*Warning* Mild sexual content & drug use below.

Let the Games Begin
A series of one-shots from LPAG

- - Roxanne Has Nothin' On Me - -

Mary Alice Brandon ; August 24, 2009. 11:25 PM

My breathing was heavy as I sat up in the bed. I carefully scooted over to the edge of the bed and leaned down to grab my jean skirt from off of the floor. After slipping the denim around my feet and pulling it up my legs, I buttoned the front and stood up, searching for my corset.

This man had no idea what thousand dollar shirts meant apparently, I thought as I spotted it on the opposite side of the motel room, laying in a bundle by the door.

"Leaving already?" his raspy voice drifted up towards my ears before I felt his slimy hands grab onto my uncovered waist. I shivered under his slick, clammy hands in disgust.

"You have an extra two fifty?" I smirked over my shoulder, swallowing my revulsion to put on my usual show. His hands stiffened around me. "Listen, baby. You gave me money for one ride. If you want another, you're gonna hafta pay up."

I felt the bed shift as his naked form moved closer to my body. His hot breath was suddenly on my neck. "Come on. On the house. For me?" his fingers began to move lower and lower until they were at the hem of my skirt.

I gulped, feeling an uninvited sensation make its way into my system. No matter how much this guy's hands nauseated me, nothing could stop the response it got from down under. "One hundred bucks," I respired, leaning my head back until it was rested on his chest. His hands twitched and his fingers pinched the inside of my thigh. I squeaked and twisted in his arms so that I was facing him. His light brown hair was sticking against his bony face with perspiration as he leered down at me.

I pushed him back so that he was lying on the cheap bed once again. I crawled up his legs until my bare self was sitting on top of his firmness. I smirked as his mouth dropped open with a silent moan. I grabbed his hand and rested it on my breast. "This is not on the house. I don't offer myself for free. One hundred and fifty dollars. Take it or leave it."

He opened his eyes to glower up at me. "A hundred."

I pushed his hand away from me and shifted on his lap, earning a thunderous moan to escape his chapped lips. I leaned down so that my mouth was right by his ear. My breasts brushed against his chest. "One fifty." I whispered seductively and reached behind me to grip onto his dick.

"Okay, okay. One fifty," he finally gave in.

I grinned triumphantly and sat back up, pushing my jean skirt up to my stomach. "Good boy."

I grimaced as I stumbled down the vacant road. My heels twisted and turned on my feet, causing me to trip all over the place. I stuck my hand into my bag over my shoulder and took out my stick of lip balm. After my lips touching that guy's mouth, I'm gonna need three sticks of this.

Once chucking it back in my bag, I reached behind me and tied the strings of my corset. I was in such a hurry to leave that goddamn motel that I didn't even finish dressing myself.

Ugh, creeps these days.

After what seemed like hours of walking around, I finally made it back to my headquarters, or so I'd like to call it. Several girls were already there, including the only one I really talk to, Charlotte. Right after I turned the corner, her head snapped up and she skipped towards me.

"Mary!" she sang happily. I smiled and gave her a hug, cringing a little as my skirt chafed against the back of my thigh.

I was lucky or unlucky (I'm still debating which one) enough to have a biter tonight.

"Hey Char, what's up?"

She shrugged, but her face had anything but indifference. "I think I met someone."

I could tell my face did a complete one-eighty. I felt nothing but dread and concern radiate throughout my body. "Charlotte," I reproached sharply, my voice quivering ever so slightly. "You know you're never supposed to get attached to a customer! What are you thinking? He could be some fucking psycho!"

She raised an eyebrow and crossed her hands over her chest while tapping her heeled foot on the concrete. "You done?"

I huffed and stormed past her. I threw my bag on the ground and leaned against the metal fence. Charlotte followed my lead. As she stood under the street light, I finally got a good look at her. Despite the fact that she had a faint bruise on her cheek from an incident a couple nights ago, she looked completely peaceful. Stoked beyond belief. Her eyes were half-glazed and her hair was a chaotic mess.

She looked like she had a wild night.

"Well, tell me," I smiled, happy for my friend.

She squealed and held onto my hands. "Oh my God, Mary. I've never met anyone so flawless in my life. He has these gorgeous blue eyes and short black hair. He just screams Sex Appeal and...Jesus Christ, Mary. No one has ever fucked me like that in my nineteen years of livin'."

I snorted unappealingly and waved her on for more details. "What's his name? What's the sex like? Tell me everything!"

"His name's Peter and he's from Chelsea. He came down here to visit his mom and he said when he saw me on the street, he just had to stop! Isn't that romantic? From the moment he took his pants off I knew he'd be deliverin'. And of course, I'm never wrong, am I?" I shook my head while laughing at her. "I think we broke a headboard, I'm not even lyin'. And do you fuckin' hear my voice?" she demanded and pointed her finger to her throat. "I've never screamed so loud in my life. He knew the right spots, and I didn't even need to tell him! I didn't even charge him!"

"You're really serious about this?" I asked uncertainly. I pulled my purse back onto my lap and stifled through it. Finally finding the tablets I was looking for, I popped one in my mouth and held my hand out to Charlotte. She shook her head.

Her eyes suddenly drooped and her mouth twisted into a frown. "What's going to happen to you?"

My eyebrows shot up into my hairline. "Me?"

She nodded slowly. "Peter's comin' back up to get me in a couple minutes," she murmured and looked at her cell phone. My mouth dried up. "I don't want to just leave you though."

I blinked numerous times. "But you just met the guy!" I protested, pushing myself off of the fence. "Are you even sure that he's legit? What if he is just pretending to be some goody-goody mommy's boy from Manhattan just to slaughter innocent prostitutes?" Immediately after I said that, I furrowed my eyebrows. Yeah, we're so innocent.

"Do you really think I have no judgment?" Char asked, hurt residing in her eyes. "You think I can't pick a scumbag from a nice guy?"

I sighed and closed my eyes. "Char..."

"You weren't there, Mary. You didn't see the way we were together. He treated me like I was a princess, somethin' I'm not used to at all. He never once hit me and he always asked me for permission before he did somethin' to me. If that isn't a gentleman, I don't know what is."

"Charlotte, I didn't mean..."

"You know what? Just...sorry for ever confidin' in you," she slurred before backing up a couple paces. A silver sedan pulled up to the side of the road and honked the horn. Charlotte looked over her shoulder before turning back to me. "I hope you get out of this hellhole, Mary. I really do."

I compressed my lips together, trying to keep my tears locked inside as I watched my best friend walk away from me.

Before she opened the car door, she turned back to face me. "Be safe, Mary. I hope you find somethin' that I have."

I was unmoving as I watched her drive away in that foreign car. My heart shattered into a million fragments when the car turned the corner and never came back. A couple girls around me that watched the whole scene take place went back to their business, except one.

"I always knew she was a weakling," Heidi crooned and took a drag from her rolled up joint. The smell of marijuana was suddenly nauseating to me. "She didn't have the backbone to continue in this business. You need guts and looks. It was too unfortunate that she only had some looks."

I swiveled my head around to glower at the tall blonde standing next to me. Her tits were practically falling out of her shirt and her lacy boy shorts were sticking out from under her too short skirt. It was for her role as the Lure-er. I've never wanted to punch her so hard in my life. "You know what, Heidi? Shut the fuck up. Not all of us yearn to be sluts like you."

"Hey, hey," she snickered and held her hands out in front of me, causing the vapors from her joint to disperse around my head. "I'm just stating the basics. It's a dog-eat-dog world, our world that is. Like that shit they teach us in biology. Survival of the fittest, right?"

I rolled my eyes. That shit's a load of garbage. "Thanks for the lesson, Heidi, but don't you have better things to be doing. Like catching a different STD?"

Her condescending smile immediately dropped off of her face. I smirked, knowing that just bringing up the fact that she wasn't clean would piss her off to the extreme. "You better watch your fucking back, tramp."

"Threatening me now, Heidi?" I belted out a laugh. "That's precious." I released a breath when my body began its tingling sensation. I moaned and dropped my head against the fence. "It was nice talking to you, really it was, but I should really get back to work. Shouldn't you?"

She stepped really close to me and pressed her hand against my bare stomach. She dragged her fingers along the edge of my corset and dipped them down to the top of my skirt. My muscles tightened and I released a loud, high-pitched moan without willing to. Heidi laughed wholeheartedly. "Still taking X I see." She produced a breathy hmm and slithered her leg in between my knees. I gasped when her thigh came in contact with my naked desire. She snorted. "Such a sorry little girl," she clicked her tongue and backed away from me. I let out a noise of disapproval. "Keep it up and you'll be found dead in a motel soon enough."

I watched as she strolled away from me, swaying her hips even more than necessary. I swallowed thickly and straightened out my clothing before placing my purse on my shoulder and walking to my side of the street.

There weren't many cars in the area today, probably because it was in the middle of the week. But usually once in a while, a man will get lonely simply because his wife is already sleeping from a hard day of work.

A hand can only satisfy so much.

That's where I come into play.

After a while, I was really starting to feel the effects of the Ecstasy I took. Every gust of wind that hit my burning skin caused a sensation to spread through my body that was so strong, I almost fell to my knees. Typically once I have taken a tablet, I'd already be in bed with someone when it starts its effects and I could let them work on me however they want to make myself feel nothing but extreme pleasure. Now, I only had the breeze.

My breathing was coming out in short pants when a car finally pulled up to me. It was dark, really dark, even the windows. When they pulled up to the curb, they lowered the shady tinted passenger window so that I could lean in.

"Hey," I greeted in my alluring tone as my ass stuck out in full view of the chicks behind me. I knew what they were thinking: they were envious. It's only common when this happens. Whoever didn't get taken away, they were left to sit there and wonder how the lucky girl is feeling. The man in the car didn't say anything. "You looking for a good time?"

"I was hoping you'd ask that," the man responded. His voice sounded older, probably in his 40's. I could dig that.

I threw a look over my shoulder, flashing my teeth at the remaining girls, and prudently opened the car door before getting in and sitting on the leather seat. "Where we headed?" I questioned as I trailed my hand across my ribcage, longing for some sort of pleasure to go along with my high.

"I know a place just a couple blocks away."

He was soundless the rest of the way there. I, on the other hand, continued to pleasure myself next to him, craving to get some sort of response from the man. But I got nothing. Nothing except my own growing desire.

"This better be it," I whispered as we pulled into a shitty parking lot.

"Come on," he urged and got out of the car. I followed his lead and walked into a motel room. It seemed he was ready for this and already bought a room. I made myself at home as I walked in. I set my purse on the chair next to the door.

"So," I started and sauntered across the room. He stayed standing at the door. With my back to him, I asked, "Would you like for me to keep these shoes on?" while pointing down to my hot pink pumps. After a moment of no answer, I chuckled. "You new at this? Don't worry, I'll make sure to show you a good time." I let out a slow breathy moan as I moved a different way and the denim of my skirt hit the right spot. "I'm thinking for you, I can give you a five hundred dollar job."

"Really," he echoed, sounding nothing but shocked.

Ah, a cocky one. I like it.

"Mhm," I sighed and dipped my head back. "Just hearing your deep voice makes me so..." I turned around to approach him, but stopped dead in my tracks.

"I'm thinking handcuffs; those sound thrilling, don't they?"

I gulped and crossed my arms over my chest, trying to cover myself up with as much dignity as I had left. My high was slowly diminishing as I stared into the face of this gruff man in uniform. His eyes were tight as they stared at me from across the room. The badge in his hand shined off the dull light of the motel room.

He raised an eyebrow. "Don't worry, sweetheart. I'm not new at this."

All of the sudden, four more police men barged through the broken door. Two of them stood near the entrance while the other two came over to me. One grabbed handcuffs from behind his back and yanked on my arms.

"Alice Brandon, you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to speak to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you. Do you understand these rights as they have been read to you?"

I accidentally let out a whimper of pleasure as the tough officer clicked the cuffs around my wrists.

The man who set me up, fucking Detective Swan says his badge and identification, let out an amused laugh. "I'll take that as a yes." My chest heaved up and down as the officer pulled me up and pushed me towards the door. "Better guard your cock with this one, Laurent. She's been doing Ecstasy.

As I was pushed past Detective Charles Swan, I pulled the officer so that I got right into Charles's face. "It's too bad you didn't get to fuck me, Detective. Maybe I would have loosened you up a bit, hmm?" I smiled at his surprised face and pressed myself against the officer behind me.

"Excellent trick you played on me," I called over my shoulder. "If you're bored, you know where to find me."

Um. Yeah.

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