It was red with the pupil having been replaced with a slit. His face was sharp and narrow like a nobleman's would be like, but it also held a certain roughness to it.

"Do you remember me…?" Kagirinai asked, "My Mistress…?"

Kagirinai cupped Hime's cheek, "Do you...? My beautiful Hime?"

Hime's eyes narrowed for moment before they widened again, "Hiro…?"

"My Hime... It has been far to long since I laid my sight upon thy beauty." Kagirinai said, "Truly far too long…"

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